The brain is the governing system that controls all body function. If you don’t have proper brain function, then all other functions of the body are compromised. Dr. Adam Del Torto is the originator of Cranial Facial Release Technique (CFR), a procedure designed to align the bones of the skull and increase the flow of spinal fluid to the brain, allowing the brain to optimize function and provides increased clarity. He takes us into how the procedure works as well as the tools you could expect to see. He provides some of the more remarkable examples of healing and improvement among patients who came for CFR.


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Cranial Facial Release (CFR) For Improved Brain Function And Clarity with Dr. Adam Del Torto

What’s going on?

I feel great. I’m relaxed. I’m meditating every morning when I’m waking up and I spend an hour meditating. I do my journal and I do my reading. It allows me to focus and to get clear. I resisted the meditating for so long, but you were persistent in helping me do it. Now, it’s a dream because I’m able to level off my nervousness and my hormones to be balanced.

Is it starting to make sense?

Yes, it is.

It only took me a year. It’s like knocking on a door and getting no answer and you keep coming back to knock on the same door hoping that one day it will open.

You forced it on me. You’ve shown me things and now I will do it forever for the rest of my life.

It’s one of those practices that makes zero sense until it makes sense.

I visualize. I see myself surfing. I see myself on skis. I can see myself flying. It’s awesome, so thank you much for teaching me the practice and the breath work.

You’re welcome. We’re going to send out a little meditation video on YouTube so that everybody else can get in on a simple, powerful way to get out of the stress state and get into your body’s creative and healing rhythm. It’s the easiest meditation you’re ever going to learn because you could lay down and do it. You could sit on the couch and do it. You could think about whatever you want to think about and do it.

I liked the pose where I sat on the floor and cross my legs, what’s that called?


I do my meditation through Sukhasana.

Easy-seated pose translated for English.

It’s very easy. In the beginning, I couldn’t get down there. Now, I can get down. I can move over my knees over my ankles. Have you ever had a balloon up your nose and your skull will crack inside and out?

I have had a balloon stuffed up my nose, inflated and have my skull crack.

How did that feel?

It felt strange.

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release: The main purpose for doing CFR is to align the bones in the skull.


The back of your throat hurts too.

We’re foreshadowing our guest for this episode.

The way it’s done is by a gentleman who we’re having on the show, Dr. Adam Del Torto.

What’s it called?

Cranial Facial Release or CFR. It’s a balloon that goes up your nose. They insert it slowly and then they inflate it fast. The pressure on the balloon is so magnificent that it cracks and adjusts every bone in your skull. I’ve had it done three dozen times.

Adam will talk about this when we get into the podcast. The main purpose for doing this is to align the bones in the skull because the bones in the skull are mobile. There’s a bunch of different bones in the skull, but also to bring more cerebral spinal fluid to the brain, which is like giving the brain a bath.

Dr. Adam Del Torto is my chiropractor and I am under his care. I’m having him on the show because he has much to offer of what he does and how he does it. By seeing him in the last couple of years, he’s done so much on me and I’m changed. I feel better. I feel stronger.

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Our skull is not one solid bone. It's made up of 22 individual bones that move every time we breathe. Click To Tweet

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In the spirit of amazing five-star reviews, we’re going to read one. This one’s titled, “Love Being Inspired,” by username Goucc. “This is the podcast to listen to when you’re having a down day on yourself. Sean’s inspiring story and Taylor’s Zen presence make it impossible not to snap out of your own self-pity. They are great hosts, each bringing unique perspectives to the podcast and complimenting each other well. It’s great for listening in the car as a way to shut out the outside white noise and traffic. You will truly feel uplifted and motivated after each listen.” I learned that one from Sam Morris, episode three.

What’s his name?

The Zen Warrior. If you haven’t checked out the podcast with Sam Morris, it’s already a classic.

He has no feeling from his belly button down and how he gets around and how he built a life for himself and extraordinarily.

Without further ado, let’s get into our episode with our guest, Adam Del Torto, who is a chiropractor. He’s going to talk a lot about Cranial Facial Release, which is a practice that he didn’t invent but he pioneered and brought to the forefront.

