The research behind the benefits of CBD oil has come a long way. Proven to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, CBD oil is also known for effectively reducing chronic inflammation in the body. Doctor of Chiropractor and wellness coach Dr. Gabe Ellis talks about his holistic approach to healing and the cooperation that has been going on between conventional medical practitioners and chiropractic experts. His desire to help people find healthcare options beyond antibiotics and surgery has led his research into learning about CBD oil and its potential for the management of depression, anxiety, and inflammation. In this episode, Dr. Ellis shares the five most important things you have to consider if you are skeptic about CBD oil.

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What You Need To Know About Healing Through CBD Oil with Dr. Gabe Ellis

We are going to be talking about a little bit of exploration. I’ve been doing a little bit of exploring in my own health. I’ve been creating a program around foundational health and one of the areas of foundational health is fasting. I would never promote anything I wouldn’t fastidiously try on myself. I was going to do five-day water fast, but I decided to stop at three days. I ended up doing three-day water fast, which means that all you’re doing is drinking water and herbal tea for three days. The purpose of this is to allow your body to have a break. What your body does during that break in terms of the digestive system is your body starts to do what I like to think of like spring cleaning.

Your body starts to get rid of all the cells that aren’t functioning properly. It starts to clean house and sweep away all the cobwebs that are in your body. What can happen is your body can have what I like to think of as a healing reaction. For me, it was day two and I started noticing my throat getting very sore. I knew it couldn’t possibly be from anything that I was doing or anything that I was consuming because I wasn’t doing much besides watching the Matrix. I wasn’t consuming anything besides herbal teas and water. What this means is it’s my body’s way of finally letting go of toxicity or whatever it might be residually hiding in there. It was my body’s way of letting go. Two or three days after the fast, my body is still in this process of cleaning and healing.

I was able to set it up for that by going on this three-day water fast. I decided to stop because I hit day three and they say in day three, you should start feeling better. You should start feeling like you have energy because of the way your body starts to process fat for fuel. I wasn’t feeling that and I was feeling very sick so I said, “It’s time to stop. I’m going to listen to my body and I’m going to start eating again.” This is the process of exploration and it’s the process of integrating these ideas of foundational health in your life. It’s creating an intimate relationship with your body and understanding when it’s good to keep going with something and when it’s good to step back and say, “I’ve gone too far.”

I’m not going to let my ego push me to lay in misery for two more days. I’m going to eat some food. Watermelon is out and it’s never tasted so good. If you’re out there and you’re integrating these foundational health concepts into your life, remember to listen to your body. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You always have another time to try in the future but listen. It’s almost like this dance with yourself. If you listen, your body responds and likes it. We’re going to be talking about an area you can explore in your own health, which is CBD. I like to think of CBD as more of an exploration health item because it’s not 100% necessary.

In modern culture, people are seeing a ton of tremendous benefits from CBD. I remember a conversation with another guest who was saying that one of the biggest benefits of CBD is it’s bringing us out of stress. Anytime we can get our body out of stress, our body is going to respond in magical ways. Your body knows what to do if it’s not stressed out. One thing that is seriously helping people in terms of CBD is helping the nervous system to relax. If you can relax the nervous system, your body takes over and it knows what to do. I’m sure there are tons more going on that I don’t completely understand about CBD, that’s why we have a doctor on.

We have on Dr. Gabe Ellis who is a chiropractor based out of Chicago. What he noticed was he could have a bigger impact if he started to broaden what he was doing in his practice. What he believes is you have to take a proactive approach to health and you have to be willing to take ownership of your health. One of the ways he’s expanded the scope of his practice is he started introducing CBD. He has a couple of amazing stories of people using CBD and seeing the great benefits of calming the nervous system. The doctor will elaborate a lot more in-depth about how CBD is interacting the body and what you can expect if it’s your first time trying CBD. It’s different for everyone and we’re all in these different spaces in our life. If you love this episode, share it with someone who you think might benefit from trying CBD or at least learning a little bit more about it. I’ll leave you with saying that CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. If you’re worried about THC or the part of the cannabis plant that makes you high, this has nothing to do with it. This is non-psychoactive and a completely legal part of the plant that you can use in your health regimen. Please welcome to the show, Dr. Gabe Ellis.

Welcome to the show, Dr. Gabe Ellis. How are you doing?

I’m doing good. Thanks for having me on.

You’re welcome. Thank you for coming on. Seany, how are you doing?

I’m good.

Let our audience know who you are and what you do and then we’ll run it from there.

My name is Dr. Gabe Ellis. By nature, I’m a chiropractor but much like you, I am a health enthusiast. I’m looking for every avenue of natural healthcare that can give and expand people’s minds and their options to treat illness and disease, but also expand their wellness. We’ve done this reactive approach for so long that’s super frustrating. Americans are sicker than ever and getting sicker at a younger age than ever. My mission was first to let’s start adjusting people and watch the miracles of chiropractic, then understanding this is a pretty toxic world we live in and an adjustment can help and it can benefit. There are other things and that’s what led me down the road of CBD and CBD wellness and opening up our own company. Watching what happened in the chiropractic clinics that we own has expanded my purpose and it’s given me a new life. The best thing about being on here with you and what drew me to you is you give me the best side effect, which is free, clean energy and CBD works that same way. I’m happy to be here.

