In this modern world, many people are not fully aware that our planet Earth is loaded with healing properties and is considered as an original painkiller. Martin Zucker, an author with over 40 years of writing experience, dives deep about earthing. Martin shares how earthing reconnects people to remarkable healing properties that are embedded in the planet we live on by going barefoot outside. He further adds how our feet are equipped with receptors that enable us to receive this healing energy from the Earth. Martin gives more details about how our planet can provide the healing we don’t even realize until now.

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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever with Martin Zucker

How have you been sleeping, Sean?

I’m sleeping great.

You are the health everything. I’ve figured at this point in my life I’m a collage of things.

You experiment with everything too.

That’s the only way to do it. To me, the human experience is all about experimentation because how else are you going to learn?

You’re going to explore.

That’s what we do on the show, we explore things and we experiment. We come back to people and we say, “This is what works and this is what doesn’t work.” One of those things that we’ve come across in our time, before I even got here, the Adventures in Health was grounding. I asked you how you’re sleeping because you used to put a grounding mat on your bed. Did you notice anything?

I sleep deeper.

How are your spasms?

They’re pretty brilliant. They are out there. That’s different than my sleep. Spasm still exists, that is not fixed.

Do you feel you’ve been able to sleep better overall?

Yes, I have.

Most people don't know that the earth, our planet earth, our very own planet earth is loaded, it's packed, it's stacked with this great healing power. In fact you can almost refer to the planet we live on as the original pain killer. Click To Tweet

What we did was we took a grounding mat that was sent to us by our guest. We took it and we plugged it into the wall. The idea is you’re able to ground yourself while you sleep. We’ll get into why grounding is important. Our guest will elaborate on that. It’s there to help you get better sleep. There are immediate benefits, which is to help calm the nervous system. What we’re going to look at first especially is the longer-term benefits. Is this helping to reduce spasms over time?

It’s not as much, it’s less. The degree of it is less as well with the spasm. It’s working but we just started with this. We’ll find out.

It’s one of those things that sometimes take times. A lot of these foundational healing elements that we’re experimenting with and integrating, a lot of times they’re subtle. It’s the cumulative effect over time that keeps coming back. That’s what this episode is about. We’ve been talking in-house about distinguishing the different types of episodes that we have. We’ve boiled it down to three things that some episodes are about these foundational aspects of health, which is to us what grounding is. Some are more inspirational, which is people sharing their stories like Sean and many of the other people we’ve had on. More of the exploratory side of the equation, which is more of the things that you don’t necessarily need to be doing. If they speak to you and you feel inspired to do it, go try it out and go experiment.

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You adapt and the quality will increase.

AIH 45 | Earthing Earthing: People won’t believe something until they experience it.


We’re all about increasing quality over here.

Taylor, where did you go? This is exciting news. What did you do with your family?

I went up to Santa Barbara for my sister’s wedding and spent some time with the family. I had way too much beer and pizza. It’s okay because I know how to come back from that.

It’s a balance. You’ve fasted all week. You deserve some time off as well.

In hindsight, I would have done the fasting after the beer and pizza, but it’s how this go around. It’s all about balance. The way I live is about understanding what I need to do to be healthy. Understanding that part of that is knowing when you’re not being too strict with yourself and go enjoy family time.

You need those days where you cheat or just enjoy life because you live with life and you’ve got to be happy about it.

Reconnecting people to the planet can make such a big difference in the health of society. Click To Tweet

I don’t like to call it cheating. It’s treating and you’ve got to treat yourself.

It’s a good word there. Taylor, you’re the expert at this stuff.

I’ve just listened to a lot of podcasts in my days. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and reading. I want to bring people the best of everything that I’ve learned along the way. In that way, we can all create this foundation for health. We can explore and share all the cool stuff that we get into. We’ve got a gentleman named Martin Zucker, who is the co-author of a book called Earthing. This is this thing that’s been around since the beginning of time. Only in the modern world have we forgotten and had to recycle back into what is Earthing. It’s a symptom of the fact that we are not as human beings getting in physical contact with the Earth anymore.

