Most people cannot handle too much stress these days that they often hit the plateau and burn out. To achieve a greater balance in the brain, the antidote is brain optimization. The brain is designed to heal regardless of what condition or age. Selene Kepila, a nationally recognized natural-healing provider and health coach, explores the power of all-natural and non-invasive healing as she breaks down the two aspects of brain optimization. Founder of ENSELE, a healing center that’s focused around light therapies and bringing the brain in the balance, Selene walks us through different brain technologies, ways to heal leaky gut, and the advantages of meditation.

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All-Natural Healing Through Brain Optimization with Selene Kepila

This is Taylor Smith, your health expert on site.

This is the Stroke Hacker, Sean Entin. Taylor, when you introduce yourself, you should be talking about you being a chef.

We can talk about that. What do you want to talk about being a chef?

How fantastic you are and your food is just so good.

What’s your favorite meal?

I love your salmon, the one that you made that night with everybody.

We did wild rice salmon with a little fresh orange sauce from the farmer’s market. Is that the one you’re talking about?

Yeah, it was delicious. You cooked for twenty guests here and it was awesome.

It’s been a fun adventure. I moved to LA and I said I’m not going to cook anymore in a professional sense because I had spent eight years in the industry and burned out. I went on this epic adventure in health and wellness. It has come back full circle where the world is bringing me more culinary opportunities and I’m working on sharing with people, not just my art and my passion, but also my whole approach in terms of where these ingredients come for and how important it is to be sourcing from high-quality farmer’s markets. Also, people like Tribe to Table, who we’ve connected with and who have been on the show. If you haven’t read the episode with Tribe to Table, go check it out because what they’re doing in terms of food sourcing is so valuable to everyone. It’s starting that conversation of if we are what we eat, we want to be putting in the highest quality ingredients into our body. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you want to be putting in the building blocks, the foundational materials that are going to help you to do that. If you’re putting in subpar materials, then you’re not going to be building your body out of the best possible stuff it could be.

You said something there that is so important, the burnout. You said that you burned down and it’s relevant to me with this episode with a good friend of ours because I burned out over the summer and I was going through some dark times. I didn’t know how to balance all of it and I plateaued. When you plateau from an injury like mine from stroke, you get real down in deep and depressed. I was open to finding something new and a new challenge. Selene appeared in my life through a friend, a contact. We went over to see her, and she took us in and she’s beautiful. She’s a white light and she’s healing. She started to put this new stuff onto me and I learned to meditate. I learned to calm down my stress. Taylor, you’ve been a huge help with that and the team. Selene was able to isolate me and get my head into the game of why it’s important to rest and to meditate and how to turn on the parts of my body that are not working with the rest of it.

Selene, who is our guest in this episode, runs a healing center that’s focused around light therapies and bringing the brain in the balance. The whole philosophy is when the brain is brought into balance, it’s intelligent enough and the body’s intelligent enough to start to work on healing itself. It’s working on this pathway that we talk about a lot on the show, which is meditation. What Selene is doing is she’s showing people for who meditation on their own might be a challenge. She’s opening the door and showing them a possibility. She’s showing them what your brain feels like in balance. If you don’t know what it feels like to be in balance and someone just says, “Go meditate and it’s going to be awesome,” you don’t know what you’re shooting for. What Selene’s allowing to happen is she’s allowing us to start to understand and grasp what this mental and physical state is that we’re shooting for to create profound healing in the body.

She works with everybody: veterans, people with PTSD, moms, women, men, kids on the spectrum. She offers something abnormal to the rest of the society but it’s extraordinary to us because we identify with it and the stuff works.

I’ll say this from my own life experience. Having been a yoga teacher, having been a personal trainer at a facility with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, having trained for hours on millions of dollars of equipment, the most profound practice I ever fell into is meditation, hands down. That’s not a light statement because I’ve literally done everything in the book to myself. I still believe that meditation is one of the most valuable practices you can ever invest in. Selene is helping people to do that. If you don’t have access to Selene, if you don’t live in Southern California, one, she’s working on expanding her reach and her mission. Two, you can start taking action at home. If you haven’t checked out, I put together eleven tips that are helping people to create a foundation for health and your life and one of those is meditation.

There’s a company out there called HeartMath Institute. They developed a practice called heart-centered meditation. What they are trying to do is put the brain and heart in sync in a state they call coherence. They have studied this scientifically. They have measured brainwave pattern. They have measured the heart and they have realized that when the brain and the heart are coherent and they are in sync with each other, that’s when the body has these profound moments of healing. This is something that you can take action on in your living room. Just go online, look up HeartMath Institute and follow the practice. They also sell an amazing sensor and we’re working on getting affiliate with them. We will be soon, but it’s free. Go take action.

Her company is called Ensele and we will hear from her. Be open to trying all new stuff because this stuff works.

Welcome to the show, Selene. How are you doing?

It’s great to be here.

Seany, how are you doing?

I’m excited here always. Look who we’ve got.

We’ve got Selene Kepila. Will you give people a background who you are and what you do so they can get to know you?

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We are here in Calabasas, California and I have a natural healing center. I have always been into or interested in natural healing and helping people heal naturally. It’s something that I was introduced to as a young girl and we’re about to have six centers launched. It is my goal to help increase awareness with helping people to understand that they have options versus just medication, doctors and surgeries. There are other things out there that we can provide to people. I’ve been doing that for as long as I can. We lead with few modalities that are extraordinary. Now that we’re a nonprofit, I want to be able to share this knowledge and this awareness with others so that they don’t have to come to me and say, “Why didn’t I know about this? I had to suffer for 30 years and it’s gone for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.” It’s my calling and it’s my purpose.

Just so everyone gets to know what you guys do, what would you say are the main modalities of healing that you’re working with?

