An internationally respected public speaker, Dr. Jacob Liberman shares his scientific and spiritual discoveries about light as the divine spark that guides our life’s journey, entwining us with the unseen architect of all that is. Dr. Liberman has addressed more than 2,000 live audiences worldwide and has been endorsed by award-winning artists, Hall of Fame athletes, and luminaries in science, spirituality, and medicine. His work has been featured in countless journals, television, radio and print media. Gently piercing the heart and mind with timeless principles and common sense wisdom, he illuminates the seamless connection between light, vision, and consciousness, offering a whole new way of seeing and being. Dr. Liberman believes that at the end of the day, the only thing that is really important is how content we are in our life, our health, and our wellness.

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Light, Vision, And Consciousness with Dr. Jacob Liberman

Sean, I’ve got an amazing review I stumbled upon on iTunes. This is from user BigDogap83, titled Helping with My Journey. This is a five-star review and rating. It goes, “As a survivor of stage IV lymphoma and ten strokes who isn’t afraid to try anything to get my former life back, I find the information in this podcast crucial. I listen while I’m rehabbing on the exercise bike. It helps me keep going for the full 60 minutes. Thank you for helping me with the journey.”

That’s huge. That’s pretty cool.

Thank you for coming over and leaving that review. It helps get us inspired over here. It helps remind us that these stories that we’re telling and the information we’re sharing is very valuable. It’s for inspiring and motivating those in your community, Sean, to keep going and keep fighting.

I think you’re going to add so much to everybody with the tips you’re doing as well.

Our guest is Jacob Liberman but I want to give a little bit of backstory on why I emailed and cold call a lot of people who I’m interested in. What I did was I created the eleven tips which in my belief is this essential foundation of health. Nine out of ten of them are free or nine out of eleven are free and then one is very inexpensive. What I did on the backend after I came up with these tips was, I wanted to bring on experts in the field to go a little bit deeper onto why I put these together and to offer more validation into what these concepts are. How they’re impacting the body and how they’re helping the body to heal. In my research on sunlight, it’s one of the top eleven tips that I offer. If you go to the website you can subscribe, drop your email in and you’ll get all of these tips to your inbox.

I did a little video on each of them, but I was researching who in the field of sunlight, light healing or light therapy is at the top of the game. I stumbled into a guy named Jacob Liberman and his book was called Light: Medicine of the Future. That stopped me in my tracks and I went to his website, read about him and listened to a couple of videos. He radiates this deep and powerful wisdom when you look at him. I read about him looking into a few videos and immediately, I got to email this guy. Fingers crossed that I get a response and we can bring them on because we emailed tons of people here trying to bring them on the show. It doesn’t always work out but fortunately, he felt inspired enough to come on and it was such a powerful podcast because I think I said ten words.

I listened because he was so incredible and enlightened with the light. He lives in Maui. He’s coming out of here and visiting his family who literally lives two blocks away. It’s the synchronicities of the world that it’s going to happen for us.

It’s great to start to get in the flow. It took us a while to get this podcast going from the ground up but we’ve opened the flood gates. More people are coming to help with the cause, help spread awareness, spread the mission and bring these resources to everyone, and to help heal. When Jacob came on, he was going and I didn’t want to say anything.

He sounds like The Matrix.

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It sounds what he’s trying to get to the breakout of The Matrix.

He was telling us, “You don’t see with your eyes,” and we’ll go in-depth with this. Speaking of which, you were right on the nose that the podcast is growing. What are the numbers? I want to let the audience know because I want to bring them along with us. We started at zero.

We’re at 4,500 total plays across all episodes which is incredible. Thank you to everyone out there who’s been one a part of this number and then 30,329 unique plays, which means unique people downloading, subscribing and listening to the show. Thank you guys out there and if you haven’t subscribed to the show, press that subscribe button. It helps grow our awareness and reach more people who need to hear it. You read in that review and if you’ve gotten benefit out of this, please drop us a review so we can share. It will help spread the love and spread the community. One more note, he also has a TED Talk. If you want a little bit more into who he is in addition to this podcast, there’re tons of information on him out there but please take note on this one. He’s dropping wisdom. He said in terms of healing, if you want to heal, you first have to realize that everything you’ve learned up to this point is not true.

Jacob, how are you?

I’m doing terrific. Thank you.

