After his father passed away in 1969 in a holdup, psychic medium Mark Nelson always wished his dad could see him and what was going on in his life. He was taking a walk one day when he thought he heard his dad say, “I have met them. I have seen them.” Not knowing what to make of it, he started to talk back to the voice. Mark shares how he first heard messages that started him on his path to becoming a medium and gives us a glimpse into the interesting world of spirit. His perspective is refreshing for those who may be curious about a world beyond the common senses. He provides his clients with guidance and support to maneuver through life with ease.


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A Psychic Medium Speaks About Consciousness, Spirits, And Life After Death with Mark Nelson

I’ve got a question for you, Sean. Have you ever died and come back to life?

I did before my coma or during the coma.

Somewhere in there, you ended up crossing over.

I saw the light and I was pulled back by my grandfather, my mom’s dad. My grandfather and I used to golf together a lot. He was a mentor, he was a best friend and 50 years apart almost on the day. He raised me with his wife, my grandmother. They were married for many years. He pulls up in my coma in a golf cart and the golf cart is empty. My grandfather, out of all the years I knew him, he never in his life said to me no. I said to my grandfather, “Let me go golfing with you.” He said no to me and I started crying. I was like, “Papa, I want to go golfing with you. Let me go golfing. I’m free. I’m fine.” He pulls up to the first tee, puts down a golf ball, puts the ball on the tee and takes a huge swing. The club will come way back, swings through the ball, hits his ball high and far it goes off into the white light. He gets back into the golf cart and drives into the white light and waved to me and says, “Not now.” I was right there to cross over because my injury was profound that I could have either died or I would have been a vegetable.

I made it back with interesting gifts and interesting things I see. I was on a mission while back that I wanted to speak to a medium or a psychic. It led me to meet one of my new best friends. His name is Mark Christopher Nelson, who is a psychic medium. He’s helped me understand the feelings I had and understand the emotional state I’m being in. He puts me in a balance and he sees things that I don’t see. He’s done the readings for me and my friends and my family. He’s remarkable because he’s spot on every time. In the beginning, I was skeptical. I’m like, “Who is this guy? What’s he going to do for me? How much money is it? What do you mean I’m going to do a reading for twenty minutes or for a half-hour or an hour?” Every time he nails it, then there’s something else. I’ll let him explain. My mother has passed away a few years ago and I’m able to talk to him and to talk to my mom and to make sure I’m on the right path. He read for you too, Taylor.

He read for me and I would say what’s fun about Mark is he’s humble and he’s a matter of fact about what he does. You’ll hear in the story when he goes, but he got into it not because he ever cared about being spiritual in a sense or cared about being a psychic. It happened upon him one day after a traumatic incident of his own.

He’s one of the people I can point to and say he doesn’t do this for the money, even though he does charge. He does because he’s good at it and he loves to help people. He helps people back on the right path.

If I had to sum up Mark in one sentence, it would be he helps give people guidance and reassurance that either the decisions they are making or are going to make are in alignment with what he sees.

He’s a father, husband, grandfather and he’s a good guy all around. I’ve heard a rumor that he might be starting his own podcast. I’m excited because the stories he can tell are outstanding.

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Welcome to the show, Mark. How are you doing?

I’m great, Taylor. How about yourself?

I’m feeling great because we get to sit here and chat with the one and only, Mark Nelson. How are you doing, Sean?

I’m good. This is cool. This is going to be good.

Mark, for those who aren’t familiar with you and the work that you do, how would you best tell the audience who you are?

If you look around Mark Christopher Nelson, that’s me. I’m a psychic medium and I’ve been doing this for many years.

How did you first get into doing this work?

I took a walk one night and I’m minding my own business, trying to de-stress from my day. I work in advertising so there’s stress galore. I’m taking a walk and I’m thinking to myself, “I wish my dad could have seen me, my wife, our home, our daughter,” because my dad had passed in 1969. He was killed in a holdup. I lost him early in life. As an adult, I always wished dad could see me and see what was going on. Get a little taste of what life was for us. I’m listening, taking a walk and I’m saying these things and I’m hearing my dad say, “I have met them. I have seen them,” and I’m thinking, “Am I having a delusional moment?” I swear I heard another voice. I don’t know what to make of it. I started to talk to this voice because the voice was talking to me.

Talk out loud or in your head?

It was in my head. I’ve had this strong presence of someone walking next to me. I lived within a neighborhood where I had a lot of quiet, a lot of space. Dad’s like, “I’m here.” I’m like, “Tell me something I don’t know. I want to make sure I’m not having a benign schizophrenic experience. Am I cracking up? Am I losing my marbles? Are they rolling down the street? Am I having an experience that I can’t account for?” My dad told me, “Your brother, Glen, is surrounded by green ivy and white walls.” I’m like, “That’s cryptic.” My brother Glen lived a couple thousand miles away at the time. I called my mom up and said, “Mom, I had this dream where I heard this funny thing that Glen is run by green ivy and white walls.” Mom said, “He just got a job at a place called The Green Ivy at Woodland Hills.” I went out to visit them in Woodland Hills. I drop him off at work. It’s green ivy on the sign and white walls and it’s like, “That’s pretty interesting.” I started to take these walks a lot more seriously. I started to get other messages about family and I always explained them under the guise of, “I’m having a dream.”

