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Luke Yankee shares the story of Dr. Max Gerson with us. Max Gerson believed his protocol held the key to reversing cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases. “THE MAN WHO KILLED THE CURE” is inspired by the life and death of Dr. Max Gerson, one of the pioneers in the world of natural healing. When Max Gerson and his business partner, Rudolph Heller, escaped Nazi Germany, they had no idea what awaited them in New York. Rudy wanted the good life, treating his patients the traditional way. When Max created an all natural cure for cancer, the medical world felt threatened, not to mention his friend and colleague. The AMA and the big pharmaceutical companies would stop at nothing to keep this natural cure off the market, but Max was equally determined that the world should know about it. Inspired by true events, this gripping and controversial story delves into a world of medicine where the end goal is not healing but profit. This play recently received its first workshop production at the University of California – Irvine in February 2017. It was nominated for the Otis Guernsey New Voices in the American Theatre Award and was a semifinalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. It will receive a production at The Dayton Theatre Guild in November of 2018.


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The Man Who Killed The Cure with Luke Yankee

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

The Man Who Killed The Cure

Our guest is Luke Yankee. He is the author of a play called The Man Who Killed The Cure, which is the story of a man who survived Nazi Germany. He started exploring health and figured out in his own way how to heal people that were coming to learn from him and receive his treatments. I won’t give away too many of the details. There are some interesting, possibly controversial topics that come up in this podcast. We try to stay open-minded on here. We try to hear everyone’s perspective because what’s true for Sean and what’s true for me are different. What works for me and what works for Sean are different. We believe in providing an opportunity to learn. We’ve read in providing an opportunity to explore. As with anything before you go explore something new, do your homework.

Consult your doctors, all your team or your loved ones because what Luke may say or somebody else may say may not be right for you. Everyone is going to have an opinion.

Luke, how are you doing?

I’m terrific. I’m very happy to be here.

Sean, how are you doing?

I’m nervous. This guy is a professional speaker, teacher, a Ph.D. He teaches drama, he coaches people, and he’s written screenplay. I’m sitting here going, “I’m not good at this. This guy is an expert.”

Luke, he mentioned you wrote a screenplay. That’s one of the big reasons we wanted to get you on the show is to talk about your screenplay, The Man Who Killed The Cure.

The play version is taking off at the moment. It’s called The Man Who Killed The Cure. It’s the fourth play that I’ve written. It opens out at the Dayton Theater Guild in Dayton, Ohio. I’ll be traveling out there to see it. I’m very excited about that. This is based on the true story of Dr. Max Gerson, who was one of the fathers of natural healing in the 1940s. Max Gerson escaped Nazi Germany and came to New York and set up a practice.

He was in a Concentration Camp?

No, he got out beforehand. He got out in time. He saw the writing on the wall. He was able to escape. That in and of itself is a rather complex and interesting story. He set up this practice. He was curing people through all-natural methods. For instance, when he was in medical school, he suffered from migraines and tried all different things to ad his diet to cure his own migraines. After lots of trial and error, he stumbled on the fact that eating nothing but apples for a couple of weeks totally cured his migraines. While he was a young intern, he tried that with one of his patients who had several ailments, not only migraines but also very bad skin tuberculosis. He found that not only did eating this diet of nothing but apples cure this man’s skin tuberculosis in addition to his migraines, what the Gerson Method involved that he spent many years developing was a combination of juicing organic fruits and vegetables. Depending upon the severity of one’s illness, pretty much one juice drink every hour, fresh pressed juice. Also three or four organic coffee enemas every day to flush the toxins out of the system.

In the 1940s and early ‘50s, Max Gerson cured over 50 people of terminal illnesses. I’m talking tuberculosis. I’m talking about diabetes. Albert Schweitzer, the great philosopher, and doctor said he was one of the Great Medical Geniuses of the 20th Century. The reason so few people have heard of him is that he was writing this book and started doing some radio broadcasts back in the day to promote the book. AMA at the time and Big Pharma found out about this. The president of the AMA in the 1940s was an incredibly corrupt man named Morris Fishbein. Morris Fishbein found out about this. There’s no money to cure people with fruits and vegetables. They hired a woman to help him with the book, who poses as a secretary and to sabotage the book. By the time he found out about that, she was leaving whole sections out and changing things and stealing pages. By the time he found out about this and fired her, there was no photocopying or anything, he had to start writing the book from scratch.