How long have you been out in Hawaii?

I’ve been here for twenty years.

You made a good decision twenty years ago.

That’s something we should speak about too which is who makes the decisions? Where are the decisions coming from? I think that’s an important one as well.

AIH 43 | Light, Vision And Consciousness Light, Vision And Consciousness: The intelligence that created the body can heal the body.


Quickly before we jump into it, give the audience a little bit of who you are and what you do.

I was originally trained as an optometrist and a vision scientist. I haven’t practiced in the vision care field for over 30 years. I’m primarily an author. I mentor people individually via Skype primarily because most of them are from different parts of the world. I mentor individuals about their health, wellness and most of all about their life, how to experience greater contentment in their life. This is work that has evolved in me over the past 50 years. I’ll be 72 in November and I don’t know, I’ve come to realize that regardless of all the things that we speak about at the end of the day, the only thing that’s important is how content we are in our life, our health and our wellness.

Those are the things that I support people with in different ways. Most of which you probably are not so familiar with because of the work that I involve has all come through direct experience of working with many thousands of people, high-level athletes, kids with learning difficulties and so on. What do I do? I help. I don’t know why but that’s the way God made me. I enjoy helping people and that’s what I’m in at this time of my life. I do a lot of public speaking. Over the years, I have published four books to date. That’s a long story made short.

What made you transition from the field of being a typical everyday optometrist to the work that you do?

I had a profound experience when I was a kid with a reading problem. Every time I read, I fell asleep. School was very difficult for me. When I got into college in the ‘60s within a couple of weeks, I became nearsighted because of all the stress of all the reading that I needed to do. In 1971 as I was about to enter my third year of optometric school, I was sent to the clinic to get my eyes examined because I was having such a difficult time with my schoolwork. The fourth-year student who examined me said, “Your eyes have gotten worse again. You need a stronger prescription.” I’d been wearing glasses for years. I understood that and he said, “I don’t think your eyes are working together very well and it might be impeding your reading ability.” He gave me this little device to use, a little vision training device. I put it in the corner of the room but I never used it. Two months or so later I was sitting, working on an assignment and I fell asleep. When my eyes opened up, the first thing that caught my eye was this little vision training device.

I picked it up. I did one little simple exercise for about five minutes and then I read for an hour with the perfect comprehension, fluidity and quiet mind I had ever experienced. It was so profound, I started crying because I felt like a light went on in my head. Needless to say, I did those exercises ten minutes a day for the next two months and then I made Dean’s list every quarter for the next two years. It was life changing and it was the first direct experience I had that vision and eyesight were not the same thing. One had to do with reading an eye chart and the other one had to do with using vision information to optimally perform in your life. I graduated from school. I got out, I started with kids that had learning problems. In 1976 after wearing glasses for nine and a half years, I had a very profound experience while meditating. I won’t take you through every step of it but essentially with my eyes closed, I felt as though I could see with total clarity. Not just see optically with total clarity but everything seemed clear. I don’t know how to describe it beyond that. I had a feeling that whatever was seeing in me was seeing from everywhere in the room at the same time. When I opened my eyes a couple of minutes later, my eyesight was perfectly clear.

I didn’t know what to make of it as you can imagine as an eye doctor, I figured for sure I was having a retinal detachment, or something was terribly wrong because I’d never had this experience. As I walked around my house, the experience didn’t disappear. I continued to see clearly. I didn’t know what was going on. I got in my car. I put my eyeglasses on the seat next to me because my license said I needed to wear them, and everything was perfectly clear. I was driving to my office. I sat in my chair twenty feet from my eye chart. I started projecting a series of different eye charts and could consistently see 300% better than I had seen prior to this experience. I decided to examine myself. I put myself behind the chair. I didn’t know what the lenses were in the device because I was seated as a patient rather than as the doctor. When I finished examining my eyes to find the best optical correction, I came out from behind the instrument, to my amazement, the prescription and the device was almost identical to what was in my glasses. Let me explain that because your audience needs to grasp what I’m saying. I was able to read 300% better but the prescription in my eyes hadn’t changed at all, which could only mean one thing we don’t see from our eyes alone.