There’s this vital life signal the Earth emits from its core electromagnetically. When we lose touch with that, we start to overstress our nervous system and that overstressing of the nervous system leads us to not feeling balanced and not feeling at ease. One of the simplest, cheapest, it’s free, and easiest ways to start to bring the nervous system back into balance is to get in contact with the Earth. Get barefoot out in the grass, out in your yard, go for a hike, sit on the ground, or hug a tree if you’re into it. Martin will go a little bit deeper into why this is working on the body the way it is.

You’re getting control of your life by being outside.

That’s it, nature has got it.

Welcome to the show, Martin. How are you doing?

I’m doing very well. Thank you for reaching out to planet Earth.

That’s a perfect way to introduce yourself. Sean, how are you doing?

I’m planet Earth. I’m grounded. I feel grounded all of a sudden.

Martin, for our audience, will you give them a little bit about who you are, what you’re doing, and we’re going to talk about some Earthing.

I’ve been a lifelong journalist. I’ve started off in the news. For many years, I’ve been writing about health, mostly alternative medicine, healing, nutrition, fitness and all that. I had the good fortune back in about 2008 to become involved in the Earthing Project. The Earthing Project is simply reconnecting people to the remarkable healing properties that are embedded in the planet we live on. As strange as that sounds, most people don’t know that our very own planet Earth is loaded, packed and stacked with this great healing power. You can almost refer to the planet we live on as the original painkiller.

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We need to be in contact with this wonderful natural resource by going barefoot outside walking, sitting, strolling, standing, whatever, being barefoot outside or inside, conveniently grounded to the earth through the grounding system of your home or your office. There are products that had been developed that enable us to be very conveniently grounded while we’re inside. While it’s easy to go outside and be grounded by being barefoot, in many places and many parts of the world that the weather doesn’t allow or conditions don’t allow, not everybody has the time to go outside to be grounded. These products were developed and enabled us to sleep grounded, to work grounded at your computer desk, or to sit in your favorite chair and have your bare feet on a grounding mat on the floor. It enables you to be grounded inside as if you were barefoot outside.

This whole barefoot concept is simply your feet are equipped with receptors that enabled you to receive this healing energy from the Earth. This healing energy is based on countless lightning strikes that hit the planet and create a negative electric charge on the surface of the planet. The basis of this electric charge is a virtually limitless supply or a reservoir of electrons. Electrons are subatomic particles that we can’t see. When we’re outside barefoot or inside in contact with these various mats, sheets or bands inside these grounding products, it enables our body to receive these electrons. They come into the body, they diffuse throughout the body, and they have remarkable effects.

The research has shown that they reduce or eliminate inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of many medical and health problems ranging from cardiovascular disease to autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cancer, all kinds of pain problems. It will eliminate or reduce pain as a result of reducing or eliminating inflammation. Better sleep, better blood flow, more energy, more calmness, decreased stress, accelerated healing from trauma and injuries, these are some of the main benefits of reconnecting with the Earth. That is an introduction to what Earthing is. Earthing is also known as grounding. My role in this is that I co-authored a book entitled Earthing. It’s been out there for several years. It’s helped to create this growing awareness worldwide of the healing properties of the planet we live on.

Thank you for that great description of what Earthing is and what it’s starting to do to the body. How did you first come across Earthing in your own life and how did you first become interested in it?

In my role as a health writer, I was working for a number of years with Stephen Sinatra. He is a holistic cardiologist and a rare breed of doctor. He is apparently a distant cousin of the famous Frank Sinatra. Stephen Sinatra was an East Coast cardiologist. He’s retired now. I was working with him writing his newsletters and his website content. He wanted to do an article on Earthing because he had met the gentleman who had made the discovery of Earthing back in the late 1990s. It was a gentleman named Clint Ober. He wanted to do an article on this. I contacted Mr. Ober. I was with him on the phone for about five minutes and I said, “This isn’t an article. This is a book. This is a huge thing.” He said he had been waiting for somebody to tell him that.