As he finished writing the book the second time, Max Gerson mysteriously died of arsenic poisoning. The interesting thing is that his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, was very close to him. She was a young woman at the time. She had worked with him so closely that she never became a doctor herself for many reasons. One of them was that she was afraid the same thing would happen to her. She consulted with clinics in Tijuana and various places. Charlotte Gerson, I met with her a few years ago. She was 94 when I met with her. She’s about 97 now. She is sharp as a tack and she has worked as a consultant to all of these clinics and has been responsible for healing over 10,000 people without drugs of tuberculosis, of AIDS, of cancer, of diabetes, pretty much any illness known to man. It’s such an amazing story. The people in the medical profession are constantly trying to debunk him, constantly saying, “She’s a quack. He was a bigger quack,” because they don’t want the word to get out. This is one of the best-kept secrets around.

How did you first hear about Max and this story?

Several years ago, it was right around the time shortly after my mother had died of terminal lung cancer. My mother was a heavy smoker for many years. Frankly, we weren’t surprised that she went that way. She refused chemotherapy because she knew too much about what chemotherapy does to the body as do I, at this point. She did agree to radiation. They over radiated her to the point where her esophagus was so badly burned that she couldn’t even swallow water. While cancer would have killed her, she ultimately died of malnutrition because she couldn’t keep anything down. After that, I started doing some research on natural healing. I’ve started looking at a number of documentaries. There was one that struck me. One of the first ones I looked at called Food Matters, a very popular documentary on healing. Combinations of foods and all about organic fruits and vegetables and such.

There was this very intense German lady with white hair. There was something about her that struck me and with great passion, she’s saying, “How can you grow a proper tomato if there are no nutrients in the soil?” Something about this woman struck me. I went back and found out who it was and sure enough, it was Charlotte Gerson. I did a little research on her and that quickly led me to Max Gerson and this amazing story. I said, “This has got to be a play, if not a screenplay.” I went about writing both the play and the screenplay. It was initially produced down at UC Irvine in a workshop production. Howard Strauss, Max Gerson’s grandson, and biographer and the son of Charlotte Gerson, came out to see it and has been hugely supportive. He’s become a great friend. Howard continues carrying on this legacy and this work. In fact, he is in the process of helping to open a huge Gerson clinic in China. They’ve embraced this method over there as they have in many other parts of the country.

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One of the things that struck me in my research is that there was another documentary, I believe it was called The Beautiful Truth. It’s this young man who goes all over the country trying to find out information on the Gerson Method. He goes to interviews eminent surgeons at places like Stanford and big medical centers here in the states. They’re all saying, “Max Gerson is a quack. Charlotte Gerson is a bigger quack. There’s no proof whatsoever that this works.” He goes to the head medical center in Beijing, the head surgeon there says, “Yes, we’ve had tremendous success with the Gerson Method as an alternate. It’s been very successful with our patients.

I got a question here because a lot was said. This is fantastic. You said a couple of things in the beginning. You said juicing?


I grew up with the guy who’s the older guy on TV, Jack Lalanne, who did the juicer? Did they get that from this gentleman? I’m 47. Is that how it all happened do you think?

I honestly don’t know if Jack Lalanne got it from him. I know there have been a number of people who have advocated juicing. Max Gerson is certainly one of the chief ones.

The David Wolfes of the world is from Dave Asprey, who he worked for. Tell us why the juicing works? I don’t understand the coffee enema.

Did you want to hear about the juicing first? Did you want me to talk about the coffee one?

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Reversing Cancer: Fruits and vegetables in good soil have all the nutrients the human body needs. The juicing is a way to deliver that.


My knowledge of the juicing is that nature provides all these essential nutrients for the body. When you eat the fruit and the vegetables in good soil as you mentioned before in that documentary, the soil is so important. Fruits and vegetables are supposed to have all the nutrients the human body needs. The juicing is a way to deliver that.