We’re here with one of Sean’s buddies and doctors who have treated him over the years. Dr. Adam Del Torto is with us. He has treated Sean and helped him heal along with his journey after his stroke. You two, Sean and Adam, have gotten to know each other over the years. Adam, when you first saw Sean and saw what he was dealing with post-stroke, how did you decide to start treating him?

He had sustained a lot of brain trauma from that stroke and more so than an average person that has a stroke. He had a hemorrhagic stroke where they had to surgically remove part of his skull and insert it into his abdomen to keep it alive, to allow the pressure from his brain to be relieved. That’s not common in people who have strokes. That is a major hemorrhagic stroke and he sustained a lot of brain damage, a lot of neurologic logical damage. When he came to me, he was neurologically compromised more so than the average person. He was introduced to me at a seminar. I was teaching the Cranial Facial Release seminar. He came in. He was not very mobile. He had people there to help him walk. You were labored walking and you had assistance. You came in and you were introduced to me. It was perfect timing because you came in right when we were about to do the practical part of the seminar. I explained to him what we were going to do and I’ll never forget the look on his face like, “You’re going to do what?”

Sean came to you because he was looking for alternative ways to heal. Western medicine and his physical therapy had been helping him through the years. He wanted something alternative and did he get it with this technique that you developed called CFR?

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release: Once you’re paralyzed, you’re looking for anything that can help you regain that movement and endurance to get back to independence.


It’s a unique and powerful technique. It’s bizarre in its own way. I didn’t invent it. I took a previous technique called Bilateral Nasal Specific. It’s been around since the early 1900s. I put my own little twist to it, incorporated chiropractic techniques and manual cranial adjusting along with it to develop a systematic, reproducible technique that has a lot of inner doctor consistency. That was the thing that I did with it.

You have explained this a bazillion times to people who have had the procedure done by you. I don’t think people realize what you explain that the skull is not this one solid thing that has your brain completely locked down. People probably don’t know that it moves.

That’s the important thing that we were trying to reestablish with Sean is people don’t realize that your skull is not one solid bone. It’s made up of 22 individual bones that move every time you breathe, or at least it’s supposed to. Every time you inhale, your skull expands. Every time you exhale, your skull relaxes with the intention of pumping cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain and also through the spinal cord. When Sean had that surgery and the stroke, it caused fixations in those cranial bones. He wasn’t getting the normal cranial expansion and relaxation when he breathed. It was impeding the flow of cerebral spinal fluid throughout his brain, which was compromising brain function and neurological function.

Why is it important though for the cerebral fluid is constantly at good levels in our brain?

Back in the ancient days, I used to refer to it as liquid light because your brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid. That is the life source for your entire brain. You have to have that flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain. It transports nutrients and neurotransmitters, the brain’s communication system. The whole wellbeing and function of the brain depends on normal cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain.

This is crucial for anyone, but even more so for Sean. Sean’s looking for alternative ways to heal. You see this, Sean, and what it involves. When I saw it, I said to myself, “You’re going to put what up my what?”

The MDs in my life are great. They saved my life, but I was looking for alternative ways of my recovery and heal. When I heard about Dr. Adam and what he was doing, I was intrigued because I tried everything. Once you’re paralyzed, you’re looking for anything that can help you regain that movement and regain that endurance and get back to independence. When I met Adam, he was great with what he was doing but he understood me. He took the time to get to know me and most doctors don’t care. He kept doing the practice on me, the ballooning I call it. I got better and I kept coming back and back more and more. He treated me for a couple of months straight. Every week, every day I got stronger. I got better at my endurance. I used to last twelve or one every day. I was going to two or three. I started companies. I was traveling again. I said, “There’s something here that we’ve got to talk about.” People are like, “What are you doing? He’s putting balloons up your nose?”

That’s part of the process, but I want Dr. Del Torto to explain before we get too far. Why are you putting balloons up people’s noses? How does the procedure go? If I walked into your office and said, “I heard all about CFR. I’m ready to take the challenge here and try it,” what do you tell me as a patient? What do you tell what’s going to happen?

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First of all, let me explain what the procedure entails. It entails incorporating the use of tiny balloons that are carefully inserted in the nose and then quickly inflated to open up the breathing passageways and mobilize the bones of the face and cranium.

