We all have elements of tragedy in our life, but Jeff Vanneman’s life changed ten years ago when his journey was abruptly redirected with the premature passing of my wife from cancer at 42 years old. For Jeff, it was a reevaluation of where his life was going and an awakening from the standpoint of developing the mantras and clichés on how he lives his life each day. Years later, after a few failed relationships, he met Selene Kepila, a natural-healing provider and health coach specializing in brain optimization. Today, Jeff and Selene talk about the transitions in their lives they had to go through to find healing from the inside out.

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Brain Optimization: Finding Healing From The Inside Out with Jeff Vanneman and Selene Kepila

I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’m going to start by sharing with you our mission statement here at Adventures In Health. Our mission is to provide hope, inspiration and resources so people can realize their natural ability to heal and live with purpose. So much of what we do is thinking about specifically how can we provide hope and inspiration because it’s been my experience working in health and wellness and doing various experiments and pushing myself to grow in certain ways that so much of it requires fuel for the fire. To me, that fuel for our lives comes in the form of inspiration. At Adventures In Health, where that inspiration and that hope comes from is people coming on and sharing their stories. Through people having the courage to share their stories, we’re able to learn from them what it takes to overcome challenges in our lives. Even if we haven’t had the exact experience as someone we’re listening to, there are always overlapping elements that relate to every human being and overlapping themes.

When we listen to another person’s story, we are given tools and resources to think about how are we showing up in our own lives. To me, that’s one of the most powerful tools in terms of health, wellness and pursuing growth and pursuing being well is having the inspiration to keep showing up every day. My guest, Jeff Vanneman, is a walking bundle of joy. His story is incredibly inspirational because of how he’s choosing to show up despite the challenges that he’s been through. Unfortunately, Jeff lost the love of his life. To many, this devastating blow would be incredibly challenging to come back from.

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It didn’t happen overnight as you’ll hear him sharing his story, but he made this decision to keep living. Through this idea of keep living, you remember a person that you’ve lost. Jeff’s mantra he shared with us is, “Seize the day.” It sounds so simple because it is but it indicates his purpose for the way he lives his life, which is to think about, “What can I do to have the best possible day regardless of what I’ve been through or what’s been happening?” He has so much wisdom and experience to share with us. If you’ve never met him, he’s this big walking ball of happiness, joy, love and kindness. The way he listens to you and tries to understand you is such a rare quality. He has all these incredible nuggets of wisdom for anyone out there who’s going through anything in their life.

Welcome to the show, Jeff Vanneman, Ms. Selene Kepila and Seany. We’re going to be focusing in on Jeff’s story. Jeff, you brought up this idea of tragedy versus awakening. Do you want to elaborate where that idea is coming from in your life?

We all have our elements of tragedy in our life but mine changed ten years ago when my journey was abruptly redirected with the premature passing of my wife from cancer at 42-years-old. The journey that we were on there came to an abrupt end for her. For me, it was a reevaluation of life and where we’re going when we get there. It was an awakening for me from the standpoint of developing the mantras and clichés on how I live my life each day and how I try to spread that message there as much as possible to those around me. If I can make a difference to one person in one day, then I’ve “done my job.” When you can put it in a bigger arena, that’s when you can see some significant changes. I’ve been blessed to have the ear of people along the way. I’m making a difference spreading the main messages I live each day from my life experiences. We all have had changes, struggles and tragedies in our life at different levels. I never discount anybody to any level, whether it’s divorce or loss of a pet or whatever. Tragedy is a tragedy. Mine has allowed me to definitely make a change and to live each day.

AIH 63 | Healing Inside Out Healing Inside Out: We think we’re going to live forever, grow old, hold hands, and sail into the sunset, but life happens for all of us.


What does that mantra mean to you?

Life is not a destination; life is a journey. We’re all going to hit that destination. That’s a given, whether it’s 42-years-old, whether it’s the loss of a child which I’ve had dear friends have had to experience and I can’t even begin to comprehend that aspect of life. I have seen my in-laws having to do what they had to do and still process this every day. For myself, it’s allowed to focus on making the most of every sunrise and sunset. Truly, that journey is what it’s all about for me.