We connected, Mr. Ober, Dr. Sinatra and myself. We collaborated in the book Earthing, which has the very bold subtitle of The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. We made that bold statement because we believe that reconnecting people to the planet can make such a big difference in the health of society. As you both know, there’s a great epidemic of unwellness, of chronic illness, and of people taking pain medication that’s leading to addiction, sometimes fatal. We feel that Earthing, reconnecting people to the planet has huge potential in helping to make a big dent in this growing problem and that’s worldwide. The Earthing message is slowly getting out there. There’s more and more talk about it because it works.

AIH 45 | Earthing Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

It works for women, men and children. It works for people of every age. It’s an amazing reconnection to the planet, to nature, to an aspect of nature that has been ignored and that has been overlooked. The Earth that we live on was created by nature to be a treatment table for humans, whether it’s health maintenance, therapy or prevention, or however you want to look at it. The planet offers this remarkable, overlooked resource. It’s there for all of us to gather and to exploit. Here’s a way to exploit the planet without harming it. That is to receive Mother Earth’s gift of healing energy. It’s beautiful.

Thank you for sharing that. What are some of the challenges that we’re going up against in the modern world in terms of being able to receive this healing energy from the earth?

Modern lifestyle is probably a big challenge. In past cultures, walking barefoot was an ordinary way of life. Everybody walked barefoot or they walked with sandals or some kind of footwear made from animal skins. This enabled the energy from the Earth to be received by the body, whether you were walking barefoot or you’re walking in sandals made of animal hides, which is leather. In past cultures, people slept on the earth. They were absorbing the energy from the earth. In more modern times, we started sleeping on elevated beds and our houses were built up off the ground. You have high rises where people work and people live way off the ground. In about middle of the last century, the late 1950s or early 1960s, you started to see the advent of shoes with soles made of plastic, rubber, or the combination of the two. These kinds of shoes, which have now taken over, are insulating and they block this energy coming through.

As before, you had the energy coming through the leather sole, but it cannot come through the plastic or rubber sole. These are insulating substances. The combination of the modern shoe, 95% or 97% of shoes have rubber or plastic composite soles. Previously before the 1960s, 95% were leather. They were conductive. The shoes that we wear are insulating. We’re not getting this energy that’s there on the surface of the earth that would otherwise benefit our health. We believe there’s been research done on grounding or on Earthing. There are more than twenty studies that have been published. They show very significant changes and benefits to the physiology. It’s our assumption, not myself, but the researchers that have done these investigations.

These positive changes in the physiology suggest that because most people in society are insulated, separated and disconnected from the earth, that this is an overlooked one cause of the epidemic of chronic illness. There are things like poor eating habits, eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, stress. All these things are the causes of chronic illness. We believe the disconnect with the Earth’s healing properties is another cause, an overlooked cause. It is an aspect of nature that can provide healing benefits for us and most people don’t know about it yet. It’s still not known to the public at large. We’re trying to get the message out that here’s another tool, a great tool, a natural tool, the earth itself.

Martin, what you said was we shouldn’t put on shoes. We should go barefoot.

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It’s not always practical, certainly not. They hear about this and they go barefoot. You can go barefoot in a grassy park. If you have a yard, backyard with grass, gravel or green concrete, you can walk barefoot there. The surfaces that are conductive that you can absorb this healing energy are grass, gravel, stone and sand. A wonderful place to ground yourself is the beach. Walking along the wet sand at the surf and bathing in the ocean, that’s wonderful as well. You will be grounded with all these things. What are not conductive are surfaces like asphalt, it’s a petrochemical, nor is the wood a conductive substance, or vinyl. If you have a yard with concrete or grass, those are places, weather permitting, to ground yourself. People can feel benefits sometimes within fifteen minutes.