Everything we do is natural and non-invasive. I lead with brain optimization which comes into two different aspects. One is our brain wellness, prevention and helping to keep the brain healthy. It’s like a toothbrush for the brain. The other side of the coin is brain transformation where people have been dealing with something for a time. Regardless of what their condition or age, the brain can heal and it’s designed to heal. We facilitate a person’s own healing through brain optimization. We also have infra light therapy that we provide, which is incredible because I was introduced to it from the brain aspect, but then realize we can help a person’s body. Those are also FDA approved, natural, non-invasive and incredible at facilitating the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. We add into the micronutrients which provide nutrients to the brain, supporting everything and all the good work we do. I call it our trifecta of healing. Even though we sprinkle other things in there, it’s those three that we lead with. It’s our secret sauce.

I have experience with all of those modalities and they are some of my favorite. When I used to work for Bulletproof, we had these full spectrum red and infrared light-beds. You could strip down and get naked and get a full body treatment. You’re in there for twelve to fifteen minutes, and you come out of there having fallen asleep. Not asleep, but you know what I’m talking about. It’s more into that Theta dream state where you get out of there and be like, “What just happened to me?”

Do they have it on the top of you too or just below?

They have rotated several different models in and out of there, but the ones we had, you would lay down on a bed and then the top would come down. You’ll be in like a coffin of infrared.

It’s like a tanning bed. I tried it there and it was cool.

What was your experience in the bed?

I wasn’t ready for it because I had not yet met Selene and I didn’t understand it.

I remember when we first put him in there because I was his trainer back in the day when I used to work with Bulletproof. He came in as my client. I put him in there and it was fifteen minutes and he was like, “This is too much.”

AIH 41 | Brain Optimization Brain Optimization: Regardless of what condition or age, the brain can heal and it’s designed to heal.


It was intense. I couldn’t sit down my brain and I didn’t know any better.

I honestly didn’t know either. It was my first time working with someone who had a stroke. I was used to working with celebrity clients and professional athletes and people on the high-performance side. It was such a unique experience. It was fun. We got to basically just do all the experiments in there and play around with it.

I must say, you have been instrumental in my life in the last couple of months. Thank you because I didn’t understand what it was like to get myself to be calm, mellow and balance until I met you. I was reluctant to go over there, but our buddy John Livesay referred us. I went in there and going, “If John referred us, we’ve got to go see this.” I walked up those stairs going, “Here’s another something that I’ve got to try again. What’s this going to cost me and what am I going to get out of it?” There’s going to be some secret sauce and there’s some secret formula. Believe it or not, everyone out there who knows me, I vouch for everything I do. Selene is just unbelievable because I’ve finally learned to calm myself down. I’m meditating now twice a day, twenty-minute sessions each time. Because of you, I would never have done this. I feel better. I feel like I’m talking to my heart again. I’m connecting.

In your words, Selene, why would you say that your secret sauce is effective in healing or better yet to say effective in promoting the body to heal itself?

Unlike many other types of healing modalities like counseling and medications, those are more outside in. What we offer is healing from the inside out. When we talk about the brain, the brain is in control over everything, down to a cellular level. It controls our thoughts, our emotions, our motivation, our behavior, our decisions, all of our physical, automatic processes, everything. When you think about it, it’s so powerful in that way. When we can mirror the brain back to itself so it can heal, just as the brain heals a cut, we don’t have to worry about it doing that. We know that our brain will do that when we are in the right environment to heal. We’re simply mirroring your own brain back to itself. That is your own brain doing the work. It’s inside and it’s unique to each of us. There isn’t anything that any outside in modality can do that is so exacting to what our needs are. I feel that’s why it’s so powerful.

The first time we met and we sat down, you evaluated me. You went through a list of questions. Am I depressed? Am I sad? Am I rageful? Am I suicidal? Am I this, am I that? At the end of that, I looked at you and go, “I’m all of the above. Where do we even begin?” I’m on this med and I’m on that med. You talked about infrared lights. You talked about putting a band on my head and we’ll watch videos of birds chirping and this little brain going up the stairs. It was wacky but it was spot on and now I love going there. You gave me a device to keep for the week, which is the B2 headband and I can’t go without it. I’m addicted to all this now. All those signs of me being a ten on the Richter scale of being stressed and being out of control and not identifying with who I am and accepting myself is loving because I feel better and I feel stronger.

In the beginning when I did all this work, I told people, “Don’t tell me anything about you.” I don’t have to know. Your brain knows exactly everything that’s going on. It knows if your left kidney is working harder than your right kidney, every imbalance that’s existing. The imbalances are what creates the symptoms. If we get the brain back into balance, then the symptoms go away. Your doctor labels those symptoms, then all of a sudden, the label drops away because the brain doesn’t know labels. When I was going through and doing that checklist of, “Do you have this? Do you have that? Are you feeling this? Are you feeling that?” I don’t personally need to know, but I like for people to have a little record to say, “I listed ten things last week and now I have nine things, six things.”

It scared me and I was embarrassed. I was like, “This is ugly,” but I had to look at all of it so I can see myself.

We used to do this when I was with Bulletproof and we did brain training there. It’s not as extreme or as detailed and fine-tuned as you do. What we would do is we’d have people fill out the list of symptoms, not because it changed what we did, but because after they did five, ten sessions, they’d be able to say, “When I’m driving in traffic and someone cuts me off, I’m a little bit less triggered by that.” Sometimes when you’re dealing with the brain, it’s this slow, subtle process of transformation. In the midst of it, you don’t understand that anything’s happening. When you get five miles down the road, you look back and you go, “Some interesting stuff has just happened to me. I don’t understand it and I don’t need to understand it.”