Jeff, take us back to when this first happened, what was diagnosed and what was going on?

This is a beautiful woman who didn’t like going to hospitals and doctors from having some surgeries when she was a little girl. With the process of growing up in Southern California, there’s the exposure to the sun. Being a fair-skinned person, she wasn’t a sun worshiper in any way, shape or form. We pushed the envelope of, “You need to get these moles on your back looked at.” We started that and sent her into a dermatologist and started that evaluation where eventually they came back and said, “One of these biopsies did say melanoma.” We’re like, “What’s that?” They sent us down to the Santa Monica to John Wayne Cancer Institute. A little freckle was all of a sudden extracted with the size of a quarter, they were lichen and sentinel lymph nodes. We’re like, “What’s going on?” It’s a little bit more of cutting this out and going on with our lives. It was a process of two years of follow-up and her having physical issues, which sent us back to her regular doctor. Long story short, two years of missing the evolution of the melanoma within a week later to have all the PET scans and MRIs done, it had metastasized to Stage IV. In a six-month window of time, her life was over.

You biopsy the moles off her back. It got diagnosed and within six months this cancer struck her.

The cancer was already happening. They can be aggressive. They’re not going to show up overnight and metastasized to your brain in that period of time. There are whole backstories to that.

Jeff, you were successful and you still are. You guys were in the height of your careers. Is it just the two of you?

Yes, we had a partnership. We had no kids. She figured out that we couldn’t so we decided to make this journey the best that we could for both of us and people that we loved and adored and take them along the way. Things were amazing. We’re traveling the world, starting to set destinations and where we were going to go. That was the excitement for us in life thinking, “We were going to live forever, grow old, hold hands and sail into the sunset.” Life happens for all of us.

Within six months, you bury her from the freckle?


I lost my mom. I’ve been through a lot. Some people have been through some events themselves. What happens to Jeff? The guy on top of the world and has everything else seems lost. You lost the love of your life, your partner. Where do you go? Where’s your headspace?

As with everybody that has a tragedy, your headspace is a wow moment. You have to go through the processes of grieving where you can curl up in a fetal ball and suck your thumb and say, “Woe is me?” I looked at it from the standpoint of, “Yes, woe is me, but what am I going to do with this day? I have a new day to live and one that she didn’t.” For somebody that had this zest for life, I felt it was a disservice to her. Part of my journey has been for many years is she has been the focal point to help energize me on down days, to be positive, to know that I have to get out there and do something in her honor. I developed that process early on. I’ve always tried to be a positive person. Tying that in, I could sit there and go, “Woe is me?” There was a bigger message.

Jeff, that’s brilliant. It’s Carpe Diem. It’s seizing the day. It’s seizing the moment. You’d get a shift in your mind where you’re saying, “I’m not going to play a pity party. I’m not going to say, ‘Why me?’ I’m going to say, ‘What’s next?’” All of a sudden you bury your wife in six months, which I can’t fathom. Going through what I’ve been through, I buried my mom. It took three years to watch her die. I want to share how you took your mind because you could very easily have been on a park bench drinking a bottle of whiskey and saying, “I’m done.” Most people do that. They self-medicate.

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Don’t get me wrong, there were many stuck moments, but it was something of having to push myself out of it each time. It was a struggle; it was up and down. Granted, it took me six years plus until I was blessed to have this person walk into my life to be able to subsequently not have to reprocess that every time. That was part of the dynamic of the amazing woman that she is, but also what it is that she does help facilitate.

It’s like a one-two punch. It was perfect timing.

I’m blessed. Lightning did strike twice for me. My marriage was a twenty-year relationship. It wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was half of my life. I was blessed at that point. What if it was the end for me? That’s something that I did have going back three days before she passed. I was lying in a cot in the hospital room next to her as she’s hooked up to all these machines blinking and beeping. I woke up in the middle of the night with this absolute epiphany of mortality and being comfortable with it. For all my life up to that point, I was dealing with death and what is it, but things changed. I was happy with where I was at that point in my life.