When you say up the nose, how far up?

People think it’s going in the nose, but it’s going back into your face, the area between your nose and your throat. When you breathe in, that area that goes between your nose and your throat is called your nasopharynx and there are six openings. There are three on each side, lower, middle and upper. It’s a total of six. It’s the area where the septum goes right down the middle of the nasopharynx. If you have a deviation of the septum from one side to the other, it’ll occlude those breathing passageways. The primary reason that people come into me is for breathing problems, for breathing disorders, deviated septums. I treat a lot of fighters that have a traumatic insult to the face. That’s the obvious thing that it does. Back in the day, back in the pioneers of this technique, they never treated breathing disorders. The primary thing that they treated back in those days was learning disorders, especially with kids with Down Syndrome and autism. Anything that would cause neurological deficit because the bottom line, what it does is it optimizes brain function. That’s what it’s targeting. It mobilizes the cranial system. It gets all the cranial bones moving.

Each cranial bone has its own direction of motion. When you inhale, all the different cranial bones are supposed to move in a specific direction of motion. If it’s locked down or fixated due to head trauma or an uneven bite force or birth trauma or any of these things that causes cranial fixations, it will impede the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid in that part of the brain. Whatever part of that brain is innervated or it innervates certain parts of your body, that’s where you will have neurological deficit innervation to that portion of your body. Once you unlock the cranium and allow that cerebral spinal fluid to flow, and another thing it does is it takes the torque off the dura, which is the covering of the brain. It’s the sock that covers your brain. If your brain was your foot and your shoe was your skull, the sock represents the dura. If your sock was wrinkled all up inside your shoe, can you imagine how uncomfortable that would feel? It takes that wrinkle off the dura. Any torque on the dura causes a whole other gamut of neurological deficit.

I’m learning all this and finding out what it can do to heighten my senses, awareness, brain function and all that stuff. Once I’m lying on the table in your office, what are the tools you bring out? What am I going to see on that little table next to you?

They’re finger cots. They’re little balloon-like rolled up finger cots that we attached to a sphyg bulb. We insert them in the appropriate opening. We’ve got six openings to choose from. We determine which one is the most appropriate or which ones are the most appropriate. We carefully insert the balloon and then we inflate it. It usually takes about two, three seconds. It’s quick. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a lot of pressure, more pressure than I can describe. Words cannot describe the amount of pressure that you feel and it’s not in your nose. It’s in your face, the area that goes above the roof of your mouth, above your palate. The intention is to bubble it all the way back into the throat. We’re targeting the sphenoid bone, which is the primary centralized bone of your skull. To pass over that particular suture or joint, we have to bubble it into the throat. You may hear your skull crack a little bit. The first couple of times your skull does release. Those are the sutures releasing.

It feels incredible and good because you feel lighter and you can see clearer. My vision got better. My hearing got better. My speech got better. For the two minutes of what I’m going to feel is worth the lifetime of how I’m going to enjoy life again.

The thing is the first couple of times you get it done, it is aggressive treatment. Once you start doing it more frequently, once you’ve had all six openings inflated and you start inflating them the second or third time, it’s much easier. You have such clarity and you feel clear as a bell and you want to feel like that all the time. I can still remember the first couple of times I got this done I was like, “I never want that done again.” It wasn’t comfortable but I can still remember the one time, it was about the fifth or sixth time I got it done where it was inflated. All of a sudden, I had that level of clarity and euphoria where I was like, “I get it. I want to feel like this all the time.”

It’s a high that you cannot explain and it’s a high that makes you feel good. It allowed my diet to get better. My sleep got better. My attention to detail is better. How do you explain all that with medicine or my MDs who want to give me a pill or do this or do that? He’s a chiropractor that puts his hands on me and puts my body back together and it aligns me to be clear.

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release: The body can heal itself if it’s given a path and if you allow it to heal.


It’s also something that could be good in conjunction with your typical average Western medicine treatment as well. It opens up another path. Doctor, you’ve treated many people with many different ailments with CFR. What are some of the more remarkable examples of healing and improvement you’ve seen in some of your patients that have come to you for CFR?