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Finally at one point, it’s like, “Mom, I’m not having a dream. I’m getting messages. I don’t think I’m crazy. I’m still functioning.” At that point, I decided, “I need to find out is this real? Am I dredging up things I had forgotten? That somebody told me something in the family.” I went to this little psychic bookstore in our town and I said, “I think I’m psychic. Can I try reading somebody?” The lady in the shop said, “Sure. It’s quiet. Why don’t you try reading me?” I immediately saw this teenage guy who had looked like he had been beaten up. He was reclining at home. This guy, an older gentleman, was the shop owner’s dad. I said, “Does this make any sense?” She said, “Yeah, my son had been beaten up by some gang members and my father was taking care of him.” She said, “Do you want to read at our shop? We can use someone who can do this.” That’s where things started to take off.

What I love about you and what I love about a lot of the ways you tell your stories is you always start from the perspective of skepticism where your first instinct wasn’t like, “I’m psychic and I’m going to go run around and tell everybody.” Your first instinct was, “I think I’m going crazy.”

When it happens, you question your sanity.

Knowing that your experience is very real, how would you explain this concept to people in a way that they might understand what exactly is going on? It’s essentially working with information that most people can’t see.

Every religious belief tends to have the idea embedded at it that there are people in spirit here who want to help you. Angels, guides, your ancestors however you care to describe them. Someone in spirit is there to be of service to you if you’re open to listening to them. I also think from a quantum mechanics point of view that the idea is we’re all energy. You can’t destroy energy. What happens to that energy that is the consciousness of your mom who passed or a friend of yours who died in an accident as a child? Where does that energy go? It quite often sticks around. My belief very strongly is that consciousness survives the body. What that means is that after we pass, we don’t stop existing in terms of a mindset, a point of view. We don’t have a body that allows us to go and visit our loved ones, but we do have a consciousness and that as each of us has learned to work in this dimension. We learn how to master our bodies. We learn to overcome issues. The same is true in the spiritual world. We learn to overcome the things that we’re dealing with and then we learn to get better at it. Some are quick to recover in spirit. Others are a little bit slower. It depends on your mindset when you make that transition.

Back to your original question, I do believe that people show up. I have lots of clients that sit down and immediately I see it’s like, “There’s someone here with you.” This client is telling me this, this and this. I invite people to be skeptical, but when I can provide a detailed explanation of, “This is what happened when they crossed over. They had this medical issue. They had this physical problem. Their name was this. Who’s this person?” When I can become specific, when I can be specific with someone, then it’s more than happy talk. I try to be evidential in the information I provide in order to assuage people from their problems with what I’m saying, their skepticism. I can tell them specific details then they start to listen. The reason why I can tell them specific details is that people that they love, their guides, their loved ones are sitting with them telling me things. My job is to listen and then to convey that information as clearly as possible.

The way you explained this in detail is helpful to everybody in our audience.

AIH 26 | Life After Death

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

To explaining or giving someone a piece of information that you definitely shouldn’t know is critical to bridging the gap, even though they can’t experience what you’re experiencing. At least having that, “He shouldn’t know that but he does. There’s something going on here.” Have you ever heard of a book called Many Lives, Many Masters?

A psychiatrist who would help people go back and looks at past lives. It’s a great book.

The interesting part about it is he didn’t start there. Originally, he was an everyday psychiatrist and he had a patient who nothing was working on for. He started experimenting on her with hypnotic therapy. She started going into these crazy stories of what he eventually called past lives but in the moment, he wasn’t sure. In the moment he is like, “Is this girl hallucinating? Is she psychotic? Is she coming up with these crazy stories?” It was in one session after she had gone through the stories of her past lives where she referenced to the psychiatrist a child of his that had died and knew it by name. He was like, “I never told her this name. I don’t share my personal information with any clients. She came to me with my past child’s name.” That was the moment where this scholarly psychiatrist had to sit and go, “Something very interesting is happening here. I don’t exactly know what it is.”

Dr. Brian L. Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters. I recommend the book on my website. The interesting thing is that you’re speaking to how the consciousness survives the body. Some people might say that consciousness is our soul or whatever they’re comfortable with in terms of discussing something. It’s reincarnation. If you believe consciousness survives the body, it opens up the idea that reincarnation can be real. That’s what he did through his past life regression therapy. I get into it a little bit with some of my clients, but I always try to make sure I’m not taking them down a road where it doesn’t matter. One example of a client where she said I knew this man before.

As soon as I recognized him, she was having an affair with someone and it was not going well. She was constantly at his beck and call. She never felt her life was her own. It’s like when he snapped his fingers, she was there for him. I realized it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s like, “You guys have been together before. That’s why you recognized him. You used to be his slave and you are again.” She’s like, “I’m going to see about fixing all of this.” It comes down to we come back to resolve things, to become stronger at something. I believe that we come back again and again. I believe in reincarnation because we’re trying to become stronger, better, clearer and able to deal with our issues. There are many reasons why we’re here in this incarnation. One of them is to learn, certainly to love, but to learn.

Given that presumption that past lives do exist, do you think there’s ever a point where we don’t come back?

I believe that you can say, “I’ve learned enough.” Who learns enough? Maybe some of the great spiritual leaders of our time from Jesus to Moses to Buddha to Mohammed to Gandhi, all of these great spiritual leaders. It’s a personal thing but they may feel that, “There’s nothing for me to come back for or maybe at a later time I will.”