Thank you for that. Are you still practicing as a chiropractor or have you gone fully over to doing the CBD business?

I still practice. I have two clinics in the Chicago area. I’m less involved than I used to be and that’s because there are ways to help more people than within the four walls of the clinic. I’ll always be hands on to some extent because I love connecting with people. I love adjusting the nervous system and watching the developments of people growing through their nervous system. I will always be hands-on, but I’m an entrepreneur. I’m going to find more ways to help people.

For anyone who does not 100% understand what a chiropractor exactly is, will you give us an understanding in your words? You have a unique perspective on what a chiropractor is and how you see them in the world.

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: Create an intimate relationship with your body and understand when it’s good to keep going with something and when to step back.


A chiropractor is built on a philosophy. The philosophy that always made the most sense and what drove me to chiropractic is that the body is an amazing vessel. You have everything in your body that you need. It has the best pharmacy and the best drugs in it. If you’re unable to utilize them and use them, then we go down the road where we go towards disease and illness. A chiropractor is trained to detect misalignments throughout the spine that influence and negatively impact the nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment allows the body to flourish, to reach its potential, to remove interference and let the body heal. We do a horrible job of letting our bodies heal. We do a great job at destruction, but there are very little things that we do on a daily basis to bring health and homeostasis back in order.

My initial thought having heard the word chiropractic was, “I go to this guy and he cracks my spine.” I went up to a chiropractic practice where we met. I got this impression of chiropractors as they’re these bad-ass holistic healers who do the adjustments and they crack the spine, but they also bring all these other modalities to the table to help people improve their wellness. Would that be a fair assessment of chiropractic? I’m still trying to understand it.

There are two models or two thoughts of approach in chiropractic. One of them is straight chiropractic and that’s typically a group of chiropractors that focus on adjustments. I’m more on the other group where there’s some huge focus on what you’re eating, how you’re thinking and all the things that you talked about on your show. They have to be a part of this process for a chiropractor because of the daily stress that we go through. There are so much more that a chiropractor can do to influence a patient and to educate them. We should be the leading holistic health experts. That’s the way that I see and that’s where I’m going. When you’re at these chiropractic conferences and if you haven’t been, I almost encourage people that aren’t chiropractors to go because you’re around the happiest and healthiest group of people. They’re super inspired and it’s contagious energy. There is the chiropractic adjustment part of it, but if you’re not incorporating exercise, nutrition and your mental impulse, we’re missing a big piece of the pie there.

Let me say something else too. Coming from my perspective, chiropractors are the ones who took the time to apply your techniques and your knowledge to me and people like myself with brain injuries and stroke to get me back to where I am. My MDs are great and they do what they had to do, but they’re only there for so much. They’re there within the realm of what they know. A lot of them are going to give me meds and refer you off to somebody else. I’ve been to a chiropractor, you will incorporate PT and nutritionist. You will take on other modalities within the system and start to apply that to the patient as what is needed versus my neurologist doesn’t have any of that stuff in their system. They’re going to refer you out and say, “Go see so-and-so. Here’s a prescription and do this and do that,” and that’s it. Whereas, you want to follow-up and you’re hands-on.

What Taylor said is so true, I don’t think it’s a crack, it’s more of an adjustment lining up the spine so the nervous system is functioning at 100% versus not functioning at the peak ability. I want to stop and say thank you for what you do because so many times it’s misunderstood. People think so much that, “You’ve seen a chiropractor. Don’t let them adjust your neck because it can cause a stroke.” All that is such a BS and so far-fetched and so far out there because they don’t understand that you are experts in this. It’s no different than taking Vicodin, Xanax or Zoloft and what that can do the chemistry of the brain and the addiction of that.

You said it perfectly and there have been many misunderstanding and misconception. Part of that, as chiropractors, we have to take the blame. We haven’t spent the time educating and doing our due diligence to the community. I think we’re getting better at it. You’re starting to see this nice congruent relationship, at least at where I am, where for the first time in my years of practice, I have pediatricians sending us kids. It’s amazing. For the first time, medical doctors are sending their patients to the chiropractor either for adjustments or for CBD. The bridges are coming together. We’re starting to work together, which is the way it should be. One model is inside out and the other model is outside in. The medical community is surgery, prescription drugs and those things. There are a time and place for them. Chiropractic is the opposite, we’re going to get your body to work from the inside out using and utilizing your God-given body parts. We’re making sure that they work and that you’re using them. There has to be huge respect between both communities. That’s starting to happen, which is encouraging because if we get that right, a lot of people will start to benefit.

I would think that the MDs and the chiropractors have to be speaking and have to be together on the same plan to treat their patients together. Whether or not you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, everyone needs both.

I’m a firm believer in that. There’s no doubt that our modern medicines save millions of lives. I have great respect for the medical community. I have a code for our family and how we’re going to handle certain things. Maybe that’s the biggest thing too, having a game plan like knowing what your philosophy on health is and then making decisions based on that. A lot of times we get sick and stuff happens in life. When you start making decisions based on fear and panic, that’s when you go down that slippery slope of not knowing where you’re going or taking advice that maybe is not the best advice for you.