The obvious one is breathing, but I’m hesitant to use this word but I’m going to say it. I’m going to throw it out there anyway. It is biblical-level healing. People that have tried everything on the planet and have given up hope of ever getting better and they come and when you unlock all those cranial fixations and allow the brain to optimize in function. It’s miraculous, the level of healing that you witness. The thing is the body is intelligent. Look at what it created all by itself with no help from the outside. Two cells came together. If you’ve ever taken a physiology class, you realize how insanely intelligent your body is. You look at what controls all of those functions, it’s your brain. Your brain is the primary governing system of the entire body and everything revolves around proper brain function. If you don’t have proper brain function, all other functions of the body are compromised.

I’ve heard many different miracle stories and witnessed amazing last resort results from patients. I’ll tell you the one that touched my heart the most is that this couple brought their little daughter to me. I’ll never forget her name. Her name was Caitlyn. She was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. She suffocated for a while. She had what they called nystagmus, where her eyes would go back and forth. They brought her in and I looked at the parents I was like, “What are you hoping I can do for her? What are your treatment goals with her? This is brain deficit.” They were going, “All I want to do is connect with my daughter because if she was six years old, I’ve never felt connected. I’d never had that connection with her because she’s always inattentive and non-focused all the time.” I was like, “All I can do is mobilize her cranial system, optimize brain function and then get out of the way. That’s about the extent of my power here.” We ballooned her and I gave the mother my personal phone number. I was like, “If anything happens, please call me tonight.”

Around 10:00 that night, they phoned me. My phone was ringing and I’m thinking, “Are they in the hospital? What’s going on?” I picked up the phone and the mother was crying hysterically and I was like, “What’s the matter? What happened?” She goes, “I walked into my daughter’s room and for the first time ever in her entire life, she turned around from her crib and she looked me straight in the eye. For the first time, our souls connected.” We were both crying on the phone. I didn’t fix her problem. She was permanent brain damage, but it elevated her brain function enough that it gave that mother the connection she was yearning for with her daughter to the point where it made her whole. It fulfilled her and it connected the two of them for the first time. That’s as optimal as her daughter was ever going to get, but we brought her up to that optimal level.

I must say I plateaued at a certain point and the doctor here gave me the hope and he inspired me to keep going. The body can heal itself if it’s given a path and if you allow the body to heal. That’s exactly what his CFR is doing for me and thousands of other people. If you take a supplement, if you go to any wellness or any pill you’re taking, even for a run or for a jog. This should be a non-elective but a requisite at least once a month for everybody. This is what it does.

I did it once and I was a bit terrified, but I wanted to experience it. It was done by another chiropractor that you’re familiar with. You trained Dr. Campbell to do this. He did the procedure on me. I’m lying there on the table looking at these sticks, these finger balloons and lube. I’m thinking to myself, “This is the stuff I see at the OB-GYN’s office. What exactly is going to go down here?” He did it. I was prepared for the pressure, but I didn’t find it that terribly uncomfortable and I didn’t find it painful at all. I thought it was pretty great. I enjoyed it.

It’s not a painful procedure. It’s more pressure than it is pain. Pressure is a bizarre feeling to feel, not in your nose but in your face. I’d almost rather that it hurt, but it’s not a painful procedure. It’s quick. It takes about two seconds. We do it in a series of four to six days of treatment because you can’t do it once or twice because you usually feel more congested and a little more headachy the first couple of times you do it. As with me, it was that fourth or fifth time when I got it done that I reached that level of clarity and euphoria where I was like, “I want to feel like this all the time.”

The only word I can use is clear. There’s no tension, no pressure on your head. You feel articulate. You’re quick. Words come to you. That was one of the things with Sean. He was having a hard time finding the right word. He was a little slower back then. He was not as responsive as he is now. All we did was mobilize the cranial system and allow his brain to optimize, the maximal optimization of what he was capable of. Even some people, if their maximal brain function is 75% of everyone else’s, but their functioning at 50%. If you can give them that extra 25%, it makes an incredible difference in their level of cognitive thinking and their ability to function in general.

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Who wouldn’t want an extra 25% or perform 25% better than they were? How did you hear about it and start learning about it?