What is so cool about Mark is when I first met you, you didn’t want me to say anything. I came in there because I needed help with my therapy and my recovery. I was a skeptic. I was like, “I’m going to go see this psychic. Who is he?” He didn’t want to know anything about me. He’s like, “Give me something.” I had a watch on or something or some jewelry and you nailed everything. Mark was inspiring because I was in a time of my life that I want to say it wasn’t dark, but I was confused. I needed some structure and stability. Mark, you can tell the audience what you remember about the first meeting?

I saw Sean getting up on a stage and sharing his story. I saw Sean inspiring other people. I saw Sean typing, writing, working, busy and sharing a story. I said, “I understand that he has something to overcome but his overcoming is going to be hugely inspirational to other people.” I love this guy and he has this thing about him where it’s like, “I do think that he’s telling the world that if I can do this, you can too. If I can do it, you can too.” He is doing it. “I can, I shall, I will,” I love this phrase. It works for me. I can’t get enough of that.

What you also said is that you saw my mom. I helped her to pass away shortly after I came back home with my parents and to recover. You pinpointed and you nailed many pieces of the puzzle. You didn’t even know me, you didn’t know my mom. Here he is doing a reading on me and he’s telling me, “Do this and do that.” My mother says to keep going on this direction, not that direction years ago. Mark, everything you’ve said has come true. That’s what’s enlightening about this conversation because you do see people who are sick and you see things before they even see things. I know that you saw cancer in somebody. You’ve seen spirits come and go. Please share all that with us.

I have what they call medical intuitive capabilities. What that means is that if someone sits in front of me, I’ll say, “You seem to be in good shape.” I always try not to scare people. I want to give them useful information, actionable information. For example, I had an 86-year-old client come to me and I said, “You need to have your kidneys checked. I see something of a dark shadow over them,” and so she did. It turns out she had growths on her kidneys and the doctors are taking a watchful wait because she’s of a certain age. That surgery could be problematic. They think that they’re benign in terms of their presence, but they’re not sure and they are watching it carefully. There are other health issues that come up.

One of the things that I’d like to do for people is sometimes I hear it would be important for you to adjust your therapy. The medication you’re on is not sufficient. They have misdiagnosed things. I hear people also do come through after they pass and said, “The doctors were incorrect about this,” or I’ll hear that your mom says that there is confusion about how to treat her condition or her health. At the time of her passing, the doctors made a good faith effort to do the right thing. It did not work out for her at this time, but she’s telling me to tell you not to have any regret or anger. She said she was ready to go. This isn’t about doing card tricks or coming up with names. It’s about ultimately providing comfort to you, direct to you. Otherwise, it’s a pointless exercise, “I made that ace of spades disappear. Isn’t that something?” or whatever it is.

Mark, how do you decipher who’s real and who’s not? There’s a psychic store on every corner in Los Angeles. 300-feet psychic, come on in, $20 here, $30 here. How do people know what they’re looking for or to even find the right ones?

Every religious belief tends to have the idea embedded at it that there are people in spirit here who want to help you. Click To Tweet

I would say that word of mouth is important. I do a little bit of advertising, but not a lot. I want people to be able to find me if they hear about me because not everybody knows where to find you. If you’re out and about and you take it as a lark and you go to see a psychic medium and you’re not giving it a lot of thought. I would say buyer beware. I would say that some people are good and legitimate and others are total frauds and they’re out to pilfer you or it’s a come on. It’s like, “I’ll give you $20.” They’re like, “You’ve got a curse on you, which I will remove for $1,000.” That happens. I’ve had clients come to me and tell me that. I would encourage you to say that if you have a friend who recommends someone, then I would give them a try. You have to trust your own gut sometimes, but I would be careful about paying someone a lot of money unless you’ve heard some details about them. You’ve had someone that you trust say that was helpful, that was accurate. There are many different kinds of psychic mediums, psychics. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

What’s the distinction?

The idea is as a medium, I can see people who have crossed over people in spirit. Some people are wonderfully gifted psychics alone, where their thing is being able to say, “Taylor, you should go here. Taylor, in the future this is coming up. There’s this person waiting for you. This is a great opportunity.” That’s an important, valuable gift as well. Psychic mediums are able to say, “Your dad is here. Your mom is here,” or whoever it is in spirit and then provide messages from them.

You’ve been doing this for many years. Do you feel you’ve developed different skill sets over the many years? Do you feel you were given a skill set and said, “Mark, this is your gift and go?”

I feel like I’m always peeling the onion. I’m always trying to figure out, “I can do this.” In fact, that’s been how it’s unfolded for me. I realized that I could hear some voices. I realized that I could read for people. I realized that I can do this thing called psychometry, where people will hand me an object, a personal effect. Like Sean alluded to, I held his watched during a reading. What I think is that if you’ve seen aura photography, you’ve seen how there’s a glow around a lot of people.

It’s called Kirlian photography for those who want to look it up.

That same energy that radiates, it imprints on the things that we wear, we touch and we hold. The places we walk around and the places we go. Sean’s home has his mother’s energy all over it. I feel like when I walk here, I get this feeling, a flavor of a lady that is smart on top of things, watchful, loving who had a wonderful laugh. She’s paying attention to Sean, Taylor, all of us. I love that energy where she has not stopped being a mom. Her energy radiates and imprints on the walls in places. That speaks to why I realized that I could go into a home and then see, “There’s a person in spirit here.”