You nailed it right on the head. In my opinion, everyone needs to create their own philosophy for health. There are people like chiropractors who are going to help you to see health from a different perspective possibly. My experience in the health and wellness industry has been there are things out there that I resonate with and I go all-in on those. There are things that don’t necessarily speak to me, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. It means that they’re part of someone else’s health plan or they might be what someone else needs to do more of versus me. What you’re speaking to is taking the time for each individual to think about, “What do I need? Do I need to go see a chiropractor? Do I need to do this? Do I need this?” It’s getting at this core philosophy behind it. What’s your core philosophy that you and your family abide by?

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Our philosophy is believing in the human body and having some serious confidence that your body can heal and repair itself given the tools that it needs. This is a great time that we’re having this conversation because both my kids had a 102-degree fever. A lot of people, the first thing they would do is get the baby Aspirin or Advil or whatever people use or take them right to the doctor. Here’s a natural process. The body does get ill or goes through a process of fighting spin-off, which is important because it’s going to help strengthen the immune system. There’s no need to panic. We know when’s the right time to take our kids in to see the medical doctor or to do something further.

I did an assessment of their spines and I adjusted them. We put vitamins and supplements into their body. We made sure they were hydrated and we made sure they got extra rest. My daughter was so funny, as she was sweating with a fever she said, “Rest is best,” as she’s walking herself up to the stairs. We’ve taught our kids at a very young age that, “Your body can do this.” We don’t need to rely on outside sources to bring health back into the body. We need to bring up things that are within the body, no toxicities and deficiencies. If somebody is toxic with something, let’s find what that toxicity is and how to remove it from the body. If we’re deficient, let’s put the things back into our body that is going to express health and let’s not panic. These fevers, these things are natural processes that the body has to go through.

You said something that’s key there that’s a nugget, “Don’t panic.” That is the biggest thing I see with everybody. They panic and immediately rush to something. They go, “I’ve got to go see my doctor, I need antibiotic, I need the Z-Pak, I need this, I need that.” Sometimes you’ve got to give the body time to heal itself.

I was that kid and that’s how I got into chiropractic. I was that kid that was constantly on antibiotics. I had recurrent ear infections, multiple tubes, a nasally nerd bum of a kid. Eventually, my mom got sick of giving me these drugs that weren’t giving me any lasting effects. Somebody told her to go to the chiropractor. Her first thought was, “What do the chiropractors have to do with allergies, sinuses and ear infections?” She gave it a shot because what she had been doing wasn’t working. She took me into a chiropractor. Thankfully, we had an amazing chiropractor, Dr. Kirby in Michigan. He took the time to sit down with my mother and explain how the chiropractic adjustment would influence my ears, eyes, nose, throat and my immune system. Sure enough, I hadn’t had a sinus infection since I was eleven years old until I went to Greece and dove off a cliff and landed sideways in my ear. I had a horrible sinus infection, but that was self-induced. Thank God for my mom and thank God that she was open to something new. At some point, when you’re doing the same thing over and over again, and we’ve heard it a thousand times, if you don’t change course, the same result will appear.

I’ve had countless conversations. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I used to work as a personal trainer at a very high level. I would always have to sit down with people and go, “You have to make changes or you’re not going to get a different result.” That’s the hardest part about adapting or improving your health is going through the process of making changes because it is painful. It doesn’t have to be physically painful, but there will be this mental block to changing because your body is hardwired biologically to create patterns and repetition. It finds comfort in doing the same things habitually because it’s easy. The easier something is for your brain, the more likely it is to do it. The process of change means you’re going off the beaten path. The metaphor that came to me is imagining there’s a path through the woods and it’s the one that everyone has walked on. That’s an easy path to walk. To create change, you have to walk off that and start hacking through the woods with your machete.

I think the word you’re looking for is evolve. You want to evolve into something and do something new and different that’s going to work for you. That’s what this doctor is talking about. I do want to talk to you about your CBD. Tell us about that because we tried it and I loved it.

Here’s what attracts me about CBD. This is across the board in anything that sparked my interest is that CBD is the buzz word. It’s going to be on social media. It’s going to be at every convenience store soon. We have to make a decision on, “What is CBD? Why would I take it? What to expect? How do I find a high-quality product?” The reason why I like it is because it interacts so differently to everybody. One individual takes it for sleep and the other one takes it for energy. As you take it over time, it adapts and that’s what our bodies are about. It’s about adaptation to the external stresses, the external stimuli. CBD is trans-membrane also. It has this deep effect on our body that most things that we take, even though they’re healthy, don’t have that deep of an effect. It can’t influence like CBD can.

Would you let everyone know what trans-membrane would mean?

It can cross the blood-brain barrier. It can penetrate cell walls. We know that the health of our body is a collection of cells. Whether those cells are healthy or ill, it’s going to dictate which way we go. Repairing a nice and smooth cell wall is critical to the things that are plaguing our society, which is cancer and heart disease. All of these things are based on a couple of commonalities. The cellular health is poor, it’s dismal and then the inflammation in our body. CBD does a tremendous or maybe the best job of anything out there at decreasing the slow grade chronic inflammation that our bodies produce overtime. It leads to all sorts of minor problems, but then also leads to those major problems that can end life short for many people.

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: Americans are getting sicker at a younger age than ever.


I will add to that, the system in the body works well with the cannabinoid, the CBD and the marijuana plant, the hemp plant. It’s the one plant on the planet that is a perfect match for us. You can go into more depth, but it’s a perfect fit for a piece where we have the CB1 and the CB2 receptors. If you want to explain what that is and why it’s so important for people like us to take CBD.