When you juice it, it goes through the system faster. I don’t remember the exact figures. When you eat a carrot, it takes to an hour or two or three to go through the body. When you juice it, it’s within ten minutes.

I have a question about the Gerson Methods specifically, is it juice and coffee enemas or is there a food you actually eat too?

There is some solid food. It depends upon the severity of the illness you’re trying to cure. There is definitely some solid food and it’s all organic. It’s all plant-based. If you’re dealing with cancer or something life-threatening, it is about the juicing.

Is this a protocol that is diet, strategy or is it specifically geared towards if you’ve had a serious illness? This is something you do for two, three months to get through that and then you can go back to life eating more solid food?

It is a lifestyle. You can go back to some solid food after a while. One certainly doesn’t go back to burgers and Cokes. It definitely becomes a lifestyle. I must say I’ve been doing the coffee enemas now for about two years for maintenance, for health and the juicing as well. I’m pretty religious about the coffee enemas and it makes such a difference in energy. If I feel tired or stuck or if I have been eating something, I’m a fairly healthy eater at this point. If I’ve had too much of something that I know is not good for me, this will clean it right out. It’s amazing.

You said coffee enema, where do you go to buy a coffee enema?

There are a number of places online where you can get organic coffee. It is best to use organic coffee.

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Is there a home kit? I’m going to take this element and put it to my bum and I’m going to run coffee through it. There’s no creamer. There’s no Stevia.

You don’t get a Caramel Macchiato.

I have a girlfriend who goes to Starbucks four times a day or she used to, but I’m thinking to myself maybe if there’s a line through Starbucks enemas.

I don’t think that would go over.

I would think it would have worked well with me in the beginning of inflammation. I was in a coma for ten days. Imagine what they were putting into my body, the paramedics pumping drugs into my heart, feeding tubes, and having the trouble to detox my body at the time or get it going again.

That’s totally what this helps with. It makes such a difference in terms of health and energy. It’s flushing out the toxins. That’s the main thing that it’s doing. It’s getting rid of the poisons. We all know that coffee is a diuretic. It’s like the juicing whereas as I said before, the difference between eating a carrot versus juicing a carrot. Doing the coffee enemas, it works much more quickly. It goes through the system much more quickly if you’re doing the coffee enemas.

Price point, what do you think it costs for a home kit?

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Reversing Cancer: Juicing is a lifestyle. You can go back to some solid food after a while, but one certainty is it doesn’t make you go back to burgers and Cokes.


I can tell you exactly. There are several companies, but the one that I’ve used is one called Aussie Health Company. They give you a month’s supply of the coffee, like a one-pound bag or something.


The whole enema kit and everything, that runs around $70.

That’s not bad.

Not at all.

Colonic is $75.

You have to boil the coffee on the stove with distilled water. You can’t run this through Mr. Coffee. It has to be distilled water because of the purity.

My question is why coffee instead of water?

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Because it’s a stronger diuretic. It flushes out the system better.

I have not personally tried that but I’m intrigued.

One of the ironic things about Max Gerson is that he prescribed the coffee enemas, but he didn’t do them himself. He went into the hospital and realized that he was being poisoned by arsenic. If he had been doing the coffee enemas, maybe the arsenic poisoning wouldn’t have killed him.

I thought you meant he wasn’t doing them to his patients.

He didn’t do them himself. I don’t know what that was about. Maybe it was this stoic German thing or some pride thing or whatever.

Did this guy eat meat or was he a vegetarian?

Not at all.

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Reversing Cancer: More people have been killed by the negative effects of chemo and radiation than were killed by Hitler and Stalin combined. – Charlotte Gerson


He had chicken, beef and pork?

No, absolutely.

My one question is, maybe he goes into this or not when you’re not eating the whole foods, whole vegetables, are you missing out on any of the fiber?