What we tell to skeptics, people that don’t believe it, “This can’t be true. It’s nonsense. It’s a woo-woo.” We’ve heard that many times. We tell them to go outside. If you have pain or if you have a lot of stress, go sit outside in your backyard if you have a backyard, if you don’t, go to the park. Sit there, take your shoes off, and put your bare feet on the ground. Sit there for fifteen minutes, read a book, listen to music, or do whatever. Measure your pain level or your stress level at the beginning. At the end of say half an hour, 40 minutes or an hour, you’re going to feel a difference. People come back and tell us, “It’s amazing. I can’t believe it.” You have to experience it. People who have had great benefits say, “Nobody in my family believes.” What we say is that, “They won’t believe you until they experienced it because it sounds too good to be true.” It is too good, but it is true.

Martin, one of the people who I respect, I loved, I read about and I watched is Steve Jobs. He never wore shoes. Do you think it’s because of that?

I didn’t know that.

He never wore shoes to the office. Even in public, he was barefoot all the time. I’m wondering if this was because he was grounding himself or feeling the Earth.

I don’t know what he knew, maybe he knew. I hear from people all the time, “I’ve been walking barefoot for many years. I believe in it. I understand it.” As a kid, it always felt so good. Kids have young immune systems. They have a lot of energy. They’re going to feel good. What we think is that they probably felt better in the summer. They’re outside more. They’re romping around on the grass. They’re running around barefoot.

When my kids come in my house, their shoes go flying. They’re shoeless. They run outside. They jump on the grass. They jump in the pool. It’s so funny because my youngest when getting in the car to go somewhere, she could never find her shoes. I wonder if they know what we don’t know. Maybe they feel better without shoes on.

Kids love to be free. They throw off the shackles. Part of that is, weather permitting, running around barefoot. We all did that. Pets, indoor dogs or indoor cats, if you bring a grounding mat into your house, put it on the floor and connect it, you’re going to have an animal go right for that. The animal, the dog, the cat know there’s something there that’s very friendly. It’s some kind of primordial attraction. This is the Earth. A lady farmer in Ohio sent me a picture of two of the donkeys on her farm that are laying on the grass, laying on the ground, laying on the dirt. Her caption for the picture that was, “These are smart asses.”

People are sending me pictures of their dogs and their cats. They’re conglomerated. They’re on an Earthing mat or some kind of Earthing equipment. They’ve been drawn to it. They’re attracted to it. It’s not a case where you tell your dog, “Roll over, go sit there.” They’re drawn to it. That tells us that there’s no placebo effect. There’s no brainwashing. They’re going there because it feels good. When they’re outside, they’re grounded but when they’re inside, they’re not. They’re recreating that feeling that they get if they go outside at all. A lot of cats obviously don’t. They’re recreating that feeling. They’re experiencing that primordial comfort, that primordial something, that healing or something that’s telling them this is good.

I’ve seen it firsthand. I got a friend of mine an Earthing mat. Immediately both of her cats would sleep on it. They would hang out on it and chill there like they just knew. You said that a guy named Clint Ober, he didn’t discover Earthing because it’s always been around, he discovered it as this amazing healing technology. What was his process of discovering this?

Clint Ober was a pioneer of the cable television industry. He at one point had the leading installation and marketing cable television company in the United States at the age of 49. It must have been back around 1993 or so. He developed an acute illness and dropped out. He almost dropped his body, but he survived. He gave up everything. He said. “There’s something else that’s calling me in life.” He looked for it for three or four years. He drove around the country. He’s looking for something, a higher calling. When he was in Sedona, Arizona, he discovered grounding at least on his terms. Indeed what you say is correct, that this is a timeless knowledge but it had disappeared. It was off the radar screen.

He had suffered for many years with back injuries, old skiing injuries, and had a lot of pain. In order to go to sleep, he required a painkiller, aspirin or combinations thereof. He looked around one day. He saw the tourists that came through Sedona. He was sitting on a bench and watching the tourists. He noticed that they were all wearing these plastic flip flops or Nike running shoes, all plastic-rubber soled. He knew that these were substances that were insulating. He wondered if this prevented them from being grounded. Being grounded in the terms that in the cable industry, all the equipment is grounded to the earth. This blocks interference.