Will you start with endocannabinoid, ECS? What is ECS?

It’s short for endocannabinoid system, ECS. It’s funny when you have this conversation with people, they go, “I’m against that. I’m not for that.” Here’s the thing, you can’t be. It’s impossible. Your body produces cannabinoids. The reason why we haven’t heard about this as much is because it hasn’t been implemented into chiropractic schools and medical schools. If you look in the 1990s in Israel, they were doing studies on CBD and finding why is CBD reacting so well? This is when they discovered this ECS or endocannabinoid system. They found that it has the most regulatory receptor sites in the entire body.

What does that mean?

It can influence it from your brain to your lymphatic system to your gut. There are all these receptor sites, which means endocannabinoid can attach to them. When that happens, there’s going to be a benefit. Just like everything else, our body makes beautiful things in our body like hormones and it produces endocannabinoids. If you’re not adequately putting those into your body, then our ability to use them is going to be at a low. The ECS system runs in the same chain as your central nervous system. Sean said CB1 and CB2. That’s how I classify my patients. Is this a CB1 or a CB2 patient? CB1 receptor sites are found predominantly in the brain. I’m thinking of neurology patients, people with sleep disorders, seizure disorders, epilepsy. That’s where the first research was. That’s why it got its name because kids were cured of their seizures because of CBD.

Let me also add something else too. Do you know who’s got the patent on CBD at the moment? The US government has the patent on CBD because they used it as a nerve protector in 2004. The United States created it and took the patent on it and then they made it illegal, which is by far crazy. They experimented with our veterans. They have a patent on this because they introduced it in Desert Storm or somewhere in that range. It’s crazy because if you go to the government office, the US government has a patent on CBD, which is crazy. There’s a rabbi in Israel, Raphael Mechoulam who in the ‘90s took all this and said he couldn’t do it here. He went to Israel and he built his own farm and he’s been studying it since. Is that correct?

You know your stuff. You’re spot on. Speaking of the veterans and the PTSD, we have more people prescribed and dying from opiates on a daily basis than ever before. When you look at the CBD and I could rattle off examples but there’s research to support this.

Keep going because I can go with you. Look at the Big Pharma, opioids are introduced to the veteran, the PTSD, people like myself. Opium or all that stuff before the CBD because it’s such a money maker and the racket of what’s going on, that Big Pharma has squashed it and tried to push it aside.

It’s insane and it’s criminal.

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You want to go back in time. Our forefathers each had hemp farms in their backyard, Washington and Lincoln. You could make wood out of marijuana. You can make clothes.

If you’re going to our forefathers, did you know that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp? What better example do you need? Our country was founded on hemp.

Within our company, which is called Mahalo, we have two pain clinics that have switched. These doctors, I’m talking about high-integrity moral doctors, have switched their pain clinics from pain pills of any sort first. They brought in Mahalo to use CBD first. They are ordering every single month because that is working better and causing zero side effects compared to what they’re doing before. That’s so encouraging because if one pain clinic starts to do this, it’s going to have a ripple effect and people are going to start getting word of mouth. It’s going to travel fast. The PTSD, the anxiety, the depression, this stuff, CBD works incredibly well because its CB1 receptors are so deficient within the brain that are starving for you to utilize your body’s own natural endogenic CBD. It’s in your body and it’s being produced.

What’s stopping our bodies from using that?

The lack of CBD that we get from our diet. We’re dehydrated. It’s like from a soil production like our fruits and vegetables, all these things.

What is CBG or CBDA? Are you familiar with those?

I think CBG is what you’re trying to come up. That’s what our friend, Maria, was telling about a new compound called the CBG.

We only have a firm understanding of a handful of the endocannabinoids. You’ll see what’s going to happen. There are going to be certain products that are going to be higher in particular CBD or a certain chemical that is going to give you a different effect. I’m not even sure what G is doing right now, but like the A’s, those are going to be CBDA. It’s going to be a huge one for enhancing sleep and getting the body to relax where another strain is going to help with pain management or whatever, kick-off more of the anti-inflammatory response in the body. This is the exciting part because we’re starting to put the money to the research and figure it out because we don’t know enough.

There are thousands of strains in the hemp plant. I think we know 128 of them. The problem is you can’t synthesize the hemp plant because it’s too robust. It’s too strong. If you try to synthesize it and don’t grow it the right way, you won’t reproduce it right. You can’t take it in.

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: MDs and chiropractors have to be on the same plan and treat their patients together – whether it’s a child, a teenager, or an adult, because everyone needs both.


It comes down to how you’re extracting that and where you’re growing it. There are lots of things that come into play here.

Is there any research or study into there’s the CB1 and CB2 receptors? CB1 mostly in the brain, you said, CB2 throughout the body. As we ingest CBD and bring it into the system, what exactly is happening in the body? Is there a reaction taking place or compounds being made? Have they done research into what exactly is happening other than, “I feel relaxed and I’m getting better sleep?”

Yes, it’s having the effect on the receptors so that it’s able to be utilized to the brain or the immune system. CB2 is mostly gut health for the most part. Your immune system is going to utilize that by increasing white blood cells or whatever is deficient. Taylor, to your point too, I feel like the research is being guarded. You can go and look for it. It’s a lot harder than it should be. What I’ve learned with CBD and through the research that I’ve done and seen it through the clinical experiences that CBD is also working on a hierarchy. For example, I’ve had patients come to me to take CBD for sleep. I’ve become an expert on how to dose it, which is incredibly important.