When I was in chiropractic college or before that when I was seventeen years old, my mother brought me to a chiropractor who did cranial work. I was intrigued by this doctor and his ability to heal people by placing his hands on them. It was such a high-level of healing that from that point forward I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be him. I went to chiropractic college and then I went to my first chiropractic seminar ever, which was in Las Vegas. They had ten seminars going on at the same time. You could pick and choose and they’re going, “They’re teaching cranial upstairs.” I’m like, “I want to learn cranial.” I go up there and they’re talking about putting balloons in people’s noses and inflating them. I was like, “Are you guys insane?” I literally got up and walked out of the seminar. The guy stopped the lecture and let everybody watch me walk out. He said, “There goes a guy who doesn’t get it.” I didn’t care. I was like, “These guys are crazy. Balloons up the nose?”

About fifteen years later, one of my buddies who’s a good chiropractor, one of the best chiropractors I know, Dr. Chuck Musich out of Morgan Hill. He’s a strict spinal adjuster but he knew I did cranially. This was before emails. He sends me a fax. It was an article that was written and he goes, “Mr. Cranial, what do you think about this?” It was a story about a girl that had fallen off a horse when she was a teenager and hit her head. She had post-concussion syndrome with all the typical symptoms of post-concussion syndrome, the brain fog, the depression, the headaches, the fatigue and head pain, everything that goes along with post-concussion syndrome. She had tried everything in the world. She had tried all the neurologists, every biofeedback, neurobiofeedback, every drug there was. Nothing helped her. She went up and saw this doctor up in Washington who did the balloons on her and it totally changed her life. It gave her life back.

I was like, “I remember this technique.” I called the guy up and he’s like, “I’m teaching my first class of doctors ever how to do this technique and I got one spot open. Do you want it?” I don’t even know why I said yes but I did. It was fate, God leading me down the road. I went up there and the first time I got it done I was like, “No.” My skull cracked so much and it was not comfortable and I never wanted it done again. If you don’t do this, if you don’t go through the whole series, then you don’t pass a class. I sucked it up. Every day it got more and more comfortable, easier each time. It was that fourth day of treatment that he did the balloons on me and I jumped up. I was like, “I get it now. I want to feel like this all the time.” It was such a level of clarity that is indescribable. You can’t describe that level of clarity and euphoria and total brain function.

You’re in a peaceful state and it’s a state of mind that you can’t even explain because you feel good afterwards. It does take a series of four to six minimum to even start this.

I do it in a series of six days of treatment. We used to do it in a series of four, but you need that extra couple of days to appreciate the full benefit of the technique.

When you have people coming in to get the procedure, do you find that a lot of them are consistent with it? You must get all kinds of people who try it once and say no. Somebody says yes.

I’ve been a chiropractor for a long time and I started doing balloons many years ago. I’ve evolved with the technique and I’ve learned what people do when they come in. Some people don’t like it. It’s not a super expensive procedure, but we charge more than we do for regular chiropractic. The thing we would do is we’d make them pay it all up front so that they couldn’t pay as they went so they could dictate the treatment schedule like, “I just want to do two. I just want to do three of them.” It’s like, “No, it’s a series of at least four.” We’d make them pay it all up front, but then people would come in and go, “I don’t want to do that again. Can I get a refund?”

We’d have to refund their money back for the other three visits and we’d have to figure out what it broke down as. I started getting smart and I have them sign a contract that says, “This price is for the first day of treatment only. The other five days are free. If you don’t want to do the other five days, please take advantage of our generosity and take advantage of those five free days of treatment.” The reason I did that was not because of money. It’s because you have to go through an entire series to achieve the maximal benefit of this technique. If you do it once or twice, it leaves you half-adjusted. It’s almost doing them a disservice. It wasn’t about the money. It was more about having them follow through with treatment. Once you get past that third or fourth day and you round the corner, you want to feel like that all the time.

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release: Chiropractic does not cause people to stroke out.


Why do people, once they have a stroke, MDs say, “Don’t go see the chiropractor?” What is the rumor with that?