How do we get them to say, “It’s okay to leave, you don’t have to stick around?” I know you’ve been on some I don’t want to call them exorcisms, but you’ve been fortunate enough on journeys or adventures where you had to remove a spirit.

In the case of your mom, she’s not trapped here. She likes to come and go. In spirit too, in a nutshell, you don’t have to be held back or defined by your body. I’d have to take a little car ride. Sean lives close to me. It’s an easy nice thing, but I got my car. In spirit, I can think to myself, “I’d like to see Sean and Taylor,” and I’m there. That’s how it is. Your mom is busy living a life on a spiritual plane but if you call her, she can come back. Back to your original point, there are people in spirit that do not recognize that they can leave. You can help spirits that want to cross over to cross over. I’ve done that before. Say someone’s trying to sell a house and they’re having all kinds of weird activity in the house. I helped at a hotel in Los Angeles that was undergoing a renovation and it was right out of the horror movie or scary film or whatever.

The workers were working and all of a sudden somebody unplugs their tools. They walk into a room and then they get locked in or they walk out of the room and they’re locked out when they know that door was unlocked. They start to see one thing after another. I had to go to this hotel and tell the spirit, “They are making changes.” Quite a bit of the time, my experience has been that if you do a home renovation and there are spirits present, they’re going to not like that. They like having it as it was. They don’t want to see you knock down a wall. They’ll stick around until you say, “It’s 2019, you don’t have to stay here anymore. It’s not 1966.” If you accept the idea that you’re dealing with conscious spirits, you speak to them as if they’re conscious beings. They’re just not in the body, they’re in spirit.

AIH 26 | Life After Death

Life After Death: People in spirit that were alive and were in the flesh like any of us, you can ask them to go. You can suggest to them, “This is how you go. Please move on,” and they often do.


Why do you think they get stuck?

Confusion, vanity. Think about the three of us sitting here. How many people do you know make bad decisions in spite of the fact that they’re aware of what they’re doing? We’ve all made decisions that we know we shouldn’t make, but we make them anyway. The same thing is true in spirit where it’s like, “I know I shouldn’t stay but I want to.” If someone died suddenly in an accident and they weren’t prepared for what happened or if someone died from a drug overdose and there’s anything that might cloud judgment at the time when they could cross over. Some are unwilling to accept the fact that they’re dead, “I am not dead. I was only twenty years old when this happened.” An unexpected death, they didn’t anticipate this happening. They reject it. They keep doing things as if they were still alive.

You go in and you do your ritual and you ask them to leave.

Let’s take the hotel for example. How did that get resolved or did it?

What had happened and I can’t say the hotel, but it was a major Los Angeles landmark. They had closed down for about six months. They literally closed the doors to get the renovation completed, but they still had the security cameras up. They still had those beefy guys in dark suits that keep an eye on things. It’s a lovely, beautiful place. They noticed on one of the sidewalks a little girl playing on a corner. She was running around looking at things. They’re like, “Why is there a little girl here when there are no guests here?” I’m being told this by the head of security and the general manager. These are serious people. They sent one of their guys down to see if they could help this little girl because it’s like, “We’ve got to get her out of here, find out where she belongs.” They were trying to look out for her. They send a guy down. The little girl looks up and disappears. They’re like, “What do we do now?” That coincided with workers using power tools and the power tools stop and they’re like, “What happened?” They look over, it’s unplugged. They’re like, “I must have done that.” They do it again. It gets unplugged and then they realize, “Something is happening here. I am leaving.”

They took me to the place where they saw this little girl. Right away I’m getting a name. I see this little girl. We bring what we call EMF meters. We have a couple of different meters. They are able to measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, which often are telltale signs that there is someone in spirit here. They have energy. I start asking this little girl questions. “Do you know who your parents?” Blink, blink, no. “Do you live here?” Yes, blink. “Can you see white light from where you are?” Blink. I’m hearing this little girl’s name. I can’t remember the name. It’s been a few years. After I do a reading for people, I try not to remember it or I let it go. That’s why, Sean, I don’t remember everything that we talked about. If I have a certain allotted amount of memory, I try to let go of things unless they’re more shocking.

I told this little girl, “Can you hear your parents calling? Can you hear where they are? Can you walk? Do you see white light where you are?” I’m also with a group of about a dozen people, the security folks, some of their family members, a couple of other paranormal investigators and me. We all have our meters. We’re all listening. It’s happening. We’re getting rapid immediate responses. “Can you go to your mother? Walk to your mom. Are you going to walk to your mom? You can hear a voice.” Yes, yes, yes and then all communication stopped. It went from where you could feel something in the air to where it was quiet again. There’s nothing. No meters, no nothing. She left, she’s gone. She went home. It was an emotional moment. I do think it is possible to do this. I’ve done this in other homes where people don’t want to be there. I’ve dealt with people who have been murdered. They didn’t know they could leave. They were afraid. People in spirit I’m talking about, but they were alive. They were in the flesh like any of us. You can ask them to go. You can suggest to them this is how you go. Please move on and they often do.