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It blocks electromagnetic fields from coming in and interfering with the picture. You may not be old enough, but previous to cable television, the images on television have a lot of snow in the picture and lines going up and down. When cable television came in because the cables were grounded, pictures were crisp and clear. This was the big quantum leap that cable brought to us on television. He wondered what if humans were grounded. All these people he saw were insulated from the earth. They were insulated from the ground. In the electrical industry, all electrical equipment is grounded. Appliances are grounded for safety, for protection, and for cable television, for clarity of the picture.

He wondered if humans would have the same effect if they were connected to the Earth. He did a little experiment. He got some conductive duct tape. He put it on his bed. He clipped a wire to that duct tape and the other end, he connected to a ground rod, which he had pushed outside his window and into the grass. He laid down on it. The next thing he knew, it was the next morning, he had fallen asleep. He always had required a painkiller, an aspirin, or something to fall asleep. He woke up the next day, “What was that all about?” He did the same thing again the next night. The same thing happened, he fell asleep, the pain went down and he slept better. He did this for a few nights. He said, “This is curious.”

He found some friends of his who had pain and sleep issues. He grounded them the same way with conducted duct tape in their bed connected to a ground rod outside with a wire. They came back after a few days and said, “I feel better. I have less pain. I’m sleeping great.” He said, “What have I discovered?” He went to the University of Arizona and he looked for research. He couldn’t find anything. He came West to California. He went to a sleep clinic here and told them what he had found. They laughed at him. They didn’t speak the same language. They spoke the language of biology. He spoke the language of cable television and electricity.

To make a long story short, he decided he was going to do a study. He was not a scientist. He said, “I’m going to try and figure this out.” He found a nurse and he started working with this nurse. They got 60 volunteers. They put up posters in beauty salons. They found all these people who have sleep and pain issues. He got these people, half of them he grounded and the other half, he sham grounded. In other words, the wire was not connected to the Earth, but half were. The results were astounding. The 30 who were grounded slept better. They had less digestive problems, less pain and felt calmer. The women, their PMS was less. If they had menopausal symptoms, that was reduced, all kinds of these wonderful results. He published it at some electrostatic journal. It wasn’t a medical journal.

He decided after that result that he was going to try and inspire more research. That is what he’s done over the next several years. There have now been more than twenty studies that show these effects, which are a reduction or elimination of inflammation and chronic pain, better sleep, better blood flow, more energy. It’s like recharging a weak battery, more calmness, decreased stress, and this accelerated healing from trauma and injuries. One of the first people that got excited about this was a sports chiropractor named Jeff Spencer, who practices in Pasadena, California.

Jeff had been selected as the chiropractic for the US cycling team that participated in the Tour de France in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. He applied grounding using grounding patches. These are like EKG patches. They can be applied to the skin or to wherever if somebody would be injured. You apply the patch to the skin and you connect that with the wire either to ground rod outside or to the ground port, the third an electrical wall outlet. It doesn’t run on electricity. It’s just running on that ground energy. It connects with the grounding wire. The results were incredible. They were a couple of the cyclists that got injured. They didn’t think that they would be able to continue.

AIH 45 | Earthing Earthing: We evolved on contact with the Earth and for most of our history, we were barefoot.


He patched them and they slept grounded. The next day, they were ready to go. Jeff has told me that he believes that Earthing will improve recovery from athletic activity and intense training. It’s 50% better than ice. Icing is a typical recovery from injury and from inflammation that athletes use. He use Earthing for dozens and dozens of elite athletes. We have a lot of information on sports benefits and all this science. You can see that at our website, which is I invite you to take a look at what we have there. There are a lot of good information, a lot of stories, a lot of testimonies, all our science is up there. Please have a look.

Myself being a stroke survivor, having a wrecking ball hit my brain at one time, having a left side weakness, being inflamed, and being through everything I’d been through several years post. Is there any reading or research out there that this is going to help me or people like myself?