CBD works but you’ve got to make sure you dose it correctly or take it correctly. It works on hierarchy on what’s going to go to the part of the body that needs it the most. How or why is that? I don’t know if I can give you that concrete answer but I also think, maybe we don’t need to have all the concrete answers. There’s an innate ability of our body that we need to trust that it knows what to do with compounds and substances once it goes into our body. All these things will expand with the research, but I’m just proud to be having this conversation right now.

You look at Charlotte’s Web company, the Stanley Brothers have that all started. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Charlotte’s Web, Taylor.

They were the first CBD product ever.

Sanjay Gupta did a huge expose on this. He knows a kid named Charlotte who was having the seizures and she was on 60 or 70 meds at one point. The father was off at war. The mother was trying to figure all this out and finally gave her daughter a strain of the hem plant. The Stanley Brothers saw an improvement of this young girl getting healed. Her seizures stopped. She was having 2,000 to 3,000 micro-seizures a week that was spinning out her brain. She couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t function. They introduced this strain into her and it worked and then it was a cause and effect. It went viral and there were families moving to Colorado to get the strain because they couldn’t ship it across state lines. That’s how Charlotte’s Web started.

There’s an awesome documentary on that too, Sean. If you have time, look that up because that is where it started. Charlotte’s Web did a great job. They’ve put CBD on the map and the seizure stories. Parents can tell you over and over again how much it’s helped their kids.

That’s incredible to hear because we had someone on who was talking about how scary seizures can be because you don’t always know when it’s going to happen. You can be driving your car, which happened to her and you end up in a car accident because you have a seizure. If there’s something out there that’s helping people reduce seizures in their life, that’s very important. Where I want to go next with you is making the distinction between CBD and THC. What do you see? Do you think there’s more benefit medicinally or therapeutically in CBD versus THC? Where do you sit on that fence?

We need to trust our body's innate ability to know what to do with compounds and substances that go in it. Click To Tweet

Based on what we have in front of us, the number of cannabinoids they’ve studied, THC has been studied quite a bit. Now, other CBD compounds are being studied. There are more therapeutic benefits with CBD. There’s a healthy mix. There’s a great relationship between the two as long as we’re respecting the ratio between the two. You’ve got to identify what is the objective of what you’re trying to get? What specific result are you trying to achieve? You have to find somebody that knows this stuff, that can help educate you and help you pick a product or help you pick the ratio that you need.

The main difference is at least for us we get all of our CBD extracted from hemp plants. It’s not a marijuana plant. It’s just a plant. It’s high in THC and it’s very low in CBD. The hemp plant is very high in CBD and very low in THC. Without the THC, you don’t get that high or that psychoactive effect. For some people, there’s a ton of benefit from them having a higher THC product, pain management, terminally ill, cancer. Those sorts of things that people swear by and it works. Taylor, I don’t mean to go backward, but you did ask me how does that work within your body? I wanted to explain this the way that it’s been explained to me and the way that it’s been documented. In India, they called CBD the balancer because it balanced the body.

If you look at our society as a whole, we are constantly in that fight or flight response. We’re constantly producing stress hormones, which we know over time is very destructive on our health. Where CBD triggers that parasympathetic response, I call it the wine or dine. It allows your body to digest food, sleep restfully, get into a very deep sleep so your body can repair and heal itself the way that it’s intended. People don’t sleep anymore or if they do sleep, they’re not getting nearly the quality. We can’t expect the body to heal the way that it’s intended. What we’re doing, and I’ve done this for a very long time, this is why I talked about this free clean energy. I have always been an ADHD kid.

I’ve been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. I’ve never taken any prescriptions for it. I took CBD and all of a sudden I was like, “This is the energy that I’m supposed to have, focused and clean energy.” Before I was like a bobcat with catnip. I was a wrecking ball. People were like, “Where does your energy come from?” It wasn’t productive energy and it was very chaotic. For my own body and for a lot of the kids that are taking CBD in our clinics, it gives them that focus that otherwise they’d be dependent on some ADHD medications that we know have thousands of side effects on. It balances that relationship between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, which your body is constantly trying to do. Homeostasis is the balance and your body needs balance.

That’s perfectly put in, calling it the balancer because it gets into the body. In my experience, if you need that relaxing of the chaotic mind, it’s going to bring that to you. There are so many compounds like that. I think they call them adaptogens. From what I’m hearing from you, CBD could probably be considered an adaptogen because it’s bringing that homeostasis and that balance to the nervous system.

You’re right and then it adapts into what your body needs. Going forward, it reacts differently. Whereas I used to take CBD at night and it put me right to sleep, there was no way I take it in now because I will literally clean the entire house. It gives me so much energy. My body has adapted to it and your body will adapt differently than mine.

Doctor, you make tinctures, you make pills and you make the salve. What’s the difference between all of those?