I spent years after that doing a real-life everyday experiment, which I called an experiment on the workings of my mind. I thought perhaps there is a master key. There’s a button somewhere in my mind that if I can activate that button, I can get a greater sense of what occurred to me and I can teach this to other people. That didn’t happen but I’ll tell you what did happen, that’s years ago and I see clearly at a distance. Reading almost at the age of 72, I’ve never had a pair of glasses on my face for reading or distance since that day. It led me to realize something aside from the fact that we don’t see from our eyes alone. It led me to realize that significant, profound miraculous change can occur instantaneously, and it’s not related to the idea of making things happen.

It actually happens instantaneously by itself and that was rather profound for me because my experience, you could say was something spontaneous remission that you hear about with cancer patients, every so often with patients with all kinds of horrendous conditions in their life. The reason that was important to me in terms of the idea of spontaneous remission is that if we can get a sense of what creates a spontaneous remission, then we can begin to understand what creates a spontaneous exacerbation. In other words, what occurs in our life that makes things all of a sudden seem very bad might that just be the opposite of what occurs when all of a sudden, things change. Everything seems to be totally different, sometimes you end up with a miraculous shift in your health, your wellness, your eyesight and whatever it is.

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Those two experiences led me to realize that there was much more division than anything that I had learned in my optometric and vision science training. It led me to begin looking at many other aspects of vision. First I started looking at light because obviously our eyes cannot function without light and yet I was given not even one word of information or training about light in my academic work. I’ve spent the last 45 or more years close to 50 years looking at the science of light, what light is, what color is, how we are impacted by it both visually and throughout our entire body. My work over the years has integrated light vision and consciousness, as a way of experiencing our maximum potential in life, whatever that is. I hope that answers the initial question.

Speaking on behalf of people who’ve been through traumatic events, paralyzed like myself, blinded or anything else, what you’re talking about is an extraordinary healing performance. Most MDs look at like we’re crazy but Taylor, what’s the line that we often use from Joe Dispenza?

The intelligence that created the body can heal the body.

Jacob, maybe that’s what you’re talking about. You’re talking about this miraculous recovery and we hear about the stories all the time but my question to you of being the scientist and studying all of this, how do we and I get this question asked all the time, how do we know you’re stuck in the middle of getting your life back? Your brain has been turned off. You’re going through depression, you’re going through a PTSD, possible suicide and you want to come out of it. What do you recommend to people? Is it to meditate?

First of all, nothing works the way we think. Let me repeat that again. Everything you think is actually not the truth. It’s something that’s fleeting. Science is incredibly a beneficial thing but science is based on theories that we assume are facts. The reason science is always evolving like everything else in life is that science doesn’t produce facts. It produces theories. Theories are concepts, ideas and beliefs. If you look those words up, the source, you’ll see they mean about the same thing but when you look up the antonym of belief, you find the word truth. What my journey has been about is uncovering the truth beyond belief. That level of truth I have not found comes through my study of science. It comes through direct experience. What I mean by direct experiences, it’s not an experience that I’ve had but something that impacted me so profoundly that it’s a fact. It’s just like my vision experience.

Someone who has not had that experience will say, “That’s your imagination. That’s impossible.” That’s their mind talking because for their mind that’s impossible. For me, there’s nothing to discuss. I know that occurred in my life. I know that it has maintained for 42 years without doing anything to maintain it. Most people speak about their ideas. I want to speak about direct experience, it’s something very different. Let’s take your question about what do you tell people to do? It’s not so much about doing as it is about seeing. We need to, first of all, see a few very important things about the body. The body is not designed to initiate action. There is no aspect of the human physiology designed to make things happen. Everything in our physiology is designed to respond to something. You said Joe Dispenza said, “The intelligence that created us is the intelligence that can heal us.” Most people think that intelligence is this little chatterbox that we’re all aware of in the mind that’s constantly talking to us.

That’s not the intelligence Joe is speaking about. The intelligence that created us is also the intelligence or animating force of this universe. Whatever is animating the movement of the planets around the sun, animating the movement of the oceans as far as tides, animating the change of the seasons that is the same intelligence that is animating your body to breathe you. You do not breathe you because you do not breathe on your own. It pumps your heart. Every function of your body occurs by itself without you. It’s all occurring beneath the level of awareness. It’s all on an unconscious level and one of the major things that require discussing with anyone who has been through a trauma, as well as those who haven’t is that things are not the way we think that they are. The whole idea of me making something happen is me putting the wrench in the works because we do not control a single thing in our body. It’s all occurring on an unconscious level and even all day when we think we’re making decisions. I’m making this happen.