No, because there are certain vegetables that have enough fiber that you can get that. As I was doing all this research on him and writing the play, what I did was there were several people who wanted to destroy him and who tried to discredit him. What I did in formulating the play and the screenplay ultimately is that my model was based on the story of Amadeus. The story between Mozart and Salieri where there’s this rival doctor who starts out as his friend. He’s coerced by Big Pharma to do alternative therapies on patients, etc. Ultimately, he is the one who winds up hiring the secretary and who discredits him and ultimately slowly gives him the arsenic to kill him. I’m thrilled with the response at this point it’s getting.

Since it’s set in the ‘40s and ‘50s, at the end of the play, there is an epilogue with Charlotte Gerson as a grown woman because of the Gerson Institute up in San Diego. I don’t know exactly where, but the Gerson Institute in San Diego is very successful. Because she can’t have a clinic here, she works with clinics in Tijuana and has a big one in Budapest as well and soon to have this one in China. In the epilogue of the play, it’s the 25th anniversary of the Gerson Institute. It’s Charlotte talking and it is a lot of quotes of things she actually said. For instance, “More people have been killed by the negative effects of chemo and radiation than were killed by Hitler and Stalin combined.”

That’s millions.

There are lots of things. Charlotte Gerson is very outspoken about the evils of chemo and radiation. One of the things that she talks about is that chemotherapy, which with all your work in natural healing, you probably know this, can actually cause cancer.

I have heard of that before.

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It’s labeled as a carcinogenic. I forget what degree but I know there are degrees. It’s pretty high on the list. My knowledge of chemo is you’re hoping it kills cancer before it kills you.

One of the things I heard was that it was on another documentary where they talked about using chemotherapy to heal the body is like putting napalm in your garden to kill the weeds. It’s going to kill absolutely everything. I am certainly not a healthcare professional nor do I claim to be one. Obviously, everyone has to work with their doctors and make a choice that’s right for them. There is no way, God forbid, if I were ever diagnosed, there was no way I would ever do chemo or radiation. Another thing that Charlotte Gerson talks about is that she says, “There is one group of people who, if they or their loved ones are diagnosed, will, for the most part, refuse chemo and radiation. That group is oncologists.

Are you serious?

They know what chemo and radiation do to the body.

My knowledge of chemo is not as extensive. The analogy I do have are stories and it’s antibiotics. There’s a very similar experience in the body of using antibiotics because my girlfriend, she has a history of chronic illness and Lyme disease and she was on antibiotics for seven years. By the end of seven years, she could eat five foods because it completely wipes and kills everything throughout the system. Chemo is a step up from that, not in a good way, like napalm in the garden. I’m glad you’re on here sharing a different perspective. Have you seen anyone in your life use the Gerson Method personally?

A number of people. Years ago, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He immediately went vegan. We were already eating pretty healthy, but he immediately went vegan. He started doing the coffee enemas almost daily. He started working with this thing called Protocel, which is another natural healing liquid. It’s a plant-based liquid. He would get up religiously every four hours. He would get up in the middle of the night. He would make his little cocktail of mixing this concentrated Protocel with water. When he went back to the doctor after several months, he’s like, “Your PSA is lower and it should be higher. I don’t understand what’s going on here.”

What’s PSA stand for?

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Reversing Cancer: Despite having a predisposition with certain genes, you have the ability to choose what you’re putting in your body to change which genes are on.


It’s the way they judge a prostate cancer. I don’t know exactly what it stands for. It’s what they use to evaluate the level of prostate cancer. He did ultimately opt to have the surgery and had his prostate removed. Since then, he has had a total change in his lifestyle. He is vegan. He’s become a poster child within a very short period of time. He had a much faster recovery than most people do. He’s doing incredibly.

Your book, you wrote it when?

I wrote the play about two years ago. I developed it for several years before then. I’d written it as a screenplay as well. I’m excited that it’s about to be done at the Dayton Theater Guild. They have been very supportive of my work. My previous play, The Last Lifeboat, is about the aftermath of the sinking of The Titanic. One of my four that are published and produced plays, I’m going to Santa Barbara to see production number 35 of that one. It’s important to me to get the word out there about The Man Who Killed The Cure and about natural healing. People have to work with their doctors. I’m certainly not a medical professional, to let people know as you’re doing with this podcast that there are other alternatives out there, that you don’t have to go with chemo and radiation. There are other ways, many roads lead to Rome, and the body’s natural ability to heal itself as you’re such a living example, Sean.