Taylor, you said something smart. I was on the road with my ex-wife who we’re now having a relationship with, a bond, which I believe is coming from the work I’m doing now. She drove my car down the county and she looked over me. She was like, “We’re out of gas.” Before, I would go crazy I’d get under this. It says sixteen miles until the tank is empty. All I did was I began to shut my eyes and breathe, and we got to the gas station and it was all okay. The old me would have freaked out and would have caused a chain of events that would have stressed out my whole body, my kids and Stephanie. Now it’s like, “What does it matter? We made it. We’re low on gas, so we’ll get more.”

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Selene, you can speak to this too from your experience, but I think my experience with meditation is it’s not like it’s solving all our problems. It’s giving us the tools and the internal mechanism to say, “That just happened to me. That was interesting. Cool. How can I work with this? How can I move past this?” I’m always interested instead of saying this was good or bad, someone turned me onto this concept of say, “This was interesting,” because it doesn’t give it that negative or positive connotation.

You’re no longer judging it and that’s the cool thing. Not judging it, you’re flowing with it.

I love that word. You flow with it. In your healing center, when you walk in there, first of all, it’s all plush. It smells so good in there. It looks like you’re walking in the Four Seasons and you have the surgery room. I’m going behind these closed doors, this curtain. My left hand is getting caught on something, which is hysterical. I’m tripping over this but then I sit down in this chair and you put this band on my head and you’re behind me typing on the computer. Tell us what you were doing, because I’m trying to understand it, but it’s working.

Just so our audience knows, we have a lot of different technologies. I vetted over the years a variety of brain technologies because it’s not a one size fits all. What might be great for an adult may not be great for a child. Also, depending on what a person is challenged with, I can make a decision. I may think the headband is going to be better for this person because all they’re suffering from is depression and sleep. That headband targets those two points in the brain very specifically where I know they’re going to get a lot of good results by having that part of the brain being mirrored back to itself.

Another system we have accesses twenty points in the brain simultaneously, which is incredible. I find it also a little bit more distributed. The results will come with all of our systems. I always say to people, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. We have to be patient with ourselves. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The cool thing too is I do also have another system that is 64 points in the brain. After doing a brain assessment, a brain map, which we did, we can say, “These are the imbalances.” We’re going to help the brain see it, “Brain, look here.” The brain can bring those areas that aren’t communicating as well. It maybe in a stuck state of stress or trauma, maybe in freeze mode, or fight or flight. We can bring the brain back into balance.

That’s what you’re doing with me because everyone who’s out there who reads this if you had a stroke, a brain injury, it’s very hard for us to get back into balance. We’re always in fight or flight. For me, I’m always running or going or moving. I don’t know how to slow down. That was me before my stroke. Add the stroke onto it, I’m a wrecking ball ready to happen. I am going down to four or five in traffic killing myself and then everybody else. I go in there and you put this band on me. We started listening to something or watching something and you say to me, “Just relax.” I’ve got to tell you, within a few minutes I slept and snored. She walked in there touching my head and putting this lube on my head and peeling stuff on and off. She’s gorgeous to look at, first of all, and here I am, I can’t even stand up. I don’t know where my arms or my body is. I got the best sleep in the last fifteen minutes. I came home and I called her. I was like, “I’m ready to go for the whole night. I got eight hours of sleep. What happened to me?” I went into like REM or Theta or something that quick.

You get so deep. The brain is so deprived a lot of times. Sleep is one of the biggest and vital things that we need. People are like, “I get ten hours of sleep.” Maybe they get ten hours of sleep, but they don’t get the quality sleep. Their immune systems aren’t kicking on at night. They’re not expelling all the toxins in their body and not feeling renewed. When we do the brainwork, it’s very deep. That’s what I love about it. Fifteen minutes can make you feel like you’ve had a great night’s sleep. It shifts between getting that cold or not or jet lag or just switching your mood from not so great to feeling much better. It’s miraculous.

It’s beyond extraordinary. I got to laugh too. I took Taylor with me and you have another room called the crystal room. Taylor went in there. As you guys all know him, he’ll try anything. He meditates for two hours at a time. He was like, “I’m going to the crystal room. You do your thing.” I was like, “Okay.” He comes out and he was like, “I’m ready to go flying.” I was like, “What just happened?” He goes, “I went into a deep state again.” Explain to us what the crystal room is.

Explain to me what the crystal room is because I go in there and I hang out and it feels good.

The space that we were in was the old Calabasas Courthouse. I remember telling you that. We’ve transformed it layer after layer over the years. We have two jail cells and one interrogation room, and the main room is the judge’s center. When I was being shown this space, it was originally one room. There was no entrance or sidewalk or steps to it. I saw this vision and I was like, “I’ll take it.” It was a great deal and at the time it was just myself doing the work. I was so excited because I was like, “I see a vision. I can do this.” I saw it. Gradually, over the years, we kept putting more and more into it.

AIH 41 | Brain Optimization Brain Optimization: The brain is in control of everything down to a cellular level. It controls our thoughts, emotions, motivation, behavior, decisions, and all of our physical, automatic processes.


It’s beautiful. You have crystals in every room. You have stuff on the ceiling, stuff on the carpet. We’re afraid to walk around and break something or slip on something. There are couches and I know you deal with people on the spectrum, kids on the spectrum. People who come in, they can’t look at bright lights. We saw someone who came in with a couple of dogs. He had glasses on. I bet he had a brain injury, but I didn’t want to ask. I’m sure you deal with all kinds of symptoms.

It doesn’t matter what it is. We’re all into energy. I’ve been into energy as long as I can remember. Knowing that crystals help move and shift clear and clean energy and all that sort, one of my providers was skilled and knowledgeable about how to create a crystal vortex. We have crystals from the ceiling, the floor, sandwiching you in between from the walls. It is all intentionally placed. In the West, there are these salt rooms. You can go and you can relax and they feel good. This is like that on steroids. It’s wonderful.

How did you start with this? You said your aunt was a healer.