That’s not factually so, if you look at the functioning of the brain through the most sophisticated technology in the world, you will see that somewhere between seven and eleven seconds before you think that you’ve made a decision and use whatever one calls my freewill, seven to ten or eleven seconds before that occurs, your brain has already initiated the action. You find out after the fact and you’re fooled into thinking, “I made that decision, but it doesn’t actually work that way.” Why is this such an important thing to discuss? If you think that you’re making things happen and ask anyone who’s constantly working on trying to make things happen, they’ll tell you that they’re not very successful. The reason that they’re not very successful is it doesn’t work in this way. What happens is, if we’re led to believe that we are the mastermind, we are the creators of everything that happens in our life. If it doesn’t occur that way, then that same we end up feeling as if I’m continually doing everything wrong.

There is a big epidemic in life of, “Something is wrong with me because I can’t seem to get it right.” To give you an example, I live in Maui, Hawaii. Every year, thousands of whales make a long journey of 10,000 miles from Alaska to Maui. They don’t have high iPhones with GPS in them. They don’t have maps and yet through some miraculous means they find their selves here regardless of weather conditions or currents and their journey never varies more than one degree. What is guiding the movement of those whales? What guides the movement of a school of fish or migratory birds? That same animating force is what Joe was talking about and that is what is at play in our own lives.

AIH 43 | Light, Vision And Consciousness Light, Vision And Consciousness: We’re like hamsters on a wheel. We keep doing the same thing and wondering why we’re not getting something different.


What I am suggesting is what’s breathing us, what’s pumping our hearts is animating this life force. It’s continually moving us toward a state of optimal health and balance. It’s a question of us allowing that process to occur and learning through experimentation how life actually works rather than how we think that it works. Let’s take vision as an experience. Most people who want to improve their eyesight say, “I need to exercise my eyes.” When I went to school, I was told that the muscles of the eyes are a hundred times stronger than they need to be at birth. Obviously, it has nothing to do with a weak muscle. What exactly are you exercising? The reason most people are not successful with that approach to any significant degree is that perhaps vision is not occurring in the eye.

Perhaps it’s not occurring in the brain. Perhaps it’s something totally different. Whoever’s reading this is very aware that their mind is chattering a lot during the day. We were led to believe that it’s a very sophisticated activity called thinking. I’ve come to realize that it’s pretty much an everyday activity called worrying. It’s what we do when things are not going our way because we get scared. We want safety, security and predictability. Three things that have never existed on the planet. We spend most of our life worrying in an attempt to make things happen and we try hard at everything. We think ahead. We try harder because that’s we were led to do not realizing that does not yield the results we were led to believe. Trying harder does not actually improve your performance. It usually decreases your performance. When we try to see, it obscures our vision but all of us are aware of this activity in the mind. Have you ever wondered why it is you know every time that thinking is occurring?

No, I have not.

The reason that you’re aware when that thing you call my mind is chattering is because another aspect of your humanity, which is not the mind is observing it. When you’re sitting on your couch or you’re watching television, you might be impacted by whatever you’re watching but you’re never thinking that what you’re watching is you. You know that it’s over there and you’re sitting over here. The reason we are aware when mind chatter is occurring is that there’s something within us that is an observer. That observer sees from no point of view. It’s not an observer that says, “I like this and I don’t like that.” It’s not an observer that actually ever says anything. It does not have a voice. It notices everything that’s going on.

It’s a very profound aspect of ourselves that was beautifully described by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said, “There was a principle underlying all things. It’s an indescribable presence residing simply within us. We are not to do but to let do, not to work but to be worked upon.” What Emerson was saying is that this intelligence that Joe Dispenza spoke of, this thing we refer to as godliness or God, which we think is outside us is actually this simple observer within us that sees everything all the time and from every point of view. That is a part of our self that is aware of all the sensations of the body and also all of the activity of the mind. Why is this so important to your question?