The other piece that I want to pick out of there is the fact that you are using an EMF meter. I don’t have skills as you do. I find I like to stay open to all possibility and curious and wondering. One of the aspects of that story that helps me personally understand and probably other people to even consider this is the EMF thing. Here’s why. If you go from a scientific perspective and you think about, “We’ve accepted that there’s an electromagnetic spectrum and that a portion of that is visible. If you go on the internet, get out a book and you look at how much of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light. It’s one-tenth of the entire spectrum. If you extrapolate that, you start to realize that there’s all of this electromagnetic spectrum that you’re not seeing but it still exists. It opens the door in my perspective to the possibility.

If anyone in our audience and let’s say they think there’s something happening at their home. If you purchase an EMF meter and you wanted to walk around, first you do a little pass to make sure that’s a refrigerator sending out some waves. That light socket is not well-insulated. Figure out where there is nothing happened. You can use your phone. If you have a memo, you’re able to record things with your phone, that’s another useful tool. There’s another thing called electronic voice phenomenon where if you ask a question and you leave space for someone to respond, you may not hear it audibly, but it can also record messages in return. That happens frequently where we’ll get voices, we’ll ask questions, we don’t hear anything, we playback the recorder, there it is.

Any common recorder?

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You don’t need anything fancy, just a simple digital recorder. They’ve become relatively inexpensive. It can be a relatively inexpensive something that you can purchase. It wouldn’t cost much. It could be on your phone already. If you use it for voice memos, that works fine. If you have those two things and you want to see if there’s someone in spirit trying to reach you or bothering you, you can use those tools to do that.

The movie, Ghost, we’ve all seen it. How would you rate that movie? Patrick Swayze died. Demi Moore was there. Whoopi Goldberg was the psychic medium and this spirit came through her. People see that. Then you have Ghostbusters, which is a whole other side of things.

Ghostbusters is more play and fun and we all laugh our heads off. There are some passing elements of truth. Dan Aykroyd, who helped write that, was raised in a spiritualist home. He says he grew up in a haunted house. That probably kicked off some things for him. The idea that ghosts can interact with us, maybe surprise us. He took that premise and went and had a lot of fun with it. Back to Ghost, I feel is a surprisingly accurate portrayal. They go Hollywood at a certain point, but I’ll give you an example. There’s a point in the film where Whoopi Goldberg’s character recognizes that she can start to see the spirit and she sees a whole lot of them in the room. It comes down to sometimes which one will speak the loudest. I’ve done what they call platform reading or I’ve been fortunate to be up in front of hundreds of people. They’re there because they want to make contact with someone they lost. Sometimes it comes down to who’s yelling the loudest at me or who I happened to pick up for whatever reason. It occurs.

I did this one where this young guy I saw he’s tall, he was playing basketball. He had a knee injury, but the knee injury wasn’t significant because it was a knee injury. It was significant because it indicated that he had bone cancer. It was their first sign that there was something wrong because he’s a teenager. He ended up passing relatively within a year or so after first badly injuring his knee. They realized, “This isn’t just a torn meniscus,” or something which is significant but there’s a much greater health issue. He passed from it, but he was showing me that he’s number thirteen. He wore number thirteen when he played ball. Once I realized that, it’s almost like, “I can relax. I got him. I can hear. He says, ‘Mom, this happened. I’m good.’” People in spirit in the movie, Ghost, are trying to get your attention. They do that sometimes. I’m always amazed. Even though I’ve done this for a while, it still takes me by surprise. I’m still this guy.

Our friends in common and one of my friends slipped into a coma and you went to visit him. The first thing I thought about because I was in a coma myself. I said, “Mark, you’ve got to check out so-and-so.” You went and talked to a friend and you told the family that he’s ready to move on, I wouldn’t say pull the plug.

This guy that we both know, he said he had messages specifically like, “You bought a toy truck. You brought it home for your son. He’s doing this, this and this. I’m seeing him swinging on monkey bars. I see you literally brought home a toy truck for him.” I did. I also see that he can stand on a pony and he’s almost doing tricks, this kid. He does. I’m being told this because the guy in spirit or the guy who’s in a coma is having out-of-body experiences. He can convey this. He also wants me to tell you that, “You no longer need to keep me here. It’s hard for the family. I’m not going to progress. My physical condition will not improve. If you want to let me pass, it is okay.”

The parents were keeping him alive and he got sepsis and his kidneys were failing and it was going to the brain. He was becoming a vegetable more and more. He was in a coma for quite some time. Mark was able to speak to this person and let the parents know it’s okay. Many times people will hold onto a body, I wouldn’t say similar to mine but after ten days in a coma, it becomes tricky. This guy was far longer than that. Mark gave peace to the family, which is wonderful as well.

That’s the point of this. I gave them some signs that I’m dealing with consciousness. He’s still there. He wants you to know these things, but he’s telling me to tell you that you don’t need to keep his body alive for fear of damaging his consciousness because it survives the body.

How would you deal with people who are in emotional states of stress, the PTSD, the veterans who’ve been to war came back, they operated and they’ve seen so much stuff happen? People like me who have been through the trauma. I know each one is different, but is there anything that you can tell the audience that you are able to specify that to tell them what steps are necessary to go take.

We all have someone in spirit. Some call them guardian angels, guides. They’re there. They’ve seen what you’ve been through. If you’re dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, they’re going to say, “We understand what helped bring this about for you?” They can then provide useful advice. It may be you saw a good friend pass. It may be that you were under intense pressure. It was almost beyond words what you had to deal with for a long period of time. They can give you advice, direction and comfort that helps you understand, “These are the causes. These are the things that you can do to do this.” I also think people and spirit know our triggers, our buttons almost better than we do. For that reason, they can provide information that perhaps you’re not aware of.