If I was taking my last breath, it would have been an element of comfort and tranquility and I would’ve been okay with it. Ten years later, I have a little different approach on that because I have a new zest for life because I have a reason for being. I’ve recognized the message that I get to share when I share, whether it’s in a conversation, one-on-one with somebody or in a forum like this, which I don’t normally do. This is truly a first for me, when I sit across from this person that we’re all in the room with and the message that she brings forward.

You met Selene. You didn’t know what she’s capable of doing or who she is as a practitioner or a healer. Tell us who Selene is. What did she do?

My first text message to her is three words, “Who are you?” After having a conversation at a table in a social environment that I randomly sat down next to her and the two-hour conversation that we had, to which me eliciting a phone number. We were both in transitions in our lives. Both of us were not in a good place to begin a relationship in that way at all. Coming away from this meeting, there was this insatiable need to want to know who this person is. I always like to get to know people. That’s who I am. I’d much rather be listening to someone else talk. It makes me a little uncomfortable because I know that there are people much better doing this than I. It’s me constantly pursuing my lust for knowledge trying to find this out and then getting a little bit of exposure to her and what it is that she was doing with the brain optimization. My response was, “Yes, I come from Missouri, the Show Me State.” Not actually but hearing about some of the case studies and eventually becoming one. She had an ulterior motive and I didn’t have to deal with it when I’m sleeping.

When you went in to see her and be treated, what was she doing to you and what did you see happen? What was your state of mind?

My state of mind was over the place. I was coming out of another failed relationship attempt and feeling the waters for things. It’s like, “This is a person that is doing something that helps other people in so many ways per her, but I’m also the type of person that’s as I said is like, ‘Show me.’” It’s to be a case study to say, “How can this do some things for me? How can it benefit me and where am I going to see these?” It’s not something as visible as I turned black to white. Your brain is a very complicated thing. She explained some of the benefits of what it was that she was doing. I was like, “Let’s take a whack at this.” It’s the ability of your brain to make physical changes within your body as well as the mental.

I was coming at it from a mental standpoint. It’s like, “I want to feel better about myself.” I need to defrag. I’m dating myself in my age when we talk about defragging your computer, but back in the old days where you would push a button and you would watch your computer for an hour play Tetris with itself because it’s going to be faster, smoother and have a quicker response on that computer. That’s what I use the analogy of the brain and what brain immunization does. It shakes everything out. That’s what I needed my life. She said that I needed other things as well and I can allow her to elaborate on that.

AIH 63 | Healing Inside Out Healing Inside Out: When one goes through a tragedy, the brain can become stuck and it can be in a freeze mode or in a fight or flight mode.


Selene, what did you see and what did you start to treat with Jeff?

When we were first getting to know one another, neither of us was in a place of ready to be in a relationship. I certainly wasn’t. I was very eager to get to know him on a business level. When I realized there’s this amazing man in front of me, and even though I wasn’t ready for opening my eyes to a new relationship, we began to hang out more and which meant he would stay overnight a couple of times. I was waking up to his snoring. I have a couple of young kids from a prior marriage and we’d all congregate down in the kitchen and say, “What am I going to do? What are we doing?”

I said, “I got it.” I know snoring is an indication of not getting good, deep sleep. That’s essentially what I need to do. I need to do the brain optimization on Jeff and that’s what I told my kids. I’m like, “That’s what I’m going to do. No more of these sleepless nights.” I didn’t tell Jeff any of that. I said, “Don’t you think it’s about time that you check out what I do? It can’t hurt. Maybe it can improve your sleep.” He was reluctantly willing. I only did it with that intention truly. There wasn’t another ulterior motive, even though I knew he came from past relationships which were challenged on both sides due to his tragedy in life.

I got him wrangled into the chair and did several sessions with him. To those who are reading, brain optimization is a noninvasive, natural process in which we put sensors on the scalp. Those sensors simply read your brain frequencies into the computer and the computer translates those brain frequencies into some feedback. It can be sound, vibration or frequency. What happens is when one goes through a tragedy, the brain can become stuck and it can become either locked down like a freeze mode or it can be in a fight or flight mode. What happens is when we do have imbalances in the brain, there are symptoms and one of the symptoms for Jeff was he wasn’t getting good sleep. Therefore, he was breathing too heavy when he was sleeping and that causes snoring.