It’s not a rumor. They’re protecting you as a patient. There are different kinds of strokes. The type of stroke you had was a hemorrhagic stroke where you had a carotid artery bleed. If you have occlusions in your carotid arteries, there are different ways of adjusting the cervical spine. Most chiropractors I’ve found do it in a safe manner where they’re not twisting the neck, where you’re doing the line of drive through the line of the disc. You’re not doing a rotation move. If you do have somebody that’s predisposed to a stroke and you get a chiropractor who doesn’t recognize the signs and they do a twisting type of motion. There is a small percentage of the time you could dislodge the clot that is already sitting there waiting to be dislodged.

If you sneeze hard or you cough or you’re bearing down to go the bathroom, any one of those things can dislodge that clot. It’s not like the chiropractor causes a stroke. These people are predisposed to stroke. They’re sitting there waiting to stroke out and all they need is a little extra something that causes that clot to move and block off the blood supply to the brain. It’s people that are already ticking time bombs. Chiropractic does not cause people to stroke out. If you are one of those predisposed people and the chiropractor doesn’t recognize that and he adjusts you, there’s some small percentage of chance sometimes that clot may dislodge. Your predisposition is going to be happening there in the chiropractic office instead of at home when you sneeze in front of the TV.

You’ve been doing this for many years. Over the many years, have you seen more people turn to chiropractors as an alternative way to heal or in addition to the treatments they’re already getting from their regular MDs?

We each have our own individual place in health. Chiropractors are of the philosophy that the power that made the body heals the body. If you look at the miracle that was produced all by itself, it’s such an intricate, intelligent, self-regulating machine. The brain is the governing system that controls all body function. Chiropractors tap into that. I don’t want to say we can’t do anything wrong, but we have the body working with us. There’s little that can go wrong in chiropractic. In medicine, they’re dealing in crisis care. In Australia, they call it crash care. If I’m driving down the road and I wrapped my car around a telephone pole, please drive right past the chiropractor’s office and take me to the hospital. That’s what they’re for. They are for critical care.

The thing about trying to get well by taking medication, it’s meant for short-term crisis intervention. You can’t take drugs on the long haul, on a long-term basis and expect to be healthy. There’s a side effect of drugs, which is a misnomer because there’s no such thing as a side effect of a drug. It’s the effect of the drug. It may not be the desired effect, but it’s still the same effect as the desired effect. They say, “We’ll put it over here and call it the effect that’s on the side.” You lump it all under one category, which is the effect of the drug.

There are few drugs that you can take on a long-term basis that eventually won’t lead to some of the side effects because the purpose of the drug is to alter your physiology. You know what they say. You don’t fool with Mother Nature. If you’re going to alter body function and body physiology through a drug, which interferes with certain stages of cycles of physiology. It’ll be a beta blocker or it’ll interfere with calcium absorption or whatever it would be to be to get that desired effect that it’s trying to get. Over time, you can’t block that beta receptor or block that calcium absorption over time without having a long-term physiological effect.

It’s called exercise, right for blood pressure or the beta blocker. It’s brilliant because he’s the only doctor who puts his hands on me and adjusts me and feels my body, feels my spine, feels the way I’m connected and disjointed at certain points. Where the MD is looking at test scores and looking to prescribe me something. Whether or not you’re a physical therapist, every person who’s been injured or through any traumatic event on any situation, I say needs to see a chiropractor, someone like Dr. Adam. What they do is they apply their hands on you. It’s like a deep tissue massage even ten times greater.

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The MDs have their place. If you get in a car wreck, do not stop at chiropractor’s office. Go to the hospital because they are there to save your life.

They’re lifesaving and thank God for them. I don’t know if I had the intestinal fortitude to be that type of a crisis care doctor. My brother’s an MD, my cousin’s an MD. I thank God for them every day. They save people’s lives and that’s what they do for crisis-type care or you have trauma or you need surgery. The thing is people are overmedicated in this world. People turn to medication probably more excessively than what is necessary. I’m not saying the medicine isn’t necessary. I’m biased but I say chiropractic first because chiropractic deals with body function. If there’s interference with the nervous system’s ability to express itself normally, then you have dysfunction. Long-term dysfunction eventually gives rise to disease. That’s how you get sick. You don’t get sick from the outside in. You get sick from the inside out. Long-term dysfunction gives rise to disease and the nervous system, being the governing system in the body. Dysfunction typically arises from some nerve interference or a lack of expression of the normal nerve impulse, which causes that particular organ system to function at a subpar level. Long-term dysfunction eventually causes a breakdown in the system. It gives rise to disease.