AIH 26 | Life After Death

Life After Death: Writing can be a form of meditation because you set aside the time of day and you’re alone with your thoughts. That’s where things can get interesting.


This is what it’s all about. It’s the idea of inspiration at its root is you’re getting information that you did not have access to. It wasn’t part of your consciousness. If you’re open to the idea of getting a message that could be helpful, something that does not originate in your brain but from a higher source. That information could help you perhaps examine, recognize what the cause was. Recognize it. I have a bad habit. I’m doing something that if I perhaps change perspective, I can start to heal. If you recognize the source of the pain, then you can address that source. People in spirit, our guides and our loved ones can help. I’m often able to provide information like that because they want you to have it. They’re there to help this. This isn’t about doing card tricks. This isn’t about guessing your favorite color. It’s about giving you something that you can use that will be beneficial to your life.

Do you think that anyone can develop the capacity to hear their spirit guides? Do you think it’s a select group of people who are meant to, like yourself, facilitate this? Essentially, you’re the bridge between two worlds.

Some of us have a more heightened ability to begin with. If you choose to develop it, you can. I think everybody. I like to equate this work to singing. I’m a terrible singer. If I received a lot of training, I might be almost passable, but I’m never going to be good because I don’t seem to have that innate ability. I can get better, I can be conscious of it. There are people that they come out of the womb singing practically. You have that gift, to begin with and you have the discipline or the drive or however you want to describe it. You have the desire to work with that skill. It’s very much like this with psychics. Some people are born knowing a lot more than other people.

If I was curious and I wasn’t born with the gift, but if I wanted to explore your specialty, what would be some practices that one might try out to explore this side of them?

Anybody can explore this, but I would say that if you have had times where you get a flash of like, “I thought that was going to happen or I anticipated someone making this call.” It can be experience. It can be the knowledge that gives you that information. It can also be something above and beyond that. If you want to explore that, I would say meditation is the most valuable tool I’ve ever used. Some people are intimidated by the idea of meditation. They have all of these visuals. I would say meditation is learning to quiet your mind and learning to direct where your mind goes. Learning to be open to receive information, what that means is not wondering about what I have to get at the grocery store, that I pay that bill, I have to be there at 5:30. If you can turn that off for 30 seconds, for a minute. I know some people can do meditation well and some cannot. I also think a good example of what meditation is like is like running.

I’ve had asthma all my life. I could never run far. I can barely do a 440 lap before I’m choking and wheezing. I built my way up. I started modestly and I began to do more. I used to meditate for a minute. Now, I can snap into it for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, a half-an-hour or whatever it is. When I do it, I find that it’s taken me a while to learn how to develop this ability. Learn how to quiet my mind. When I do this, I’m able to see things, hear things, and get messages. If you want to see if you have this ability, get yourself a little note pad, a piece of paper, pen. Leave it there. You may never pick it up, but learn to count your breaths. Relax. I know that I’m getting there. When I feel my shoulders loosen up when I’m feeling myself being very relaxed. You’re not putting yourself to sleep. You’re putting yourself to the state of relaxation.

In this state, you can start to finally clear your mind, but all of a sudden you realize, “I’m okay but not having somewhere to go for ten minutes, five minutes, two minutes or whatever it is.” My advice is try to meditate for a few minutes and once you’re there in your point of clearness, the question is, “Is someone here for me? Am I supposed to get a message?” If you do, write it down. Check it out. I feel that meditating aided by a little bit of journaling can be useful. For many people, journaling is you sit down and start writing things. You start to get messages that, “I don’t know where that came from but I’m going to keep writing.” Writing like that can be a form of meditation because you set aside the time of day, the noises outside, everything. You’re alone with your thoughts. That’s where things can get interesting.

It’s interesting too that I started to do all this, to meditate. I’ve been talking to a ton of survivors, people who’ve been through injuries similar to mine. They visualize their arm coming back. They visualize their leg coming back. While they meditate, they can see it forming and they connect the heart to the weak side of their body or do something that that needs attention, probably cancer as well or something else.

Visualization becomes like, “That’s a more advanced part of the meditation.” The idea that you can actively start to say, “I’m going to take a little walk down the street.” How do you get to the state where you’re not thinking about the date and time? Picture myself walking down this country road or it’s quiet. I can smell it’s right next to a lake. Clean air. I can start to feel and hear little sounds and I try to visually transport myself there. I try to visualize it. I try to feel it in terms of senses. The idea you could start to visualize your arm strength coming back. You start to visualize that I can move my shoulder. I encourage you once you’re in this place of active visualization to see that occurring. That can begin to attract energy.

Phil Jackson, the Zen Master, had the Lakers at one point. Shaq and Kobe and everyone else, they played ball in the dark without a ball. They visualized the whole game. I remember because I was partners with Shaq in the past. He had a hard time with this. Imagine you’re going to go practice with your team members in the dark with no ball. That’s something that I now understand because he visualizes everything. Jordan used to sit there and visualize his free throws, his three points over and over again without even shooting anything.