When I was about ten years old, my cousin was dying of thyroid disease and medicine wasn’t cutting it. I don’t even actually remember. His eyes were about pop out of his head. It was serious and he couldn’t gain weight. It was scary and she was very scared because there wasn’t anything that was helping. She decided, “I’ve got to take this into my own hands and figure something out.” She started to get into herbs and he got better. He’s been better ever since. My grandmother was dying of leukemia at age 74 and she lived to 93. I got to witness early on in life. There are things out there that are powerful and amazing and that it had been in existence for so long like infrared light therapy. Light therapy has been as long as I can remember. There are so many things that have been out there.

It’s older than life itself because that technology comes from the sun.

Bringing it is so exciting because it’s like bringing it back around. We’ve already known this. We’re just reintroducing it.

I’ve worked in a similar type of environment, as you’ve created. Yours is more healing-oriented versus I was in a high-performance environment. A lot of the technologies that we’re using, we’re mimicking natural elements. Have you ever heard of PEMF technology? They make these mats. They’re an acronym for Pulsing Electromagnetic Field, which sounds like, “What have they done here?” All they’ve done is looked at this natural field that the Earth itself produces. They mimic that in a device that you can sit with, put on different parts of your body. You’re essentially using Earth technology in a box or on a mat that you can help heal the body with. It’s nothing extraordinary. It’s this natural thing that happens 24/7, 365, whether you recognize it or not.

Everything’s energy and we’re all energy. We all vibrate and everything vibrates differently. When we match ourselves with other things that vibrate, it either raises us or lowers us. When we’re conscious about it, we can choose to be with the people that help us vibrate faster and eat the foods that help us vibrate faster and be in environments that vibrate faster and start to be conscious of all that. I teach it a lot in meditation. Every feeling, every thought, anything negative like shame, guilt, jealousy, anger and all these lower feelings vibrate very slow. That’s why when we can get illness and disease because we start to vibrate so slow that illness and disease attach itself to us. I grew up in Kansas. It was always bad weather and I always had to remind myself it’s always sunny above the clouds.

When I learned about energy, it was so fascinating to know that it’s always sunny above the clouds. It’s above that cloud layer that you reach the vibration of love at 500. There’s the vibration of gratitude, which vibrates at 750 decibels. We can’t monitor every thought but if we can recognize, “I’m not feeling good.” It could have been maybe after you went to a store or talked on the phone with a person, your energy dropped because you’re not feeling good. Maybe you’re starting to self-doubt or whatever it is. Think of something you’re grateful for and shoot right through the clouds and start vibrating at a decibel of 750. What happens is it’s impossible to get disease and sickness and illness above the clouds. It’s impossible because you’re vibrating so fast it can’t attach itself. I teach a lot of that in meditation to help a person understand let’s go through life and make good choices as to what makes you feel good. If it makes you feel good, it’s either equal to your vibration or raising your vibration.

How would you describe this concept to someone who’s very skeptical?

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You don’t have to believe for things to work. If you have seen the documentary Heal, I have the clip or the trailer on the homepage of our website. When I saw that, I was like, “That’s what we do.” There is absolutely the power of the mind, our brain, our mind. We all know of people who have taken their health in their own hands and visualized every cell in their body getting better. They visualized themselves walking again or throwing a football again or whatever it may be. That’s a vibration. If you hold that vibration long enough, it will become what you think about, you bring about. I’m always fascinated that energy plays such a huge role at vibration. Energy plays such a huge role because that’s what we’re made of.

You told me a story about your client who couldn’t get out of his bed and you went to him. You thought that he was going to die. You’ve got him to be independent. Show us a couple of those stories because they’re fascinating.

I could write a book and I can’t even post them all because there are many amazing stories. One of my clients, he is in his mid-80s. He, unfortunately, had a series of heart issues, stroke and a number of things. He was literally bedridden for eight years and on hospice the past few years. They read his rights for death. He didn’t end up dying. His caregiver was like, “This person helped me get better and out of a wheelchair and off medications and you thought I was going to die. Do you want to live and do you want to check this out?” He said, “Sure.” Within a couple of weeks, we had him mobile in a wheelchair and getting to eat with his older brother of 92 at the table and having breakfast. The changes have been phenomenal.

What did you do with this guy? You went to him and obviously, you can’t bring the whole center to him.

I would bring every possible equipment I had. I did the brain assessment and then I did the brain optimization. The key with this gentleman was no one knew what was going on. He had this fungus growing up his back and it was spreading throughout his whole body, but nobody knew what it was. I immediately knew when I saw his back, I was like, “This is serious. He has a leaky gut.” It’s rotting from the outside in. It was a very scary situation when no one was realizing how bad it was. When you have a leaky gut and your systems aren’t working properly, things get backed up and literally gets trapped in the skin and things rot.

Taylor, what does it mean? What’s leaky gut?

Generally, leaky gut happens as your gut lining starts to separate. If you think about the tight-knit webbing, you could make a piece of clothing. If your webbing is tight enough, you can create a waterproof jacket. Let’s say your waterproof jacket start to deteriorate and the webbing of this jacket starts to break up. This is what can happen in the gut sometimes depending on the circumstances, whether it be environmental or through your diet. As the tight junctions in your gut start to separate, food particles will leak through the lining of your gut into your bloodstream. As soon as a food particle is in your bloodstream, your body goes, “This should not be here. We’re going to flag this as an invader and attack it.”

What happens is food particles get in your bloodstream. Let’s use gluten for an example. It gets flagged as an invader and it gets attacked. Your body is so intelligent. It says, “Now we understand that this food is bad because it was in the bloodstream. Every time this food comes into the body, we’re going to attack it.” What happens is people start to develop food allergies because food is leaking into the bloodstream. It’s not because the food is necessarily harming them, but because food particles are getting in the bloodstream. The body is attacking them and then marking them for future attacks. The next time you eat gluten because it’s leaked into your bloodstream, it’s going to be attacked in the same way a virus or bacteria would be attacked.