One of our taglines here is to show up. Part of what you’re talking about is you’ve got to show up and want to take control and choose your own path. You can choose A. You can choose B. They’re both right. They’re both wrong. It’s both with whatever you want to make yourself do. I got to say too, as we were talking about this, but whatever you’re doing, it’s working because your skin is beautiful. You have no wrinkles. It looks like you could be a cover for one of the makeup things or whatever. When you look at someone’s face, you can tell what’s going on inside of their body. We’re all in chronic fatigued and we’re all somehow decreasing with our lifestyle. I can’t make anything. I’m a survivor as everyone knows. We’re not doctors. We’re saying go do your own research, but you talked about this so much. It’s like everything you put in your gut, it’s going to be a reflection of who you’re going to be today and tomorrow.

One thing that I’ve heard before is that food is information. The information you put in your body can either hurt you or help you. It sounds so simple and I love it because it is so simple. It’s almost like changing the computer program you’re putting into the system. When you change the computer program, your DNA responds. There’s a whole field of study called epigenetics. Epigenetics gets to say that despite having a predisposition with certain genes, you have the ability through your choices, through what you’re putting in your body, through the information you’re receiving to change which genes are on versus off.

There are certain genes that trend towards always being on like your eye color. There are so many genes that are there and they’re latent because they’re behind the scenes in case you need them as a survival mechanism. If you’re constantly in fight or flight or if you’re constantly putting low-quality food in your body, you’re going to trigger the genes that are trying to respond to that. If you start bringing in this new information, these juices, these coffee enemas, all these things that help signal the body that it’s healthy and in homeostasis, those genes get triggered.

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t get that concept. One of the lines I have in the book was, “If you were to put Coca-Cola in your gas tank, would you expect your car to run?” If people are eating terrible foods, high sugary foods, sugary drinks and all of that thing, how do you expect your body to be at its peak function? This play is a bit controversial.

Is this book for sale on Amazon?

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Yes, it is on Amazon, The Man Who Killed The Cure. When I approached a very prominent publisher of plays, someone with whom I have a relationship and ask them about publishing this, they said, “Luke, it’s too controversial. We’re not sure that this would make money so we’re going to pass.” I licked my wounds for a month or two. I said, ” I’m going to self-publish it.” I self-published it on Amazon. I contacted the famous critic, Rex Reed, who is a longtime friend and who’s always been very supportive of me, a big movie critic and big Broadway critic as well.

I said to Rex, “This is the situation, I’m self-publishing this. I know this is a lot to ask. You are very important, a prominent man, very busy. Would you consider giving me a quote for the back cover?” Rex Reed wrote me a two-paragraph love letter here. He waxes poetically about this play and saying, “Sweeping away the midst of hypocrisy, running rampant behind the closed doors of the drug industry, the American Medical Association, and the private offices of expensive oncologists who deal the cards in matters of life and death. The Man Who Killed The Cure is a play unlike any other. It must be seen and as often as possible. Mr. Yankee has left me shocked and cheering. Best of all, he has done what most playwrights too often forget to do. He has written a galvanizing work for the theater that makes you think.”

I’ve got a question for you and this is going to sound funny. Coffee enema, do you still feel that natural high from the coffee? I was told that if you put something through the rectum, you feel the effect more powerfully.

It’s quite the opposite in that afterward sometimes I feel a little spacey. For a few minutes is all because as it’s flushing out the toxins, as you flush out the toxins, it feels a little intense sometimes but then you feel so much better afterwards.

This is like a Colonic all by itself. What’s the negative on the colonics because everyone said you’re taking out your probiotics into your body? You’re doing this and you’re doing that.

I’ve heard people say that there are negatives, Sean, but I couldn’t tell you what they are. I’ve been doing them pretty religiously for a couple of years now. I haven’t seen any negative certainly.