You are so passionate about what you do. You have created a convention you are putting on to have others who are in your profession speak, teach, learn from each other because other chiropractors come to you to learn CFR and to learn to do the procedure. You’re putting something on called Chiropractic Rocks. How many years have you been doing this? What can people find at this convention you’re going to do? We’re talking about CFR and your particular expertise in that. You guys all learn from each other. This is a place for someone who wants to explore their alternative healing to go to look to all these different chiropractors, to see some of the things that they can find out, learn about and possibly try.

There are many different approaches to chiropractic. All chiropractors have the same goal, which is to optimize nervous system function. To allow nerve flow to flow unimpeded from the control centers in the brain down through the peripheral nerves to every organ and muscle and tissue cell in your body. That’s how we reinstate health. There are a lot of different approaches. Chiropractic is eclectic. You’ve got from doctors that cracked the back type things to where doctors that use little instruments like activator guns with all having the same intention. We’re going to bring them all together under one roof. With any profession, there’s a lot of head-butting within the profession. At Chiropractic Rocks, what we’re going to do is tell everybody to leave their pistols at the door. We’re all going to unite under one roof to stand behind a common cause, which is to promote chiropractic. Try to ensure the future of chiropractic for future generations for the highest good of the profession.

When is it going to happen? How can people find out about it? What’s the website?

It’s It’s going to be held in Reno, March 28th through the 30th of 2019. We’ve got some top-named speakers. We have 30 speakers over a three-day period. It’s open to the public. Anybody that wants to come and hear some of the speakers, it would be enlightening.

You balloon people. I’ve been to a convention where I’ve seen you and at your booth. The line has been wrapped around the corner, down the stairs because you are giving people a chance to try CFR. You’re literally sitting there for hours ballooning people. They get a sticker too.

“I’ve been ballooned,” sticker. For those of you who aren’t clear on this, CFR stands for Cranial Facial Release. That website is My personal website is That’s more for the patients. I made a video of the reaction of people who have gotten ballooned. It’s comical.

You’ve been on the E-Channel. You’ve toured the world. You speak everywhere. You’re always at it. I call you up, “Let’s go get a beer and watch a game.” You’re like, “I’m going to Amsterdam. I’m going to Germany. I’m in this. I’m in Australia.” You don’t stop, which is pretty amazing.

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Cranial Facial Release: You have to target the source of the impulse before you focus on how that impulse is transmitted.


That’s going to be my legacy. I want to leave my footprint on chiropractic. I might leave something to make the world a better place after my days are gone and something to help humanity. Make people heal at a higher level. 80% of the nervous system is above the neck. 20% of the nervous system is below the neck. Most chiropractors dwell in that 20% range. Most of them are more focused on how the nerve impulse is transmitted. I’m more focused on how that original impulse is generated, created and produced at the source. You can adjust the spine all day, but if the original impulse is an aberrant, distorted impulse. How that impulse is transmitted doesn’t even come into play. You have to target the source of the impulse before you focus on how that impulse is transmitted. That’s what Cranial Facial Release is all about.

We talked about some patient examples of your treatment that have touched you, like the little girl who was able to connect, have eye contact with her mother. I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of cases over your many years. I know you want to leave your legacy with CFR, but what else is your why? What is it that keeps you going?

It’s gratifying and rewarding to witness miracles in my office every day. You get to appreciate the power and the intelligence of the body. The chiropractic way of looking at things is it doesn’t need help from the outside. It needs no interference from the inside. If I can change people’s lives by removing the nerve interference, we’re turning on the light. Turning that light on and allowing that patient’s full potential to be expressed through optimal function and optimal body function. It’s gratifying and rewarding to witness that on a daily basis, especially after they’ve tried everything else first. When they’re the last resort patients like, “I don’t believe in chiropractic. My mother made me come here. My husband made me come here,” and I’m like, “I’m glad to meet you. Let’s turn on the lights. Let’s change your life right here and now.” I hear it all the time like, “My back doesn’t hurt. I don’t need a chiropractor.” It’s not about back pain. It’s about body function. It’s about optimizing neurological function, that primary governing system in the body which is your nervous system. By allowing that nervous system to express itself unimpeded from the brain. From the source of the impulse down through the spinal cord out through the peripheral nerves to every organ, muscle and tissue cell in the body and allowing those organs to function at full capacity. Your full capacity may only be at 70% or 60%, but you want to be optimal in whatever your capacity is to function.