A tincture is going to be the liquid version of CBD and it’s faster acting. A lot of the times we’ll recommend people to put it under their tongue, hold and it gets into the body, digest and absorbs quicker. The advantage of that is it works quick. For an anxiety patient, that would probably be my first recommendation because they can take it at the spur of a moment when they start feeling anxious or something’s coming on. The advantage of taking a capsule is that you know exactly the milligrams that you’re getting them CBD in there. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about, “CBD didn’t work for me.” CBD works, so there were two things that went wrong. It wasn’t a high-quality product or they were dosing it incorrectly. I spend three days out of the week teaching doctors how to dose their patients appropriately to get the most out of CBD. The capsules are a good way to start because you can find what we consider that active dose that the patient needs to get the desired effect. A lot of patients will progress from a capsule to a tincture or salve. Maybe we’ll keep it on the capsules but do a lower dosage of the capsules.

In terms of dosing and I want to give people some information on dosing in case they’re at home trying this. My understanding of a lot of compounds or herbs or whatever out there is there’s a minimum effective dose. If you go below that or you go above that, your body’s not going to respond to it. Is there a similar thing with CBD where if too little, you’re not going to see anything but if it’s too much, you’re also not going to see anything?

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: CBD does the best job of anything out there at decreasing the inflammation that our bodies produce over time.


I’ve got a great example of that, Taylor. Figuring out what your active dose is the name of the game. Taking too little, you’re probably not going to feel that subjective effect that you want. Taking too much, this is how you know this stuff works. If a patient takes too much CBD and let’s say they’re taking it because they have a poor sleeping cycle. If you take too much, it will activate that CB1 receptor in the brain and people will describe having the most vivid dreams that they’ve ever had. It’s waking them up because it’s almost like, “What is going on?” You can see it’s having a direct impact on the function of their brain and neurons are just fiery. It’s the same thing with the kids that take it because it’s having this effect to calm their nervous system. That’s where there’s this trial and error period where I teach doctors how to differentiate between what’s too much and what’s too little and then honing in on that right amount. For the most part, we’ve been able to do that with ten to a fourteen-day window. That’s pretty quick compared to what most people are used to.

What’s your process for honing in?

A lot of it is subjective feedback. There are factors that go into the age and weight. Gender, I haven’t seen a whole lot of differences or major differences there. What I’ll look at, is this person taking it for a specific reason or are they taking it solely for a wellness proactive supplement? If there is a symptom or desired effect you’re trying to create, I’ve come up with categories of every diagnosis that we have and created protocols behind them. It’s pretty extensive but for the most part, people are going to take more CBD in the beginning because it’s the same analogy as if you went to the doctor and they drew blood. They took a vitamin D level and your vitamin D level was super low. The first they’re going to do is write a prescription for whatever it is, 50,000 IU of vitamin D.

Once you go back in three months, they check your levels and they are adequate. Hopefully, they are going to tell you to take a maintenance dose to lower that dose. CBD works the same way. A lot of the patients that I deal with, I’ll have them take more CBD at the beginning, a higher dose product and then we’ll slowly progress them to a lower dose once those levels build up. It’s also a great reinforcer that it works within the body as opposed to most medications. You take the same amount for a period of time and your body’s going to require more because it gets used to it. CBD is the exact opposite.

It requires less over time. That’s very cool to note. People might start off with a high dose. It’s going to be more expensive but then eventually they’re going to come down to something more reasonable. I know before the interview, you had mentioned five tips or pointed out there for people in terms of picking the right product, not just in terms of dosing but how you know you’re getting a high-quality CBD product.

This is important. Your audience should write these things down because if you’re going to open up your wallet to buy a CBD, pay attention to these five things. First of all, knowing where your CBD oil is made or how it’s extracted. There’s an extraction method that’s used. There are cheap ways to do it and then there are more expensive ways to do it. The price tag says it all with CBD. If it’s too cheap, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably because they use cheap extraction methods like using some heavy toxin. Butane is a pretty good example. We use a supercritical CO2, which it’s going to cost a lot more for us to produce it, but it ensures the purity of the CBD. You don’t have to worry about trace elements or chemicals within your product. That would be number one. What’s the extraction method or how is the CBD made.

Do you want to look for something that’s CO2 extracted or are there other good extraction methods out there?

There are two that stick out. CO2 is the one I prefer it. It’s the cleanest, a supercritical CO2. The other one is ethanol. It’s not my favorite. It can produce a high-quality CBD product, but we’ve stuck to supercritical CO2 because our labs are squeaky clean. Every time, our labs are so legit. I brag about them because that’s everything. That’s what the product is. That’s what the product speaks for. The labs need to be available first of all. When you’re going into a gas station to buy CBD, there’s not a printed lab there for you to see. Who knows what you’re getting?

Ethanol is not the game. I know a little bit about that in our world because you know where the ethanol is coming from. It’s so powerful that if you mix it, you’re going to have elements of ethanol in the CBD. I think CO2 is a bit better for the extraction. It’s exactly what Mahalo is doing. I stand behind you. I stand behind it and that’s my thought on that.

Knowing where your product comes from is key. Click To Tweet

That’s where we are. We use supercritical CO2 because we’ve done other ways and the cleanest labs come with the CO2 method. Number two is, where is the product being grown? Most of the products were coming from Europe. This industrial hemp was coming from Europe. We’re proud to say that our product is grown right in Boulder, Colorado. We know what’s been grown on that soil for a very long time. We know where the water source is coming from. You have to think about this for pretty much anything you’re putting in your body. What’s in the soil? Is it contaminated with heavy metals? We don’t need any more exposure to aluminum and mercury. The labs will show any contamination in a product. Knowing where your product comes from is key. That’s why chiropractors have a firm trust in Mahalo because first of all, we’re in control of our product. We have our hands on from seed to shelf. We know what’s going down and what everything is. We can say that with confidence. Any farms that we grow on are going to be handpicked and hand-selected.