That’s the intelligence that Dispenza was speaking about when we begin to realize that we are not the continually changing landscape of the mind, which is continually being reflected and mirrored in our biology. When we realize that we are not that changing the point of view of the mind but the observer of that, all of a sudden, we begin to identify with that intelligence that Joe was speaking of. We begin to identify from the source. When that occurs, very often profound and miraculous things occur. Specifically when you ask me, what do you tell people and so on? I worked with more than 10,000 children in my early years of practice that had been diagnosed with learning problems. I then worked with high-level Olympic and professional athletes for many years as students. The athletes were all looking for the same thing. What’s my maximum potential? They are all asked the same question, “Tell me what I need to do.” I realized very quickly after working with thousands of them that it wasn’t about doing. It was about seeing that all of their doing wasn’t actually getting them anywhere.

We’re like hamsters on a wheel. We keep doing the same thing and wondering why we’re not getting something different and it’s not because we’re not trying hard enough or because we don’t know the secret. It’s because it doesn’t work that way. What I did with kids that had learning difficulties is I developed a body of work, where I worked on and off of trampolines with people or rebounders to give them a direct experience of, “Does thinking actually produce the answer you’re looking for?” Everyone would say, “Sure, that’s why they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” We all use this mind all day long but is that truth or opinion? The work dealt with taking children and adults and creating a situation where they had to do more than one thing at once.

For instance, let’s imagine that you had to move your hands to the right and simultaneously say left but your system is not used to doing that. Immediately what you do is you start thinking. In the process of thinking, you get tongue-tied, your brain locks up but you don’t even know that happens all day long to us because we’ve been conditioned to believe something else. Only through direct experimentation and direct experience you begin to realize that doesn’t actually work. In fact, what it does is it makes things worse, not better. That’s what I did with kids initially for many years to help them uncover the genius within them. The guiding force within them that comes up with all these answers free of charge without having to work at it, if you will.

I did the same thing with the US Olympic team. I did the same thing with pro golfers, pro bowlers and baseball players. The experience was the same throughout. Athletes call it being in the zone, getting out of your head. These are different expressions that we use but it’s essentially that. To get out of your head, you can’t get there by using your head. It’s something very different. This is incredibly important to your audience because most everything we do has to do with putting effort into doing something. These things yield short-term results, they have a tendency not to stick because the real shift happens without any effort. Why do I say that? The body and the entire universe functions under something called Zipf’s Law, the Law of Parsimony or the Law of Minimal Effort, which says that we are designed for optimal economy. It means you put in very little and you get back very much.

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That’s not the experience of most of the world because we’re conditioned to believe it works the other way around, but it doesn’t. Our bodies work the same way as the universe does. The same thing that I did with students helped the athletes. Let’s talk about another aspect because a lot of the people I imagined that are following your show have undergone trauma and whether that trauma is emotional trauma or physical trauma, it makes no difference. One goes with the other. I went through a very sudden and unexpected divorce in the late ‘70s. I suffered panic attacks for the next six and a half years. This was when the expression panic attack wasn’t even known. People didn’t know what I was experiencing but sometimes I would have 20 or 30 of these panic attacks a day. Vets can certainly identify with what I’m talking about because when you’ve gone and seen things, there’s no way of digesting, ingesting and resolving within your own mind and heart. It’s very difficult to escape these things.

What I started doing in the ‘70s when I first got into the whole idea of using light and color is a therapeutic tool. It was talked to me a cookbook approach. Most, everything we learn. They said, use this color for this and this color for that as if the body is a piece of equipment. You’re dealing with symptoms and so on. While that had some effectiveness, it changed the condition but it didn’t impact life. I was more interested in a change that would be permanent, not something that you have to do over and over again.

Our concept is if you want to change, you have to work at it. If it takes work to create change, it will take work to maintain it. If it takes work to maintain it, it will not be maintained because the body works under this law that I mentioned, which is minimal or no effort for everything to function. The real shift is a shift in awareness. This is why I say awareness is curative. Let’s talk about someone with trauma. Anyone that has PTSD will know what I’m talking about. They might be in a movie and, all of a sudden, something comes up on the screen and unbeknownst to them it awakens a memory or something within them. All of a sudden they start feeling uncomfortable. They find it difficult to breathe. They might feel panicky, they have to leave. They start feeling physical sensations at the same time. When I was initially working with color, I discovered something very fascinating and maybe we could do it with the two or three of you. What are your favorite colors?

Mine would be blue and green.

How do you feel about red?

I don’t like much the red, orange or yellow.