Dr. Del Torto, thank you so much for being with us.

I appreciate you having me. This was fun.

Thanks for everything.

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About Dr. Adam Del Torto

AIH 25 | Cranial Facial Release

Dr. Adam Del Torto graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1984 and started his professional practice as an associate with Dr. Robert Romanelli in Oyster Bay, NY, in 1985. During that time Dr. Adam was selected as one of the few chiropractors to organize and conduct scoliosis examinations on grade school children in the state of New York – this was a pioneer event, being the first time a chiropractic doctor was allowed to participate in scoliosis screenings in the New York public school system. Dr. Adam worked as an associate doctor for a period of one year while he went back to undergraduate school to complete his Bachelor’s Degree. He received a BS in Life Science from New York Institute of Technology in 1985, graduating Cum Laude.

While in school, Dr. Adam participated in biofeedback research under Dr. Bertram Spector, Ph.D. in clinical research. He was also actively involved in developing the Collegiate Interprofessional Committee – an organization designed to enhance inter-professional relationships between health professions through communication and education, for the common good of the patient. Dr. Del Torto moved back to his home town of Lompoc, CA, in 1986, where he developed a very successful practice with two associate doctors. While in Lompoc, he was active in various community projects, including the “Leadership Lompoc Valley” program – a select group of individuals who elicited leadership qualities, and took part in an extensive 12-month program which concentrated on community development, local issues, and concerns.

Dr. Adam was also an active member of several international organizations, including the Rotary Club where he was responsible for organizing and hosting the annual district convention for the high school Interact Club, a major project involving over 200 students from 13 different high schools. For his efforts, Dr. Adam was awarded the Lions Award, a prestigious honor given to an esteemed few individuals for their contribution to the community.

Dr. Del Torto left Lompoc in 1994 and started a company called DC Products which markets chiropractic products nationally and internationally, and features unique educational and promotional products designed by Dr. Adam. He has authored a chiropractic educational coloring book for children, which is now in its second edition and is distributed nationwide. Dr. Del Torto has also been published in several major chiropractic journals with articles he has written on chiropractic.

Dr. Adam traveled to Sydney, Australia in 1988 where he attended the International Chiropractic Research Symposium, which featured the latest advances in chiropractic education and research. He also traveled to New Zealand that same year and lectured to the International Cultural Exchange Wrestling Team on the prevention and treatment of wrestling injuries. Being a former wrestler himself, Dr. Adam is well versed on this subject.

Dr. Del Torto underwent months of additional educational training to gain status as an Industrial Disability Evaluator (IDE) and a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) for the state of California. This established him as an expert physician in evaluating patients for the California Workers Compensation system. He was also present for the first ever ACA/ICA Joint Chiropractic Convention which was a milestone event in the chiropractic profession. This was the first time the two principal associations in chiropractic came together to discuss and debate issues.

Dr. Adam regularly attends continuing educational seminars and has participated in cadaver cranial dissection seminars under Dr. Marc Pick at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. He divides his time between his two practices in Catalina Island and Burbank where he offers specialized treatment including Chiropractic, CFR treatment, Cold Laser therapy and Acuscope / Myopulse therapy for optimal results with his patients.

Dr. Adam is the originator of Cranial Facial Release Technique (CFR), a specialized endonasal “balloon-assisted” cranial technique that very few doctors are qualified to perform. Recently, Dr. Adam has combined efforts with SOTO-USA to teach seminars on CFR methods. For more info., visit:

Dr. Del Torto’s professional goals include furthering his education and credentials. He is focusing his efforts on developing a reproducible integrative cranial technique focusing on endo-nasal therapy (CFR). With his efforts, research, and accomplishments, he hopes to be able to contribute back to the chiropractic profession.


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