We don’t have anything related to stroke specific. I can only speak in general terms that our research showed, and thousands of testimonials showed the Earthing will bring down inflammation. If there is inflammation involved, it will help from that. The degree of damage from a stroke is, as you know, very variable, from severe to minor. We do have research that shows Earthing will improve blood flow that is beneficial. Earthing has a mild blood thinning effect. For that reason, we tell people that they should not do Earthing if they are on a blood thinner, to avoid the possibility. I’m not saying probability, but the possibility that there could be a compounded blood thinning effect. We advise people in these situations, who are on blood thinners, to consult with their doctor because they have to monitor their blood carefully, particularly in the beginning. There’s caution for that. People that are on blood thinning medications, if they want to enjoy the benefits of grounding, they need to talk to their doctors. Unfortunately, at this time, most doctors don’t know about Earthing yet. They don’t know about the benefits. We say, “Just be cautious.”

You sent me an Earthing mat that I’ve been sleeping on it for the last few weeks. My sleep is deeper. I wake up easier and less in pain. I want you to know that I’m using it and I love it. I wanted to thank you for that. I know that you were trying to work with the veterans, the military vets. How can this help them with PTSD or mental health issues?

We don’t have any research on that. I can only talk of in general terms here of the effect of grounding on stress reduction. We had a study that was done in 2004 showing that stress can deplete the body’s cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland. With ongoing stress, there’s a weakening of the adrenal glands. In our study that was done in 2004, they found that there was a trend towards normalization of the cortisol levels of people who did sleep grounded. There were twelve people in the study. At the end of eight weeks, it’s shown an improvement in their cortisol levels, which were all over the place.

At the end of sixth week, when they did the second analysis, they found that there was normal and they were more in a natural rhythm that is higher in the morning at 8:00 and lower at midnight, when you want it to be low. There was a normalization here. There had been also studies that our researchers have done that show improvement in Alpha waves, being the brainwave that’s related to more relaxation and more coherence. We’ve had studies that showed very rapid improvement of these elements in the nervous system. There are also studies showing improvement in heart rate variability.

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Even among premature infants who are under a lot of stress, there was a study done by Penn State University intensive care doctors with premature infants. They found that there was an improvement in their vagal tone. The vagus nerve is a big nerve that feeds many of the body’s autonomic functions, heart rate, digestion, and lungs, all those processes that go on automatically. Having an improvement in the vagal tone, in this vagus nerve, the doctors concluded among these infants suggested that their stress and inflammatory processes could be strengthened. More research is obviously needed, but it’s an exciting result. Premature infants are among the most vulnerable humans there are. We know that Earthing is safe. Premature infants can do it.

There have been a number of studies that had been done that show that there are benefits for people suffering from PTSD and that they have a lot to gain from this. They don’t have to do anything. You need to go sleep grounded and it’s going to help you sleep. It’s going to make you calmer. If you have pain, it’s going to reduce the pain. Those factors are going to enable you to sleep better. You sleep better. You have more energy. You feel better. These are the things you want in your goody basket. They’re all there to help people with PTSD. We believe it can help the veterans that are suffering.

Everything that you’re talking about the Earthing practice is helping to bring the body and the brain into the state of balance, into this state of homeostasis. My philosophy, my approach to health and why I like to bring you on and talk about this is that if you bring the body into a state of balance, in a state of relaxation and no stress, the body has this incredible intelligence to start healing itself. If anytime we’re investing in practice or something that’s reducing stress, reducing inflammation, and bringing the body in the balance, good things are going to happen across the board.

What we think is that we evolved in contact with the Earth. For most of our history, we were barefoot or sleeping on the Earth, and walking with sandals that were conductive. We were absorbing all this energy through our feet, through our skin, and we’re in contact with the Earth. We’ve abandoned that. Modern lifestyle have abandoned many aspects of nature and this is one of them. This continuum with the Earth is built into the human structure. The Creator built this in and it seems to us to be in contact with the earth we live on.

For anyone out there who’s jonesing to take action on this, you mentioned you can sleep grounded and you can start to implement grounding on your house if you’re not able to get outside and get barefoot easily. How would people integrate that and where can they go to find those?

The natural thing and it’s free is to go outside barefoot. You can do that in your backyard, the grass, the park, the beach, concrete, where it’s clean and you’re not going to cut yourself. There are some people that love this so much, they harden the bottom of their feet, they go hiking barefoot. That’s something that you should do obviously over time and build up the strength, the hardness and toughness of your feet. If you can go outside, try this, put your feet on the ground, and see how your pain or your stress levels dissipate.