Let me ask you something because I don’t even know exactly who I’m speaking to at this moment. Do you have anything going on in the lower portions of your body, let’s say from your sternum going down?

I would say that’s the area of my body that I’m working on the most.

What you’re telling me is that the first, second and third chakra, which are fueled by red, orange and yellow light are the areas you’re working on. You’re saying I’m not very comfortable with those colors, which means you don’t like them, which means you like to avoid that, which means something in our mind blocks those wavelengths of light from getting into our system. That part of our body remains in the dark. What I started noticing more than 40 years ago is that what we perceive as color is the vibrational aspect of the spectrum that we call light. The colors that we’re comfortable with are vibrations that feel harmonious or resonant to us, things that we can embrace easily.

AIH 43 | Light, Vision And Consciousness Light, Vision And Consciousness: The movement of our life is all occurring at our unconscious level which is unrelated to what we want and very related to what might be needed.


The colors we are uncomfortable with are the vibrations that have a tendency to precipitate an allergic reaction within us. They trigger us. They trigger our emotions. They trigger our physicality. When I started seeing this and I’ve been seeing this for 45 years, I started treating people with very small doses of the colors they were uncomfortable with in a very specific way. What I noticed is that those colors help to bring to the surface the unresolved traumas that the person was aware or totally unaware of and over time helped to desensitize them from these emotional triggers. As they became more comfortable with the colors that used to feel uncomfortable, they were more able to embrace the aspects of their life that used to trigger emotional upset, what we call stress which is the source of most disease.

For over 40 years, I have used color as a means of helping people with trauma and other conditions desensitize from these traumas so that the changes become more permanent. When we become comfortable with the things that used to feel uncomfortable, our life dramatically changes and so you mentioned a question, “What would you suggest for people that have gone through these kinds of things?” When I work with people, my work is primarily that I mentor a small number of individuals, which I do primarily via Skype or Zoom because they’re all over the world. What I do is a very simple color analysis, which is the visualization. It allows them and me to see which colors they are open and receptive to, and which colors do they recoil from. Most of the times I find that the colors they recoil from are associated with the segments or chakras in their body where disease or stress is occurring.

I discovered that empirically over the last 45 years. I then send them a kit that I developed with different glasses, with different colored filters, thirteen of them and I take them through a process to help them desensitize. Some people do this at home on their own. They get the kit and it gives them directions as to how to do this in a very gentle way. I can’t stress the word gentle enough because the body works under the Law of Parsimony, which means minimal effort. The body also functions under a law called Arndt’s Law of Physiology, which says that subtle stimuli can get the process moving, and moderate stimuli can support it, but strong stimuli cause it to shut down. A lot of these “techniques and approaches” that we use that are very confronting and harsh, they usually make things dig in even deeper.

There must be gentleness, caring and a great deal of love. I cannot stress love enough because I think love is the answer regardless of the question. The caring that we have for each other is such a big aspect of our healing. When one person thinks that they’re the doctor and the other one’s the patient, that in and of itself slows down the healing process. When we all realize that we’re paddling at the same speed that we’re all the same height, but in reality, we’re all in the same boat and thank God we’re all in the same boat. Seeing each other as a reflection of ourselves, that unconditional acceptance is so powerful that we begin to feel better in each other’s presence.

I’ve got to get something off my chest and I just want to say I love you.

I love you too. Thank you.

You’re talking about surrendering, forgiving and accepting because what I think most of everybody on our show is in pain with themselves, of forgiving themselves for being either in this situation or allowing things to leave their body on that level.

We didn’t do that. It’s not us that made this happen. We have been led to believe that we are responsible for everything that goes on. As I shared, that which is animating the movement of our life is all occurring in the unconscious level, which is unrelated to what we want and very related to what might be needed. The whole concept of, “Life is supposed to give me what I want,” I’ve never found that to be the case. Whether you’re looking at people historically who we say, “They were awoken,” whether you were talking about Moses, Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Ramana Maharshi, Gandhi or any of those people. If you look at their lives, you’ll notice they have one thing in common. They had really difficult lives, none of them had it easy. Buddha, after his awakening went through the most difficult time of his life. This idea that, if I make the right choices and if I have the right beliefs, I’ll always be able to get the parking space in front of the health food store. I’ll never have relational issues or I’ll have all the money I need.