A big part of healing in general and reducing this symptom is how can we first heal the leaky gut. The biggest factor I’ve seen from research and talking to people in terms of why people’s guts are being destroyed is the chemical roundup that they use on produce that’s non-organic. The first step I always tell people is to avoid the things that are breaking the lining of your gut. After that, how can we start to heal the lining of the gut? In my experience, just so people know, some of the best things to help heal the gut would be minerals and nutrients. I use one that’s called humic and fulvic acid. It’s known to help rebuild the lining of the gut. You first have to remove whatever is messing up.

What do you do? How do you help heal the leaky gut?

AIH 41 | Brain Optimization Brain Optimization: When we’re conscious about our energy, we can choose to be with the people, eat the food, and be in environments that help us vibrate faster.


Very much that same way. You have to get the nutrition in line. This is an older gentleman. As we get older, the gut can be more delicate. Popcorn can be ripping it out. It’s with proper nutrition and trying to get good nutrition in and trying to heal the gut and stop the cecal valve from opening and backing up. I know this sounds bad, but raw vegetables for people’s digestions can sometimes be too hard for that. Nuts in some cases, whether or not chewed properly, popcorn. These are some of the basics. Try to be a little gentler on an older person’s gut and bring in the nutrients. I love what you said, but also, there’s a micronutrient that we love that helps to play a big part of it and it’s called EMPowerplus.

I’ve been taking that. The thing though with that, you can’t take a lot at one time because then I feel a little bit gas. You’re bloated. You should take it with food.

Take them with food. In his situation, we had to open up the communication points. We had to bring in amino acids and probiotic. I was bringing it up and helping him flushing and drinking Kombucha and a lot of that. What was great is within a week, he had normal bowel movements. He wasn’t stopped back up. You started to see the healing and we use the lights on the gut. Our gut has an inflammation constantly and 80% of our immune system comes as derived from the gut. The gut and the brain are connected. That’s how I even know anything about the gut and nutrients.

The microbiome. There is one point during my health adventures in the last few years since I moved to LA where I went all in on gut research. I’m trying to understand why there is so much talk in the health world about the gut. The most interesting fact I can come up with is that 95% of the serotonin in your body is produced in the gut. From the gut, it is sent to the brain. If your gut isn’t healthy, you’re not producing this neurotransmitter that is directly associated with states of happiness and joy. When your gut’s unhappy, you literally have a more difficult time feeling good.

It was funny because I was working with a client, she was referred to me by the Mayo Clinic. They were like, “We don’t know what to do with her.” I was like, “I’ll take on this amazing woman.” I told her not to give up and I shout out to her because she was so courageous not to give up. She was on many painkillers and she had this mystery condition. No one knew what it was. It was almost 32 seizures and her body would all of a sudden tighten up. It was painful and terrible, and it was horrible to witness that. I would work with her and she’d get better. We got her brain to such a good, balanced, amazing point. I was like, “What’s going on here?” That’s when I was like, “The gut is creating the toxins back into her brain each time. We’re progressing and we’re regressing. It was amazing. What an incredible journey and she’s rocking it now.

You put the infrared on my tummy and I left. I was like, “Why is my stomach growling?” You said it was because of the medication I was once in the hospital. Is that true? Eight years post, I still could feel it.

It takes a long time for pharmaceuticals to get out of our body. Being on medications for a long time, it definitely creates a very toxic environment in our bodies. I love it. I work with a client and they say, “We want your brain to do the work. We don’t want medications to be doing the work for you.” I can only tell you that if you work with your doctor, you can safely reduce and eliminate medications and we do that all the time. It’s shocking to see how many medications people are on. It’s mind-blowing. You ask the doctor, “Which one does this person have to be on?” “They can go off on all these fourteen and make sure they’re staying on this one.” Removing that out of their body is a victory.

I’ll clarify too what I was talking with Sean about. Everything you guys talked about is clearly relevant. What I was talking to him about was specifically the antibiotics. If you’re on antibiotics for any extended period of time, it’s actually killing off the microorganisms in your gut that are responsible for digesting your food, creating neurotransmitters and chemicals for the health and well-being of your body. If you’re on antibiotics for a long time, you always need to do something to help rebuild the vitality of your gut because it’s been damaged, weakened and destroyed. I’ve heard stories of people who are on antibiotics for seven years straight and they can only eat three or four foods. It’s such a process to try and bring that back, heal and recover. The good news is there are avenues for people to do this and there is much information available. I’m trying to want to get your words on what is going on with the infrared light and why is it so healing for people.

I know everyone’s hearing the buzzwords of infrared sauna, infrared this, infrared that. I vetted a lot of light companies and a lot of lights and infrared light. In particular, these light pads are FDA cleared for reducing inflammation and pain. They bring blood flow to the area and the light stimulates nitric oxide-releasing in the cells, which is a healing agent that helps our bodies heal. What I love about the lights that we have is they are pads. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can use them for whatever. I might pop one on Sean’s head and over his legs and down his spine or wherever on his thyroid, kidneys, whatever we’re working on. The infrared light goes the deepest and that’s where we work on people.

People can reheal their bone. Their nerves can heal down to the deepest layers inside their body. That light goes so deep and heals at a very deep level. There’s the near red light that doesn’t go as deep. There’s the blue light, which is more surface and skin level. We’ve been utilizing that on that one client who had the fungus and to keep making sure there were no open bed sores. It is remarkable for anyone who gets cuts and bruises easily and it’s phenomenal for the skin. These pads are pulsating and it’s a patented technology that allows this polychromatic light to heal from such a deep level all the way from the skin surface down. They come in all blue pads, multicolor pads or all red pads. Depending on what we’re doing with a client, whether it’s basic anti-aging stuff or we’re addressing acne in the skin or something more serious and getting deep into gut health or other stuff. It’s phenomenal.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve read about light, but if my memory serves, it’s helping the cells to naturally produce more energy. As well as for all the people who are trying to beautify out there, it helps skin produce new and healthier collagen. We use it a lot for people.