I love that too because everyone says it’s coming from Switzerland. It’s coming from somewhere else. I didn’t involve this game a little bit. It’s coming from China. The Chinese are synthesizing this stuff and it’s snake oil. I love the fact that you said “seed to shelf,” that you’re watching the plant grow. You’re extracting the CBD. You know where it’s coming from. If it’s made in the United States, especially in Colorado, the soil is clean. The hemp plant is so strong, it can extract everything out of the soil. It cleans up everything. You want that soil to be clean. You want that soil to be fresh. You want to make sure that the surrounding areas have no toxins because it will absorb everything in there and spit it back out.

Sean, you know your stuff. Hemp plants are one of the most hyperaccumulators out there. It does suck up everything. You’re right.

I read an article too where they used the hemp plant to help clean up radioactive waste in Chernobyl.

Imagine, this plant is so strong. It should be growing everywhere.

That’s indicating the importance of where it’s being grown because if it’s being grown in a toxic environment, it’s going to absorb all that toxicity into the plant. You want to make sure that the soil that your plant is being grown in is pristine. That way you know you’re getting the best quality product.

I’m thinking about this too. What people don’t realize is that when you checked the CBD from Switzerland or China and you transport it over here and the carbon footprint is given out. How it’s being given to us here in the States, it’s picking up more toxin on the way over here. If it’s grown right here in the United States, it’s going right into the body. They’ve watched studies of taking CBD from Switzerland over to here and think about all the chemicals it’s now digesting on the way over. It’s how you bottle it or how you freeze it up. It’s no different than taking food over.

It loses its vitality. The first step in choosing a high-quality CBD product is thinking about where it’s extracted. We’re going for CO2 extraction. The second step, where it should be growing? What kind of soil it should be growing? Because it can be a bio-accumulator. What is number three?

Number three, check the THC amount. Check the percentage of THC because most people, and there are going to be exceptions, but for what we’re doing at Mahalo, we are trying to treat condition-specific disorders. CBD has the research to back what we’re hoping to achieve with patients. With the laws that are out there, the farm bill that changed in our favor here. Under 0.3% THC makes it legal to sell in every state. I’m thinking with my kids. I want to know how much THC is in there. The point is to know the percentage and then speak to somebody that’s trained, that’s an expert and knows what’s the best ratio or percentage for your body.

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: The chiropractic world can be the authority behind how to properly take CBD.


How many people cook with wine or alcohol? Taylor, you’re a chef, you cook with alcohol all the time or wine. My kids eat it and they are fine. The amount of THC in the CBD that the doctor talked about is so minimal that to me, it’s all healthy.

0.3% THC is not going to get you high. Having tried Mahalo, your product, Gabe. I did feel that slight, it wasn’t high, it was this euphoria and this relaxation.

That’s telling me though that your brain utilizes that CBD because you get that sense of euphoria. Think about a person that’s severely depressed. Give them that and the same effect is going to happen.

I think this is number four on the list because you are doing a full spectrum.

There is a full spectrum versus isolate conversation that has to take place. Unfortunately, the reason this conversation takes place is that an isolate product means you’re going through another step to extract all the THC out of it. We’re compromising Mother Nature. To some degree, you’re right because we’re changing what Mother Nature grows on its own. We’re taking things away from it. An isolate product was created because unfortunately, we have to say that if you were in a job where there is drug testing or something like that, there is a small percent chance that a full spectrum CBD product could spark a false positive on a urine test. It drives me nuts to say this. I’m cringing saying this because I give my family, my three-year-old the full spectrum product. I do not use an isolate product. There are benefits of isolate. It does work if you have that fear and you don’t want to take that risk for our military, even firefighters, police officers. A lot of those people are going to take isolate products. It still makes my skin crawl but that’s okay.

This product, is the Mahalo safe for the NFL, NHL, NBA, our first responders, the veterans and in the active duty?

It’s 100% safe. I have that conversation with every patient that I sell it to. I tell them that they’re right on the bottle. It says very clearly “0.3% or less THC” in there. If it’s a concern, take it to whoever you need to and have that conversation with them if it’s necessary. It’s a smaller percent of people, but we made isolate product to have it available for those people that were unwilling to take any risk or they needed the isolate product.

I’m willing to go a little bit where my mind goes in terms of thinking about the full spectrum. I might not know the most about this. There are probably compounds in the plant besides THC that are beneficial that you’re getting on top of those compounds when you think about doing something that’s more full-spectrum because you’re getting the entire plant instead of these isolated molecules.

Taylor, you’ll know this. Why do you love hemp seeds? Why do you think that is the best thing on the planet?

I’ve been diagnosed ADD/ADHD and never took any prescriptions for it. And then I took CBD and all of a sudden I was like, oh my God. This is the energy I’m supposed to have - focused clean energy. Where before I was like a bobcat with catnip. I… Click To Tweet

They are one of the most bio-available forms of protein on the planet. They have a perfect balance of omegas and they’re high in magnesium.

That’s what this has.