When we actually start to delve into that, we begin to realize that reality is a little different than that. What is occurring is being animated by, as Joe would say, the intelligence that created us and I’m not going into the religious realm. I’m saying there is an animating force within this universe. I think most of the healing that occurs in us is not from learning a new trick. It is because we begin to look at what we have been habitually involved in, thinking, believing, doing our whole lives and asking a simple question, is that true? Am I sure that that’s true? Let’s talk about this love. You said I love you and I felt the same thing with the three of you there. If you fall in love whether it is with an intimate lover, friend or someone that did something nice for you, you notice something interesting that happens when you connect with someone on that level in the same way we’re connecting. Before, none of us had ever spoken to each other. We didn’t even know what this conversation was going to be about but all of a sudden, we find that it wasn’t us that brought us together.

Our life is literally guided by light. All of our cells have eyes that are designed to detect and respond to single photons of light. Click To Tweet

Something else inspired you to contact me and something in me said, “Of course.” That wasn’t me saying that I had no choice but to say that, any more than you had a choice in reaching out. What was that that brought us together? I have no idea. Let’s leave that in the realm of the great mystery. What’s fascinating is, all of a sudden we realize whether you’ve had a stroke or you suffered a panic attack, you were a vet that went through some horrific situations and suffered from that, we all suffered in one way or another. We realize we’re all human. We all meet in that particular place. There’s this beautiful thing we call resonance, where something has brought us closer together. I would venture to say there’s a possibility that all of us, even though we may have come in with aches, pains and concerns about our lives, maybe there’s a possibility that we’ve forgotten all of our troubles, which is what happens when love or unconditional acceptance is in the space. It seems we are transported to a different place, a different something where troubles seem to disappear. What’s interesting is when those troubles are out of mind.

If they’re not there for a period of time, very often the body and mind in conflict brings itself to its default setting, and profound changes can absolutely occur. The bulk of my work with people is, first of all, befriending them and following the same thing that I shared with doctors when I used to train doctors. Don’t work with anyone you don’t love because love is the most important piece of the healing equation. That’s what allows us to feel safe, at peace and at home with each other. That allows other things to occur. The first thing is to always determine in mind the best person to be working with this individual. I’m not always the best person. I try to find someone that might be appropriate for them. That’s number one. Number two is to work very gently. Harshness is not what we need, it’s caring. It’s real compassion with each other. Much of the time is spent discussing whether things that we assume are true, is that the truth? If it isn’t, it changes everything. You said you were in Los Angeles and if I said to you, “You guys got to go to New York. Get in your car and drive west.”

You’d never get to New York because you’d end up in the Pacific Ocean. If you think that New York is west and you never get to New York, you think there’s something wrong with you. All of us that have been led to believe all of the things that we’ve been led to believe throughout our life, find ourselves feeling something is wrong with us because reality never seems to match mentality. It’s about uncovering truths. If we can develop ways of supporting each other that can allow us in an environment of loving-kindness, I’m not talking about a concept of loving kindness, I’m talking about where we come to a place in our life we authentically care for each other because we realize that the other person is us. It’s not that they know more or know less, they’re a slightly different expression of us.

When we come to that place where we accept that there’s nothing wrong with us, then that becomes contagious. Those vibes seem to resonate for us and that’s truly how we assist each other by befriending each other. When I work with people, it’s never Dr. Liberman, it’s Jacob. It’s not a doctor/patient. It’s not a coach working with a client. It’s two people coming together to hold hands for a certain period of time on the journey. Usually, it’s not a long period of time because the most important day in a bird’s life is when it leaves the nest. We’re going to spend whatever is the minimum amount of time that allows someone to feel the inspiration necessary to launch themselves back into their lives.

Thank you so much for sharing that. How do you think people who are following can start to take action on these concepts that you’re talking about? How can they start to realize these ideas within their own life?

One thing that I can share is, my latest book which is called Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living. What it’s talking about is how our life is literally guided by light. I’m not talking about in a spiritual sense. I’m talking about in an actual everyday sense that all of our cells have eyes that are designed to detect and respond to single photons of light. That’s why our body is continually knowing what to do when to do it because it’s always receiving guidance from the environment whether it’s day or night. That’s not an interesting idea. The Nobel Prize was won for that in 2017. It’s something I’ve been talking about for almost 40 years. You can get it on audiobook as well and I’m not trying to sell books.