I was looking at it from the standpoint of my own personal benefit of being able to sleep, something that I pride myself in being able to do very effectively. By way of doing that, the brain doesn’t discriminate. When I had my motive, the brain saw Jeff’s brain. In other words, we’re essentially mirroring his brain back to itself and creating an acoustic mirror of his brain. The brain sees those imbalances and begins to heal from the inside out on its own terms. That’s essentially what Jeff’s brain did. It did more than the snoring aspect. I remember he made a comment to me and I wasn’t expecting it. He was like, “I never thought that I’d be putting Kimberly’s things away. I never thought that I’d rent out my place. I never thought I’d move out of my place or think about selling it ever.” There were these huge things.

There were turning points at that point.

You helped him move on, to climb over that bridge.

Exactly, to have that release that was needed to make those transitions. In part, it’s because of the partner that I have found and being able to process, “This is a new me; this is Jeff 2.0.” I think that evolution was also brought on by the process of cleansing my brain, making my brain healthy.

It’s allowing yourself that deep healing that our brain naturally does, just like a cut that heals.

You are a runner. Did you do a marathon?

That was an evolution of things.

It’s on Selene, but also you decided to take care of yourself. You’re physically fit, you’re tall and you’re a good looking guy.

It wasn’t always that way. My wife was a recreational runner to stay in shape and stay healthy. She would run two or three miles around the neighborhood and hills several times a week to stay in shape. I would venture out on occasion like, “I’m going to run with you here.” I found myself cutting corners and saying, “I will meet you back at home,” and I’ll get the dinner started. That wasn’t my thing. As I was going through this process, I recognized that I would wake up in the morning at the hospital and need to clear my head. Fortunately, being in Santa Monica, I was able to start running down to the ocean and standing at the end of the pier and looking out over the ocean and going, “What’s going on in my world? What’s next? What is this journey all about?”

What was going on in your brain going out to the pier? If you’ve never been to Santa Monica, you’re looking over the edge of the earth.

Truly, you are looking out at the end of the world. In essence, that’s what I was feeling and what’s going on with me. I’m looking out at this vast void and having to try and see something out there, which was my life going ahead of me. It’s poetic because I have a picture of her the day of her diagnosis. We went back to the Palisades Park and we were sitting on the edge of the park looking out over the ocean. That picture is a way of me connecting. I still have a vision of it in my head of where I could go. It’s a place of connection, which transitioned into how I need to do something and running became an outlet. I started doing those two and three-mile runs through the neighborhood literally screaming in my head, talking to her, “Where are you? Come to me. Give me some signal.” It’s that element of communication. A good friend of mine is a runner and had done not 100 marathons, but I had always looked up to him.

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We climbed Mount Whitney together on a whim. I said, “It’s time for a bucket list.” This is a wake-up call for me. I wasn’t even thinking that I would ever be capable of running a marathon before. I said, “I needed to.” I said I was going to target to do the Big Sur Marathon, which is a limited entry marathon, but it’s in one of the most beautiful places in the world. That was a place that had a sentimental value to me because I proposed to my wife in Carmel and we would take that drive and go there three or four times a year. It had a lot of personal significance. I started training for it, increasing things and did this first marathon, which ended up turning out to be the Los Angeles Marathon. I finished it and had a wow moment along the way.

Unfortunately, there was a younger gentleman who was 21, 22-years-old with an undiagnosed heart condition that had dropped in front of me at Mile 19. As I’m walking past him, before first responders are even going there, I was going, “Life is happening.” That was another key moment. Keep pushing through. Don’t stop. You have a journey. We all have a journey and make sure you continue that journey. Yes, I was going to get to a finish line. We’re all going to get to that finish line, whether you crawl or run. I did okay. I finished my first marathon in over four hours and five minutes.