There’s a huge anti-aging aspect to it, which is so cool.

It’s better than going to a tanning bed because there’s no risk of damaging the skin. It’s increasing circulation is always a very nourishing, good feeling type of light versus the light that can potentially damage your skin.

This is amazing healing. Funny enough, I started with the brainwork. I started with all the other modalities that were pre-existing. Many years ago, Mariel Hemingway came to me and she was saying, “I know you do all this natural healing, but can you learn more about the brain?” I got licensed and certified and I started my brain journey. I started doing a lot of healing with the brainwork. What was amazing is I happen to have this one client who fell from a lift at a Home Depot and he hit his head on the cement and his brain was so swollen. I was so scared to work on his brain without getting rid of the inflammation in his brain. Luckily, I came across these amazing lights in the form of a head cap. I was like, “This is incredible for traumatic brain injury and concussion.” It would be amazing for every athlete out there to eliminate possible strokes or aneurysms.

I realized that I could be working on someone’s brain as well as their body and facilitating healing in a whole way. That brings me to an amazing story where I worked on this one beautiful young man. His mother called me from Florida and she said, “My son is in Calabasas and he is 21. He witnessed his twin brother getting kidnapped and murdered. He’s very depressed and he tried to kill himself and it wasn’t successful. He is in a lot of pain because he had hurt his spine and his neck. He has no mobility. Can you help him?” I was like, “Yes, bring him in.” As I was working on his brain, I was like, “Let’s put the lights on his neck and his spine. I have no promises, but let’s see what his body does in terms of healing.” By the time we were done with a brain work and by the time three weeks were up, he had full mobility of his neck. He had no pain. He was completely off his pain medicines. They couldn’t do surgery because it was too risky and they avoided the whole surgery. I have so many clients like that.

I’ll tell a story of my MD who I love and who’s a family friend for so long. I walked into his office and I call him Richard. I’m not going to say his last name. I said, “Richard, I’m feeling great, I’m feeling better. I want to start to get off my antidepressants and my uppers.” These are for ADHD and some other stuff. He goes, “Why and how?” I said I’m doing meditation. I’m doing yoga. I’m slowing down. He said, “Let’s do it.” That’s one doctor who says, “I’m so happy for you.” This guy has run marathons before. This guy’s a traditional UCLA internist who helped everyone from when my mother passed away to my grandparents that have passed away and he’s helping me. He’s a good friend with my dad who was an MD. He was so up for everything I’m doing with you. If I walked across the hall to my neurologist, he would be like, “Are you out of your mind?” He’d be giving me a lot more drugs. How do you talk with the MDs because that’s I think a struggle for so many people?

I agree with you. It is a challenge. I’m absolutely hats off and I salute any physician in doing what they do, which is incredible in providing with all that they do. I appreciate it when they can be open-minded about there can be something else that helps them. It goes back in the way that their training was. It’s not more about, “Let’s get to the root cause.” It’s more about, “You have the symptom, we have a medication that can alleviate that symptom,” but oftentimes it causes other symptoms, side effects. I run into a lot of doctors and some are a very big advocate, and some are very traditional and get a little offended.

I don’t ever go to doctors, but I remember one time I was at the doctor and he was like, “How do you stay so healthy?” I was like, “I meditate and I do yoga and whatever,” and there was a rolling of the eyes. Nowadays, it’s more acceptable. You can say those things and your doctor is not going to go, “What the heck?” If you mentioned the things that I do or brain optimization and infrared light therapy and all this stuff, that’s still a little foreign. I was in Santa Monica Hospital with this one lady. There were two very beautiful and reputable doctors said to a family that their mother was brain dead and she would not recover out of her coma. If she did, she would not live a quality of life. Four days from that date, she would be pulled from life support. What was interesting is I was called in because the family wanted to know they did everything they could for her even if it was an alternative or outside the box. I ran the full brain scan.

They let you in the hospital, which is rare.

It’s not as rare as you think. A lot of times they do shut the door and say, “Don’t come in.” Nursing homes can get scary because people signed up for fifteen years and they’re walking out in five days.

AIH 41 | Brain Optimization Brain Optimization: Being on medications for a long time definitely creates a very toxic environment in our bodies.


Is that a good business model?

Yeah. I was so excited with our results with addiction and I called 101 addiction centers here in California. I got one center who said, “Send me some information,” but everybody else, 100% said, “No, thank you. I’m not interested.” Back to that story, it was so beautiful and it was probably my best first experience. These two doctors were brought into the room to talk to the family. The family was so angry like, “You told our mom was brain dead and she said our mom has life in all seven brain lobes. In fact, not only that, she’s making great progress.” They said, “That’s awesome. She has access to things we don’t have access to and we have access to things that she doesn’t have access to.” That’s where I pray and look forward to the day where we don’t compete. We are here for the common good of helping somebody. I think that there’s room enough for everybody. It makes it more powerful when we have Eastern medicine and Western medicine, and we can work together.

It’s a team effort and I never stressed on the show that one is better than the other. The neurosurgeons saved my life and they’ve got me to acute care. My neurosurgeon was open to acupuncture. They came in, and they did acupuncture on me and we had other healers who came in. Some doctors in some hospitals are so against anything.