Jacob, I’m going to read your book because I’m inspired.

I think people will be reminded of something within themselves that will be incredibly powerful. If they go to my website, or they follow me on Facebook, there will be a whole bunch of free audio, videos and interviews. They don’t have to buy anything. It’s all free and that can provide them information, inspiration and then they go from there. If someone wants to contact me personally, they can email through the website. If they have a serious issue and they want to consult with me, they can do that. My website is not about selling products and services. It’s primarily a pretty place to come to visit and to receive something that I feel is valuable and that’s what our Facebook page is about as well.

Thank you for sharing those resources because I think everyone in our community will definitely benefit from diving a little bit deeper into what you’re talking about and realizing it in their own lives. We’re honored to have you on and share your wisdom and your knowledge. What’s your inspiration?

AIH 43 | Light, Vision And Consciousness Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living

My life. Gandhi finished a talk that he was doing in India. After his talk, he stepped onto the train and as the train was leaving the station slowly, he was waving to the people. All of a sudden, a journalist started running along with the train. He said, “Mr. Gandhi, What’s your message for the people?” He said, “My life is my message.” For me, my inspiration is what we’ve been doing. Maybe you heard my voice crackled because this is what animates me. This is what allows me to fulfill my reason for being. All of you and me as well, we experienced certain traumas. The wisdom I have, if I have anything to share that can help people were because of those difficulties that I went through.

You have created this opportunity for people in your community, to receive something you feel is a value, but you would have never created this if you did not have the experience that you had in your life. You may have been successful at business and made a lot of money or this or that and maybe that’s changed in some ways. You are investing so much into other people’s bank account of prosperity. I don’t know anything better than that. That’s what inspires me. Having the opportunity to keep falling in love over and over again with real people that I meet. They remind me of myself and then something inside says, “Thank God I’m not alone.”

Jacob, thank you so much for sharing everything in our community. I enjoyed sitting back and experiencing the podcast more than being a part of it.

I’m happy to do this anytime that would work and to go on to more depth about certain things. An hour is a short period of time but hopefully, we’ve all benefited and people that followed have gotten something. That means we’ve done a good job.

Thank you, mahalo and I love you.

I love you too and thank you for doing what you’re doing.

My pleasure. You’re a mitzvah Jacob. I’m sure you understand.

I understand what it is. We’re all a mitzvah. Have a wonderful day.

You too, Jacob. Thank you.

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AIH 43 | Light, Vision And ConsciousnessDr. Jacob Israel Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision, and consciousness, and the author of Luminous Life: How The Science Of Life Unlocks The Art Of Living, Light: Medicine Of The Future, Take Off Your Glasses And See, and Wisdom From An Empty Mind. Originally trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, his life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of his own eyesight, leading him to a deeper understanding of light and the science of life. Having helped countless individuals recover their eyesight, he began to understand the words of Jonathan Swift, “Real vision is the ability to see the invisible.”

Dr. Liberman earned a Doctorate of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry, a Ph.D. in Vision Science from the College of Syntonic Optometry, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines. He is the Past President of the College of Syntonic Optometry and the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies And Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), and a Fellow Emeritus of the American Academy of Optometry, College of Syntonic Optometry, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and International Academy of Color Sciences.

A recipient of the H.R. Spitler Award for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of phototherapy, Dr. Liberman is the inventor of the Vis-Flex, Color Receptivity Trainer, Spectral Receptivity System I and II, and EYEPORT Vision Training System, the first FDA-cleared medical device that significantly improves overall visual performance. He is on the Board of Directors of the International Light Association and is a faculty member of the Institute for Scientific Exploration. Liberman also serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, as well as Nura Health SPC, working together with other distinguished experts to develop an informational platform for documenting Integrative Medicine.

An internationally respected public speaker, Liberman shares his scientific and spiritual discoveries about light as the divine spark that guides our life’s journey, entwining us with the unseen architect of all that is. He has addressed more than 2,000 live audiences worldwide and has been endorsed by award-winning artists, Hall of Fame athletes, and luminaries in science, spirituality and medicine. His work has been featured in countless journals, television, radio and print media. Gently piercing the heart and mind with timeless principles and common sense wisdom, Liberman illuminates the seamless connection between light, vision and consciousness, offering a whole new way of seeing and being.

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