You’ve completed and you finished in a great time. You can’t look at that as like, “I just did it.”

No, I was ecstatic, but it also inspired me to go on and it’s like, “I can do it in under four hours.” I kept that process going and that became a therapy for me. Whether I was running with my friend, it was doing something good for me and it was allowing me to connect with friends in this process. It continued up to the point where I pushed myself where I ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which was something, in the beginning, you never think about it. For Boston, to get into it, it’s the Superbowl for runners. You have to qualify based on an age group. It’s limited in the scope of how many entries of people they allow in.

The top 1% of runners in the world get that opportunity. I qualified for two years. The bombing is another life moment. All of these things are dots that connect from my journey. The second time I did Boston, six days later, I did this competition where it was running Big Sur. It was two marathons on two coasts, six days apart and it was Boston and Big Sur. I finally got to run Big Sur. That was the completion of my marathon career. I’ve done a few, but then I transitioned in and did and triathlons to save the knees, being six foot four. It’s that impact over a period of time. That journey of setting goals for yourself as well, but make sure you’re having fun along the way.

If someone loses somebody special to them, what are your words of advice? What do you tell these people? They’re in disharmony and their world’s upside down. They don’t know whether to cry, scream, yell at God or do whatever.

You have to do it all. You can’t say, “I’m going to put this in a box and put it over here and not deal with it anymore.” It’s going to come back to you but know that you are there. You have the strength and to have the power to persevere and to build off of that tragedy. To try and take something that’s clearly negative in your life, whether it was something that was bestowed upon someone else you loved or something that you’re dealing with yourself. It’s to make the most of it. You’re still here. You opened your eyes to do something positive with your day to the best of your ability. We have good days and we have bad days. Life is full of cycles, ups and downs. There’s a synergy to that and I think there is an element of that.

Jeff, I love what you’re saying because it touched my heart, but I got to turn this over back to Selene. If you have someone like Jeff, if you have a client who loses their spouse, you look at them and they’re in disarray. They chose not to go to the medical doctor route. MDs are great, but not everybody wants to go get medicated. A guy like Jeff didn’t want to be numb. What is your protocol for someone like that? They were saying not to go on Zoloft, Xanax and numb their brain. How do you treat them?

AIH 63 | Healing Inside Out Healing Inside Out: When you set goals for yourself, make sure you’re having fun along the way.


I want to say one thing before I answer that question. To Jeff’s point, whenever I see someone come through my doors, I don’t have to know what’s going on to help them because the brain knows. When I know someone has had a tragedy, a loss or whatever’s going on, sometimes it’s too late. They might be already numbing out and band-aiding on drugs. They’ve made her already taken that path.

It could be alcohol.

It could be anything, gambling or shopping. It’s very important to help them remember that you are human. We need to feel and we need to express. It’s who we are as humans. It’s to let them know that this is not going to be a process where we have to sit for hours and talk through all the pain. This is not talk therapy. You’re amazing for coming through the door. That’s super courageous. Regardless of how you think that things might be, the brain has that ability to heal deeply from the inside out. I keep reassuring people that you must feel and express, but there’s also the stepping forward. As Jeff said, you have to try to take that step forward and know that time does heal and things will get better and there are good things in store for us in the future. It’s amazing that I even have people who are suicidal walking on Monday and on Friday, it’s going to happen. I’m super confident because I know the power of the brain and its ability to heal so deeply, so profoundly. We have that sight of us, but at the same time, we need to do what we can to take those steps forward and be confident that we will get through it. I’ve had my own set of tragedies and we all have.

Walk me through when someone shows up at your door, someone who’s never been inside of your place. It’s intimidating at first. I know you helped me because I was one of those people who were ready to check out and you’ve done so much on me. What can they expect? What do you do? You’re doing an evaluation. You figure out what’s going on with them. I know you have different machines and different therapies, but how do you take them to a path of where they need to be like Jeff?