What we don’t know, we often fear. A lot of times people judge things until people experience it or have a better understanding of it. I was working on a client at an in-home facility and it’s scary for some people. What I love is I was like, “Everything we do is completely natural.” A lot of times how I build credibility with families is I’m like, “Let’s take the medication list. Let’s look at all the different things that they do and all the different side effects that they cause and then let’s take a bigger picture.” A lot of times you’ll find like, “This one if taken with that one can cause death,” and all this stuff. A lot of times it’s just educating them. I’m like, “Do you know what medications your family members are on?” A lot of times they don’t, because they put the trust into their hands without question. Dr. A is not necessarily talking to Dr. B and all that stuff. We hope it gets all resolved in the pharmacy, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I hit a peak probably about a few months ago and I was looking for more answers. I even put a deposit to go down to South America to go get stem cells. I was getting ready to spend an absurd amount of money to see if they can inject stem cells into my spine and see if it would work. I walked into your office and you were like, “Try these stem cells patches.” I was like, “What are you talking about? What do you mean? I’ve got to go down to Costa Rica. I’ve got to go offshore. I’ve got tickets for Taylor and I. We’re going to go do this. I’m not even telling my father what I’m doing because he would freak out.” You were like, “Put these stem cell patches on. This is going to work.” What are the stem cells patches and what are the pain patches? They do work and it’s crazy.

Everything that would be offered from us is all natural. What’s amazing is there’s a company called LifeWave and they have created this natural amino. It looks like a little cigarette patch and you stick it on you and it’s good for about 24 hours. What’s incredible with our latest thing is these stem cell patches X39. These are not literally stem cells in your body. What this does is it renews and restores your own stem cells, something that deteriorates with our age. This reverses our stem cells to get young and healthy back to when you were a little boy. By utilizing this amino peptide, which is patented, these scientists have created this, and they have seen unbelievable results with it. You can target a specific area. The risk with getting stem cells injected to you is sometimes you can spend all that money and take that trip and your body then rejects it. They’re not permanent. You’re back to your old stem cells after that wears off. In my opinion, this is an excellent natural way to go back and restore what you have.

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It’s amazing because I actually have them on our podcast table at the office here and I have them on. I have about four to six on and I replace them every couple of days. Something’s working. I think it’s all working. It’s amazing. Taylor is smiling because I’m the one like, “Can you put it here? Can you put it there?” I’ve known my weak side, which is my left side. It’s awesome. If we have people and fans who are on the East Coast or out of the country, how do they find you? You’re opening up some more centers, explain to some of that.

Back to where we want to be not just a referral-based business, I used to fly everywhere to people or have them fly to me. That was the one-man pony show. As I was working in different communities, I’m like, “I need to train someone in this community so that they can have continued help and care while I’m not there.” What’s amazing and what I want people to know is that there are things that a person can have and own or if they can’t own, rent. You can have these amazing healing tools in your own home like the headband, the patches, the micronutrients, the light pads for example. These are life tools that are worth the investment. Not only can you help regenerate yourself and get your health back on track, but you can also help share it with your family members and your friends or whatever.

I first want people to know that there are things out there that whatever they have, whatever they’re dealing with, we can say, “Here’s what I would recommend.” You may not even have to go and get the full-on brain transformation or the brain optimization that we do. You could start somewhere and get a certain distance with that or maybe meet your health goals just with those home devices. One of the plane rides that I had was an eye-opener that I watched, Al Gore’s second movie. He was telling about how he spent 35 years trying to convince people that there was this global warming, and no one was listening to him. He was not able to reach everybody and all these different governments.

What he decided to do was like, “I’m going to educate the communities and those communities will then educate the governments and then change will happen.” What was inspiring in that second movie that he produced was change did start to happen because the communities were educated. That’s what we’re trying to do with our foundation. We try to increase awareness that there are alternative modalities that are natural and regardless of where you are, people can start their own business pop up tomorrow or they can begin their healing journey now. It can start with the micronutrient, start with the patches, start with the lights, it could be whatever. I just feel like one community at a time, one town, one city and eventually, the awareness will be out there.

In my perspective, what you’re doing is you’re spreading awareness to people about the body’s natural ability to heal itself if brought into balance. In my opinion, what you’re doing is you’re promoting the body coming back to homeostasis and back to balance. When it feels balanced, it’s almost taking that fresh breath of air like, “I can take care of myself because I’m not trying to do eight million things at once and I’m not trying to escape this moment. We can just chill.”

You’re starting a movement, you realize that. We are on our own journey and adventures in health, but what you’re doing is it takes two or three people and you started it. You’re at the top here, but it’s a movement of believing in these things and that they are going to work for you. That’s the biggest thing because I doubted you in the beginning and I apologize, but because I’ve been through so much that I’m walking up the stairs going to brain balance and neuro this and neuro that, I’m like, “What are we doing now?” Now I look forward to going to you. If I don’t get into the headband at least twice a day, my day is no good. It’s almost becoming an addiction because I want to find that peace.

We walked out the first day and he goes, “I don’t understand any of this crap.”

I was also facing all my crap. I’m psychotic, I’m suicidal, I got rage, I got anger, I can’t sit still. You were trying to evaluate me, but I was bringing everything up to the forefront. I had to leave going, “I’ve got to deal with this right now and I have to take this on.”

The conversation is like, “I don’t know. I don’t understand any of this.” I was like, “One, you don’t need to understand. Two, if you just go with it, good things will happen.”

Taylor is usually spot on with about everything he talks about, which I hate and love you at the same time because you’re old enough to be my son. That’s horrible you didn’t say that but you know a lot more than most others do. When Selene, this big smile on this gorgeous body and face and everything in the light and she’s doing these weird things to me, I was going, “Why? I don’t have time for this now. If I don’t make time for it, I’ll never find the true healing.”

AIH 41 | Brain Optimization Brain Optimization: The risk with getting stem cells injected to you is sometimes you can spend all that money and take that trip, and your body then rejects it. They’re not permanent.


Do you want to hear a funny story, Selene? This was back to when Sean and I first met at Bulletproof when he came in. We did a bunch of stuff. We were playing around and trying things out and seeing what worked. I remember this was right around the time when I was very much on my own like meditation to ultimate wellness journey. I was all in on the meditation game and I remember the first thing I said to him early on in our relationship as trainer and client. I remember telling him, “You need to get into meditation.” He was like, “I don’t have time for that crap.”