You don't leave the front door open and with a little sign that says, “This way in.” Click To Tweet

If you want to take the scientific perspective, you’re rerouting neuropathways and you’re creating new neural networks when you visualize. They’ve done scientific studies where you can visualize yourself exercising and your body will put on muscle.

Some people, “You’re saying something I have a difficult time accepting.” To your point, Taylor, there is science behind it. In my experience, it works.

I’m learning that. It works and it works big time because I’m on that journey where I meditate every day and it’s getting easier. It’s getting better. I’m able to tap into my inner soul and talk to my spirit guides.

One thing, Sean, I haven’t seen you maybe a month, give or take. That’s unusual because we usually see each other more often. You do seem to be calm. You seem more collected. The loose wire you had been in the past, not that I didn’t love that guy because he’s fun too. I see a much more settled, poised guy that is in control.

Thank you, Mark. That’s a huge compliment coming from you. I got a question for you. It’s out of left field. I’ve said this to you before. Ouija boards, what’s the matter with them? What are Ouija boards? Jumanji the movie had it in again and I know you do not even want to talk about this. I know there’s stuff that we play with, that we shouldn’t play with.

I should not play with the Ouija board. It’s like you’re going to play spin the bottle. There are a couple of people at the table you definitely don’t want to kiss. You don’t know that you’re not going to be kissing them. That’s a little bit like Ouija board. It adds a layer of chance to something that you don’t want to take chances with. I’ve also had it described to me and it’s appropriate that let’s say you’re in a house in a bad neighborhood. You don’t leave the front door open and with a little sign that says, “This way in.” You don’t want to do that, particularly because I would like to have some control over who comes to visit or at least to be in a position to see, “I see you coming. I don’t want you here.” You don’t know. A lot of young people who are not spiritually prepared, the teenagers, younger. Milton Bradley, God knows what age they put on that board. It’s appropriate for eight to fourteen-year-olds. It’s like, “It is not.” The idea is that you could open yourself up. To a side note, I do feel that negative spirits will attach themselves or seek out vulnerable people, be they young, be they teenagers, be they drug addicts, be they anyone that is in a state of being vulnerable.

They keep on the spectrum to get it I’m sure because I’ve encountered that. They don’t how to deal with it. They’re vampires, they’re vampiring. That’s how it originated from.

I got to know a policeman who worked with drug addicts. He would work in narcotics in New York. He said that he experienced working with people who, “You’re on drugs,” but there’s the idea of possession. Not only have you weakened yourself through the use of these high, caustic, difficult, harmful drugs. You also have put yourself in a position where you could be dealing with the possession of an angry, negative spirit. This is a guy that was working in Queens. He was a hard-boiled guy. He was Catholic so he had his spiritual side, but he went from where it’s like, “I understand the drugs. I understand how you’re doing this, but now I’m dealing with something that is above and beyond drugs that I don’t think I understand.” That’s what got him into this. He wrote several books about difficult spiritual experiences, negative energies and entities. They’re out there too. If you believe that there are spirits that are good, loving, and want to help. I also believe that there are negative energies, dark energy that wants to take advantage of you for its own purposes. I’ve seen bad things. I’ve had my own little problem or two dealing with some negative spirit.

Do you mind sharing?

I was asked by a TV show to go to a house where a serial killer purportedly killed a number of people. They didn’t tell me what had happened because I asked them not to tell me what’s happened because I don’t want my reading to be influenced. I don’t want to have any bias going in because they might be right, they might be wrong. I ended up going to a house that was associated with the Black Dahlia killing, which was a notorious 1940s murder that I recognized, “It wasn’t one murder here, it was several.” As soon as I got to this house, I saw this guy in spirit. I know it sounds weird, but I see this guy. He’s dressed in period clothes from the ‘40s. I don’t even know how I hear it. He’s a doctor. I don’t want to have someone say something in the periphery because there’s a production company. There are some people wandering around. I went right to the producer and said, “If a doctor lived in this house at the time of the killings, he is the murderer. I want to get that out before anybody says anything to me.” They go, “That’s accurate. That’s what we think. You confirmed it. Let’s go from there.”

AIH 26 | Life After Death

Life After Death: Somebody’s there in spirit who wants to be of service to you. You’re never alone.


The problem is that same negative, dark spirit followed my wife and me home and we had one of the worst fights. It was a fight that was out of character. I’m blessed to have been married to Barbara for many years. This was something that was out of character for us. We were at each other’s throats and it’s like, “I don’t know why we’re this mad at each other, but this seems unusual.” We’re both like, “How did that accelerate so fast?” We both backed off, went to each other’s corners and say, “We were at a house where a serial killer killed a lot of people. That could be part of this. Do you think something followed us home?” I think it’s possible because you could say it’s a coincidence or you can say, “We don’t know, but there’s a good likelihood that something has influenced us to behave angrily and out of character.” That happened to us and I’m conscious of that.

How did you resolve that?

It was like, “I don’t feel this way. I still love you. Do you still love me? I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.” You back up the truck, talk to each other and then you recognize, “Maybe this thing used something that we’ve been sitting on and brought it out fast.” At the time, I prayed but now I’m conscious of like, “I’m going to use holy water. I’m going to pray. I’m going to be conscious of what I’m walking into.” Sometimes those things, those energies want to harm you. They want to mess with you. They want to control you. They want to take you off your game. That was an experience that I know I’ll never forget it.