Not everybody can go outside and do that on a regular basis. Regularity is the thing to do if you want to sustain these effects. It’s to sleep grounded. That’s the easiest thing. There are sleep mats that you can put on your bed. Sleep pads that you can put on your bed and you can sleep grounded that way. I’ll give you two of the websites that sell these products that Clint Ober developed. He developed the first for research. There was a demand for them. He said, “The whole world should enjoy it.” He created these products and has refined them over the years. The websites where you can get these are The other one is

They have sleep mats. They have various other products. You can get a sleeping mat for your bed. You can get pads for your bed. You can get mats that you can put on the floor, at your computer, or in front of your favorite chair. You can get patches. The patches are wonderful that you can put them wherever you have pain and you will get relief of local pain first by putting a patch right at the spot. Let’s say you have a tennis elbow or you have a bad knee or a shoulder pain, you can put the patch right there and hook it up to the same way either to ground rod outside or put in your wall outlet, in that ground hole. It doesn’t run on electricity. It just picks up the earth’s energy, the ground.

Those products are available. They are wonderful. Some people will get immediate results. They will feel benefits immediately and dramatically. Other people’s will be slower, more subtly, over time. Everybody is different. They have to be aware of that. Some people will be dramatic. Some people will be slower and more subtly. Somebody who is in good shape or tip-top shape may not feel much of a difference. I can assure you that this is both therapy and prevention. When you’re in contact with the earth, your body, your physiology, your machinery is operating optimally. It will help prevent things from developing and keep inflammation at bay. Whether you’re thinking therapeutically, you’ve got a problem you want to see if this will help you with, or if you’re thinking preventively and protectively, this is a wonderful addition to the health equation. You eat well. You exercise. You try and keep your stress level down. This will help with all of that. This will complement all of that. It works with everything and there’s nothing to do, you just sleep on it.

When you sent over those products, thank you. I’ve put one on my bed immediately to try it out. I track my sleep with what they call Oura Ring. It tracks your sleep cycles. Immediately the first night, it was more deep sleep and more REM sleep. That means my body is recovering more and my mind is recovering more. It’s perfect. What inspires you to do the work that you do or live life the way that you do? What’s that inner drive for you?

The inner drive is for me to hear people tell me that they feel better. There’s no greater joy or greater gratification that I can have. Clint Ober tells me the same thing. To be able to connect people to the planet they live on, what a blessing. I feel so blessed to be involved with this. To be having written the Earthing book and to be able to communicate with people through the Earthing Institute, it’s my joy because I’m helping people. I see many emails. People call me and say, “My plantar fasciitis pain is gone.” I’ve got proof from people who are quadriplegics. They have terrible nights. That leg spasms are down 90% within three months. He went from a cold body to a warm body. His testosterone level went up 70% feeling so much stronger and more energy. A quadriplegic, a man who severed his cervical spine in a 1990 automobile accident, a woman with MS feeling more stronger, better balance, and stop the progression of her illness. MS is a very inflammatory disease.

A woman with severe Lupus, a friend, a lawyer, she started grounding. She was able to stop the progression of her illness and lead a very normal life. She’s grounded. These people are grounded. It’s made all the difference. It’s life-changing for a lot of people. This is what gives me so much inspiration. This is what gives me joy. This is what gives me gratitude that I am able to reconnect people to the planet that they live on. This planet that they live on is the original painkiller. It’s a treatment table. We live on a global treatment table. We just need to reconnect to it. That’s my joy.

Thank you so much, Martin. If you’re out there reading, please take action on this in your life immediately. As simple as getting out in the park barefoot or getting out in your backyard barefoot to start feeling these benefits. I encourage everyone to invest in some kind of sleeping mat because it’s this benefit you can get eight hours a day without having to do any effort. Thank you so much, Martin, for coming on and sharing. I know our community will benefit greatly from just having this information, thank you.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you.

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