He’s putting me in this room for 45 minutes and going, “I’m going to take your phone.” I thought, “You might as well shoot me.” Now I look forward to it. I can understand. I’ll stay in that room and go into myself and pace and believe. It’s almost like going into The Matrix. It’s just I can travel, and I can go places in my own mind and my own body. I envision and I embrace. My arm doesn’t work at the moment, but I actually see my fingers extending. I can see my arm is lifted. I see myself running, but I visualize and believe in what I can do and not what I can’t do.

You’re re-attuning yourself and your awareness. You’re very courageous showing up and that’s why I tell people. I’m like, “Just show up.” You don’t have to believe but show up and then eventually you’re going to start to feel and see things differently.

We’re so trained in many other things, but that was me before that and this was me after.

I’m sure you’ll agree with this, Selene, but I have a saying regarding meditation. It’s one of those practices that unfortunately you’re not going to understand until you understand. What that means is if you’re assisted, it happens faster. If you’re unassisted, you have to be committed to putting in eight weeks of almost blind faith practice before you even start to notice like, “This is interesting.” That’s the studies I’ve done. I’ve done studies where we found that gray matter in the brain starts to increase at eight weeks. I’m sure you’ve had experience and it’s one of those practices where it doesn’t make sense until you’re like, “Oh.”

I find a lot of people are out there chasing for the answer, searching it outwardly, “Where’s the answer? What’s the answer?” I always love to tell people if you quiet your mind, all the answers are right there. You know exactly your spirit, your soul, everything about you, the essence of you. If you just quiet down, all the answers reside within you. That’s what’s amazing because when you connect to all of that within you, that’s connected to the divine and then it’s all together, all connected.

You let go of the ego. You let go of that side, which is so amazing. It sounds so easy. It’s been the hardest thing. It’s easier to have a stroke, take the skull off my head and put it back in my head than it is to deal with my divine and my ego. That’s the journey of this whole thing and there’s no one quick hit for anything.

I tell people, “I can pretty much guarantee the results.” It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and we’ll get there. Just keep showing up where ever you are and it’s awesome. I kept saying even in the beginning, “The changes are happening. It’s happening at a cellular level.”

I’m listening to a bird chirp. I’m looking at the screen, these flashing lights are in front of me. I’m listening to Bach or something. I think you were playing with some classical music. I breathed into it and deep breath and sooner than I thought, I was relaxed. I was calm, then I ended up snoring. It’s an awesome experience.

I was teaching meditation since I was eighteen years old and I have not stopped. I love teaching meditation, but one of the things that were cool to me is when I saw my clients struggle and they’re like, “I’m not coming back, Selene. I couldn’t even barely sit through. This is so painful. I can’t put my mind off. I can’t get a massage. I can’t do anything. I can’t turn it off.” I’m like, “I’m going to put you in our brain spa.” What I love about it is its meditation without the discipline. They have done these brain scans on these monks when they are in full meditation, which is so cool. There’s this white energy that forms as a halo and that’s all of your brain lobes connecting. It’s cool because it’s a perfect circle of light. When we have these protocols in our brain technology, we can bring the brain into that same balance without discipline, without someone meditating for five hours a day in a pole.

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I’ve only been with you for a month but look what’s going on in the mind. You can tell the audience.

I even told, “Sean, you’ve got to journal this stuff because it’s going to be so subtle.” He might have tapped his fingers every time at a stoplight. Maybe he stopped tapping it but that’s so subtle. That wasn’t on his list of goals. There are bigger things, but these little things all add up to the ultimate goal.

With Sean, it’s not very subtle. It’s a difference between life is over like, “I’m going to go drive to the ocean and drown myself,” to “I’m going to sit and meditate for twenty minutes.”

That’s where I was at because I was so angry in not knowing what to do next and looking and looking. Johnny sends me texts, “Go see Selene, she’s five miles away from you.” I’m like, “Here’s the universe talking.” I think I’ve got to go to France, Italy, Costa Rica. I’ve got to go somewhere else out of the country. You’re right here in my backyard and I walk in and I’m never leaving. I could live there and now I’m bringing it to my home. I can bring your center to my own space anytime I want. That’s what’s so great about it.

The way I see a lot of the work that you do, it’s like opening a door for people and showing them a world of possibility.

Just when you think you’ve tried everything you haven’t. That’s one of the things that we have on our website. It’s like, “Have you tried everything and nothing’s worked? Step through and let’s do that.”

I have one more question since we’re coming at the end of our time. What’s your inspiration? This is a question we ask everyone. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, whatever you want and wherever you want to go with this, let it soak in. What’s the inspiration? What comes to you?

All I can say, from the second I wake up, I am so excited to offer everything I can to anyone who could need it or absorb it, use it, take it, not take it. I don’t care. One of the greatest attributes I have that’s a character of human is I don’t judge others. Maybe my purpose is to spread love and light and don’t judge anybody or anything. We don’t walk in their shoes. I love what you even said about the experience with your ex. It’s a new perspective. I am inspired every day. I’m lucky. I’m grateful. The first thing I do is I am so thankful for my health.

I know I’ve never been sick or anything. I’m so blessed. I’m here to help others and help them find their way. It’s so exciting because every single day I get to see the transformation in people’s lives, whether they’ve struggled 30 years or 10 years of whatever it is that they’ve struggled with. Now we’re creating this foundation where people can take an active role in facilitating the healing in someone else. Feeling great about it because they know exactly that they made a difference and they get to witness it and feel it and that’s even more rewarding.

Where can people find you, connect with you, fall in love with you? is the easiest place.

You do travel though. You do the whole different world. You do private house calls. You go all over the world. You have a team, but it’s you and the people who believe in you. It’s this movement coming across the world. I love it.

Thank you, Selene.

Thank you. Bless you.

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