The first thing we tried to do is try to understand how long they have been suffering. What medications are they on? Are they self-medicating? Where are they at in this process? Is it early on or the late stages? We can identify which protocol or which technology we feel that would be the most effective based on their budget, their schedule and their willingness to even come in. Because I’ve had many experiences with all these different modalities with the brain, I can get the best indication of what to do with that person and give them the immediate relief that day. I know in different times with different people, sometimes it could take the third time, but I try to encourage them that if they keep coming through the door, it will get easier and easier and they will feel slowly like they’re pulling themselves out of the mud and they’re starting to see the light, future and some hope.

I’ve following along in this conversation and one of the ideas that’s been bouncing around in my head and you guys have brought up is when we experience an event, whether in our life, tragedy, traumatic, whatever the word for it is, what I’ve been thinking about is this event happened, how did it change me? The next question being is, do I like what it’s done and what am I going to do about it? Jeff, you’ve been this beautiful example of experiencing an event, having it changed you, but in my eyes and what I’m getting from you is you took the event and you let it shape you into something greater.

I’m a different person than I was back then. I call myself Jeff 2.0 and I’m blessed to be able to have had this revision early on in life, metaphorically speaking. I’m feeling a little old at times. To be able to have that is a blessing. All of us are going to have moments in our life that are going to allow us that opportunity to change and what are we going to do with them. I chose to maintain positivity in every aspect of my life as much as I possibly could during that period of time. All of us have had moments that had been changing to us. As I alluded to, and I’m going to throw this back at Sean because as much as you’ve asked me to come here and share my story, I am doing this in part because of you, your story and who you are that I know. I didn’t know you early on in life. In the short period of time that we’ve had and your message and the pathway that you’ve taken to be at a bad point in your life, what you’ve become is this conduit for this message. It’s your four-point message.

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I can, I shall, I will.

That’s poetic to me, the choice that you make each and every day. I know because of you and your challenges, that can be tough for anybody, but you persevere. You go through it and you have your ups and downs. If this doesn’t reach with one other person out there in the universe, it’s reached me in that ability. I’m here to hope that others get one message from any of us. Taylor, you went through some changes at a much earlier age. You had your wow moment of where your path was and what it is that you’re doing with your life. Selene, she was blessed to realize from a very early age that she was going to make a difference in this world. She’s one of those dynamic entities that will leave their mark on the face of this earth with the people that she touches, the thing that she does and the messages that she gets out there through the highs and lows, the struggles that she’s had in her own personal life. It’s a message of wellness, health, perseverance, prosperity and balance.

You brought so much balance into my life. I love what I do and I can’t stop doing it. I did it seven days a week when I met you. You contributed that into my life. Jeff and I are three and a half years in a relationship. It’s unbelievable how Jeff lives it. I witnessed this man saying, “What are we going to do today? How are we going to make this day great?” He’ll force us to squeeze anything we can and he’ll race to the sunset. That’s what’s incredible too as Jeff and I’ve had our relationship. We meet so many different people and he truly gives this unbelievable message to people. Whether they’re sitting at an area and they’re wallowing, Jeff literally touches them. In those few seconds, he’s able to say, “I feel you.” He transitions it over to, “How are we going to make this day amazing for you?” He does it and he touches people in such a depth level. I love it about him that he has that spirit and he’s walking his word.

She’s speaking to your heart. You’ve seen that. She truly loves you no matter what. For someone who’s been through something like what you’re sharing is awesome because it’s hard for us to accept love at a certain time because we’ve been let down. I see love and affinity. I saw something on TV, Game of Thrones. It’s so special to me. It’s the last episode and they end it with, “All we have left is our story. Our story will transcend for generations and generations.” It doesn’t matter how much power you have or who you are or what you think you own. Your story is so powerful. Your story will transcend time. It’ll cross barriers and paths. Your story, Jeff, is being told. It’s just the beginning of something even more to come because you’re going to be able to touch so many people and at the same way help those people to transition and to show up to Selene’s place to get treatment.

Knowing your story, what I’m taking away from it is no matter what happens to you, if you’re open and receptive to it, you can make each day amazing. You can keep pushing forward and finding joy in life. Being with you and knowing you share this, it’s so empowering because you’re living proof.