Do I need to be running around looking over my shoulder, worried about everything I do?

Nobody does. Pay attention to where you’re going.

Don’t go to the serial killer’s house is what you’re saying?

If you do, recognize that there could be residual bad energy that might have fun messing with you.

What I picked up on from you telling that story is what you’re talking about, psychometry. This is my train of thought. This is where I went is that if you can take someone’s possession, like Sean’s watch for example, and you can glean information from it. That means somehow he has influenced that object. In quantum physics, they call it quantum entanglement. Presumptuously, if someone had been murdering people in that house and XYZ, then objects in the house or the house or the area around itself would have been influenced and in a sense entangled with that energy.

If I’m sensitive to that energy and I’ve trained myself to be. It was the first time I felt like something followed me home. I learned from that.

Has it happened since? Do you walk away and turn around and go, “No?”

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I say, “Don’t follow me.” I try to be conscious of like, “I see you coming now. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I try to be like, “I’m not falling for that one again,” as much as I can be aware of it.

How do all the guys out there like the men deal with their women when they become crazy and nuts? You’ve got your wife, you’ve got your daughter. I’ve got two daughters. There are times when women become demonic. How do we deal with that then?

I would say be conscious, be kind like, “Where did that come from?” We can all act out and we all have our own little triggers. If you can be conscious of things that trigger you, good or bad, then that would be a place to get started. Being a little intuitive it’s like, “I know when she brings that up, I tend to get hot under the collar.” See it coming.

Mark, you’re so calm. You’re so relaxed. I can call you up and there are stresses in your life. We all deal with them, but you’re always present. You’re always in the moment.

I try to be. There are times when I’m not. It’s like, “I’m off duty. I am not paying attention. I’m being a goof.” I appreciate the kind thoughts. When we’re together, I’m trying to be purposeful. I’m trying to be engaged. It’s a pleasure doing that. Some people will drink to get out of it or do this and that. Once in a while, I have a couple of glasses or something too. As long as you’re not making it a habit or using it as a tool to escape.

I always find with any substance, whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, XYZs, I always contemplate personally, “Am I doing this because I enjoy doing this? Am I doing this because I’m upset or angry or hurting in some way and I want to ignore that or escape that?”

First of all, on the marijuana, Taylor, you get way too high and you can’t function. You can’t even do this show. You become enlightened. It alters the state of mind and that’s what I think where Mark is good at talking about. You don’t need that in order to, but you do.

I barely function so I try not too often. What I like to do is watch a movie. That’s about all I can do. I can’t read.

I got one more question for you and this is a question we ask all of our guests and then you can share with people how to get in touch with you. What’s your inspiration?

I do this because I think that there’s a lot more to the eye than what we see. I’m seeing you guys, but there’s a whole other layer of energy, love and support available to you. If you’re conscious of it, then you can get that extra layer of support. You can recognize that there is somebody there in spirit or somebody’s there in spirit who wants to be of service to you. You’re never alone. That’s one thing I do run into. I find people, sometimes they come to me. They’re going through depression. They’ve lost someone. They’re dealing with a lot of pain. Recognize that you’re never alone. You don’t have to be alone. They’ll find some comfort in that and hopefully, that helps. That’s a big thing for me. I tell people like, “You can still talk to your dad, your mom or whoever it is you’ve lost. Find comfort with an old friend who’s no longer with you,” anything like that. You can still reach out and be heard and they can hear you. People can find me. My site is My middle name is Christopher. If you’re doing a little Google search, you’ll see Mark Christopher Nelson. I’ve got a couple of sites up, but I’m directing everything down to that website.

I do encourage everybody out there if you’re going through something horrible or tragic or a traumatic event, call Mark. He does the readings over the phone or he does them in person. I texted you, you’re like, “I’m on the phone with someone in Bulgaria,” I don’t even know where Bulgaria was. He’s like, “I’ve got a reading I got to do.” He’s able to generate the truth. What I love that about him is he gives you a path to get to that truth and then how to help you heal yourself.

You don’t have to be going through something to call Mark. You can set up an appointment with him and he has guidance no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s like having almost cliff notes alongside you. It’s comforting to connect with Mark in that way because he does oftentimes validate the experiences you’re going through, but also adds on this extra layer of depth that you may not have considered otherwise.

He’s a bowl of love and he’s won one of these guys that he’ll tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. That’s what’s cool about it.

You guys are too kind and I do appreciate it. If I can be of service to anybody, you know where to find me.

Thank you so much, Mark.

Thank you, Mark.

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About Mark Christopher Nelson

AIH 26 | Life After Death

Mark Christopher Nelson is a psychic medium with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. He hears and sees messages from friends and family who have crossed over to the other side. Their messages can provide information about our relationships, careers and personal growth that can help us make better decisions, achieve goals and find greater happiness in our lives.

Mark originally became aware of his psychic abilities after the sudden passing of his father when he was eleven. Early in his development, Mark only received messages from both his father and grandfather. Over time, they helped him understand that he could use his abilities to help other people connect with their loved ones on the other side.

Mark believes that we have all family, friends, and guides on the other side who can provide guidance to us in many aspects of our lives. In addition, they provide validating details about their lives and ours, to ensure sure we know “it’s them.” These facts confirm that their messages are real, have meaning and can positively affect our lives. The spirits also make it clear that they are still part of our lives, and will be there when we need them.


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