My knowledge is a big portion of the microbiome, all the trillions of microbes that are in your gut are in the upper intestines and not as much towards the colon. Imagine if a coffee enema, you’re not flushing out your entire intestinal tract. It’s just a small portion towards the end. I may need to fact check that one because I forget.

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Reversing Cancer: If people are eating terrible foods, high sugary foods, sugary drinks, and all of things, don’t expect your body to be at its peak function.


How long does it take to use a coffee enema?

I would say ten to fifteen minutes. The longer you’re able to hold the liquid in there, the better it is for the system and the higher up it goes.

How much liquid is going to go through you? Are you putting two gallons?

It’s like one liter or one-quart bucket. Howard Strauss, Max Gerson’s grandson, who’s become such a good friend and I were on this plane. I’d forgotten to order a special meal. All I had to eat was macaroni and cheese. He said, “Macaroni and cheese, that’s what I’d call a three-bucket meal. You need to do every three enemas, one quart each, after eating macaroni and cheese.”

It’s not messy, is it?

It’s like going to the bathroom afterwards. I have not done the coffee but I did at one point go do a Colonic. It was one of my yoga students, “I work at this place. I’ll give you a discount.” I’m like, “Sure, why not?” I went and tried it one day. It’s not my favorite experience in the world.

The combination of this and the juicing and what it does for your health.

I can only imagine the parasites might be on the flash. I’ve been told that people expelled capsules that had been stuck in the body for years, if not months. It’s the capsules that you are pushing out or getting rid of that are building up or collecting whatever in the body. If they wanted to find the book, is it on your website?

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My website is The play is called The Man Who Killed The Cure. It is available on Amazon. It’s available for eBook readers, Barnes & Noble and anywhere you find books and plays are sold.

I’ve got a favor question, is it possible we can give our followers a discount or do you give any discount codes?

Since it’s regulated by Amazon, I’m afraid I’m not able to do that because it’s a special thing through Amazon. I’d be happy to if I could.

Maybe we’ll figure it out. Is there anything else you want to add or say?

This was amazing to hear this incredible story.

I was not expecting this. It’s beautiful. I want to go out there and find my own way to do this.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you, Luke.

Thank you. It’s my great pleasure.

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About Luke Yankee

AIH 11 | Reversing Cancer

Luke Yankee (yes, it’s his real name) has written, directed, produced, taught, lectured and acted throughout the country and abroad. He has run two regional theatres, serving as Producing Artistic Director of the Long Beach Civic Light Opera (one of the largest musical theatres in America) and the Struthers Library Theatre, a historic landmark in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Luke’s published plays include THE LAST LIFEBOAT and A PLACE AT FOREST LAWN, both published by Dramatists Play Service.  THE LAST LIFEBOAT is receiving 12 productions throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2016.  His other plays include THE JESUS HICKEY (which premiered in Los Angeles starring Harry Hamlin) and THE MAN WHO KILLED THE CURE, which will receive its world premiere in Southern California in February 2017. He has also written numerous TV spec scripts and pilots.

He created and hosted the seminar series, CONVERSATIONS ON CRAFT, where he interviewed prominent members of the entertainment industry, including actor Emmy winning actor Edward Asner (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Emmy winning actress Michael Learned “The Waltons”) Oscar-nominated director Mark Rydell (“On Golden Pond), Producer/Director David Lee (creator of “Frasier), Tony-winning actress Harriet Harris (“Thoroughly Modern Millie”), Golden Globe-winning writer/producer Marc Cherry (creator of “Desperate Housewives”), writer/executive producer, David Rambo (“Empire”, “CSI”) and writer/executive producer Adam Belanoff ( “The Closer”, “Major Crimes”)

His book, JUST OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT:  GROWING UP WITH EILEEN HECKART is published by Random House (under the imprint of Back Stage Books), with a foreword by Mary Tyler Moore. Critics have praised it as “One of the most compassionate, illuminating showbiz books ever written.” (Musto, The Village Voice)  It was recently cited by PaperMag as “One of the Ten Best Celebrity Memoirs of All Time.”