The message never gets old.

The story never gets old because you are a wonderful story.

I’ve told it a couple of times. I’m still impassioned. It’s the message. It’s the path that I’ve chosen. I don’t have any plans of deviating from that. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. It’s a message that circles back around to your brain. We all make choices in life. Sometimes for some people it could be tough to get out of bed or they say, “I don’t want to go to this job.” Make a change in that life. My change was made for me in a certain aspect of life. Even prior to that, my wife and I were very successful in the business that we had. I’ve always aspired to try and do the best that I could. I will never break records on anything, but if I can be in the top percentile of anything in life, that is very fulfilling. If you push yourself for that, it gives you that desire to wake up the next day and do it again. As I look at you, you’re making changes, you’re getting up every day and you’re making a difference. Anybody out there can make a difference. It’s the whole aspect of, “I’m only one person, I can’t do anything,” but you are that one person that you can do something for somebody else.

AIH 63 | Healing Inside Out Healing Inside Out: All of us are going to have moments in our life that will give us that opportunity to change. The question is what are we going to do with them?


You never know what you do is having an impact on someone. I’ve had people in my life come to me six months later and they’re like, “You said one thing to me and it totally shifted my perspective.” To me, it was this offhand moment in time, but to that person it totally clicked and rocked their world. One thing you made me remember was something I heard in an event we did with Brett Jones who came on the show with his wife Marie. They have an event called The Relationship Warrior Code. What he brings up in the event is he says that in life, pain is obligatory, suffering is a choice. What you’re embodying with this message is that you are going to experience pain, you are going to experience tragedy in your life, you are going to experience hardship in your life, but are you going to let that build you or are you going to let that break you? I’ve got one final question for you. What’s your inspiration?

My why is making a difference for others. I don’t have the capability to drill down to the specifics of it like, “That’s so profound. That’s a great message.” My message is to make a difference for others. With my partner, she has a bigger message and a bigger purpose in life. In my mind, what it is, who she is and what she does is a greater good than ever I could do personally. That’s my own humbleness.

I think your mission is you love to see people smile. You create smiles on others because I teach my daughters, it’s so easy to be mean but it’s hard to be nice. You’re the one prison who walks into a room at your height and your stature. How do you not look up to you and go, “I just want to love this guy, smile to this guy?” Your smile is contagious.

Why would you want to surround yourself with, “You’re making other people miserable?” Maybe there are people out there that get an element of joy from controlling a room and that environment, but not me. My message is positivity. I want everybody smiling. I want everybody to feel as good as I feel. If I can transfer some of that love, joy and happiness with whatever my ability is, I want to do it. I came here not feeling that I have a message myself.

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I saw you come in with that so we shift to state. Thank you for coming on the show. How can people find you?

I market residential real estate in California, Calabasas and surrounding areas.

Do you have a website?

It’s JeffVanneman.com. I do that because it’s an element of bringing joy to people. When people find a house, it’s going to become their home. It’s going to create smiles and it’s an environment. The challenge of making that happen and bringing that together, it’s not an easy job, especially in this market. When it does come together, it’s very fulfilling and that’s my ability to do that. It also allows me to be my own and control my own destiny.

Selene, where can they find you?

It’s Ensele.com.

Thank you guys very much for sharing your smiles, wisdom and your joy for life because the message in my world is sharing the joy for life. That is the most powerful message.

Thank you for allowing us to make a difference.

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AIH 63 | Healing Inside OutSelene Kepila is a nationally recognized natural-healing provider and health coach, specializing in Brain Optimization.

For over a decade, Selene has served clients in Calabasas and across the U.S. Brain Optimization is an advanced technology that fosters natural healing, without medications, regardless of health issue (mental, emotional or physical). Selene offers this cutting edge technology to help clients heal from being stuck in a state of stress and trauma.

About Jeff Vanneman

AIH 63 | Healing Inside OutAs an agent who’s an expert in this local area, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate here. It’s not the same everywhere, so you need someone you can trust for up-to-date information. I am eager to serve you. Here are some of the things I can do for you:

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