That’s how I think about it too. The terpenes, the wax, the fibers, all those things are so beneficial that I don’t even know if we’ll ever be able to calculate the synergistic effect of all those things together.

The studies have started and there are thousands of strains in this plant. We know that you love hemp seeds. You put them in shakes, in salads, in all your foods, omegas, the protein, the well-balanced, the nutrition. How long ago did those get into the market?

It’s been similar along the lines of weeds. They’ve had a hard time growing hemp seeds because of the same restrictions associated with the plant. In terms of nutritional profile, hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally healthy foods that you can eat. Speaking to some friends about the marijuana plant and terpenes specifically. They said that these specific compounds they call terpenes that are produced not just in the cannabis plant but also in fruits, vegetables, X, Y, Z. Someone told me that the cannabis plant replicates all the terpenes that you find in nature within the plant. Not in each specific plant, but across the different varieties of plants. You’ll see all these different terpenes that are replications of molecules found in let’s say the lavender flower or the pine tree or the rinds of citrus. I cut a lemon up and I was like, “It smells like cannabis in here,” because it was that rind of the lemon.

We can go on and on, but I guarantee the hemp seeds that we have now have traces of THC, CBD, adaptogens, terpenes because it’s all from the same plant. It’s like saying apples are now illegal. It’s the fight that the doctors are going through. It’s what I fight for because everyone who has a brain injury, CTE, a stroke, concussion or any of these things should be introduced to CBD immediately. If I would’ve started this in my coma, I would have been a lot more advanced and probably less severe with my disability at the moment.

I’m seeing it from a different lens right now because of the attention that Mahalo is getting. The most exciting part is I have more people in our community coming from medical offices, not for chiropractic initially, but because their medical doctor is trying something before they put them on Xanax, Zoloft or something else. I’m like, “There are good people out here.” It’s not even bad versus good. It’s an education awareness and challenging both communities, the medical community. My job here is for the chiropractors to step up their game. Learn and get the education on other avenues of natural healthcare including CBD because you can help so many more people or you can help them at such a deeper level than you are right now.

We see it in our clinics and we call them our Mahalo docs that we have across the United States. They’re all bragging about the patient that was 60% to 70% better by the adjustments. Now since they’ve introduced the CBD, we’re hitting autoimmune diseases at a whole new level in these clinics. This is going to bring in new patients with symptoms and problems they never thought a chiropractor will be able to help them with because the chiropractic world can be the authority behind how to properly take CBD. What CBD is and educating behind that because the medical community’s going to be far behind us.

Every article that’s put out and talks about CBD being a good thing, there’s another article that comes out right behind it that is produced by Big Pharma that says how bad it is.

AIH 58 | Healing Through CBD Oil Healing Through CBD Oil: Speak to somebody who is trained, an expert who knows what’s the best ratio or percentage of THC for your body.


You were talking about the patent. The patent is going to be the synthetic version of an isolate. It’s going to be 0% THC because that’s going to create less backlash. It’s going to create zero doubt in a patient. If it’s 0% THC, then that would be, “We’ll take it.” Now it’s being manifested and manufactured in a lab. It’s a synthetic version, which we know our body is not congruent with. I don’t know what’s going to happen but here’s what I do know. Follow these five things that we’re telling you and you have the best chance to succeed.

Can we recap that whole list? I don’t think we ever got to number five.

I’ll start with number one. Know how your CBD is being extracted. Supercritical CO2 is the method that we prefer and use. Know where your product is grown. Is it in the US? Is it coming from somewhere outside of the US? It’s also nice to be close to the source. All of our docs have access to the farm and they could pretty much know anything they want. Know the percentage of THC. Makes sure that the bottle is labeled correctly because there isn’t a whole lot of regulation on CBD. Number four, understand the full spectrum versus the isolate products and maybe which one is the best fit for you. Number five is I can talk about CBD and our product and how good it is all day long, but if it’s not third-party tested, I’m just bragging about whatever I want to brag about. Make sure the product is third-party tested and make sure that the outside sources are also given the same grade that you’re giving it.

I wanted to make sure everybody got that clear list so they can think about that. If you’re at all wondering where to get CBD from, we got our homeys here at Mahalo ready to take care of you. I’ve got one more question for you. This is what we ask everyone that comes on the show. You might have heard it. What’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is people. I’m a connector. My inspiration is creating energy and then giving it to other people and watching because people don’t know their potential. A lot of people are shuffling their feet through life. I did it for a while, then when I come across people like you, I get the best gift in the world, which is energy. That energy can be transferred to the person next to me. That’s what I’m here to do. Transfer good energy and help people realize that this is a good life, live it to the fullest.

Where can they find you? What’s the website?, that’s where you can look up our company. You can reach out to us through emails if you have questions. The reason why we created this was I was in Hawaii when we decided to go full board, but it makes so much sense with what CBD does. Mahalo means thank you. It’s the gratification and your body will thank you once you supplement with CBD and give your body the balance that it desperately needs.

Thank you so much for coming on here. If you’re out there and you’ve enjoyed this conversation and you haven’t yet tried CBD as part of your regimen, I encourage you to take action. See what that can do for your health because in my experience, I know I get better sleep and all that. A big thanks to Dr. Gabe for coming on here and sharing his expertise. I’m glad we got to meet with you.

Taylor and Sean, thank you. I appreciate you so much.

It’s our pleasure. Thanks a lot.

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