Our body innately keeps us healthy. However, with what we unknowingly consume, we tend to put our body and our health at risk. In this episode on foundational health, we look to what Mother Earth provides to give our body all of the nutrition it needs. Our guest, Dr. Stuart Hoover of Mother Earth Labs, points to organic whole food nutritional supplements that would allow us to access food that gives our body these raw materials to be healthy and happy. Dr. Hoover describes Mother Earth Labs’ mission and encourages us to solve the issues that affect our health and well-being. In line with the foundational concepts, let’s think deeper about the foods we are eating and whether or not we are getting all the good stuff in.

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Foundational Health And All-Natural Supplements with Dr. Stuart Hoover

To introduce this show, I’m going to start with a little bit of a story and this all started at the Farmers Market here in Calabasas, California. I came across a vendor called Apricot Lane Farms and they’re a biodynamic organic farm. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with what this entailed, but they came out with an incredible documentary that shows exactly what their farm is all about. This documentary is called The Biggest Little Farm. If you have not had the chance to check it out yet, I highly recommend checking it out, whether you’re into farming or not, it’s beautifully shot. They tell this amazing story of taking this dead piece of land and transforming it into a thriving ecosystem of a farm. The whole premise of their farm is that everything on the farm works in harmony together, which means they’re not using pesticides, they’re not using chemicals to help control pests.

They had one episode happen on the farm where they had snails infesting all the trees. John, the guy who owns the farm, asked his wife, “We can’t use any chemicals. We can’t use any pesticides, right?” She goes, “No.” They had to start thinking creatively and thinking about how nature works in order to figure out how to deal with this. What they ended up figuring out was that if you took all the ducks from the duck pond and you threw them into the orchard, the ducks would go crazy on the snails and eat them all. To me, it’s this very ingenious approach to farming that is a little bit more labor-intensive, but what you’re getting is you’re getting an ecosystem on this farm that’s actually supporting not just the health of the environment, but it’s also supporting the health of the food that we’re eating.

They have this great transition that they show from the beginning of the movie. They pick up this clump of dirt when they first show up on this piece of land they purchased and you can’t drive a shovel into it. It’s as hard as a rock. It’s dry. There are no nutrients in it. Through the process of building the seacoast system, they are able to create this soil that was dark rich, brown, full of itty-bitty microorganisms that are breaking down all this old dead material and transforming it into new life-giving nutrients. It took seven years, but it was incredible to see this transformation of how a farm can function if we’re doing it in this way. Where this conversation steers in terms of our podcast guests is talking about the health of the soil that they were able to create in this farm.

Through some of the research I’ve done, the health of the soil is directly correlated to the health of the food that we eat. If we’re eating food, even if it’s organic food in the modern world for eating food that isn’t grown in healthy soil, we’re not giving our body all of the nutrition it’s supposed to be getting. Our guest and the company he works for are addressing this issue by providing us what I call a soil-based all-natural mineral supplement. If we don’t have access to food that’s being grown in the way that Apricot Lane Farms is growing their food, we at least have an alternative to no give our body these raw materials to be healthy and happy. Mother Earth Labs is the company we’re talking with, specifically a guy named Dr. Stuart Hoover.

He’s going to describe to us a little bit about why Mother Earth Labs does what they do and how we can start to think about this issue that’s going on the world and how we can, at least in our own health and wellbeing, solve this problem. This is a topic that’s very dear to me because to me, it’s this foundational concept we’re working with it. Thinking about how the food we’re eating is affecting us, but more specifically, are we getting everything we’re supposed to be getting and is the soil we’re growing our food on healthy? This is a way to work around that and me and the doctor will get into it on the show. Without further ado, welcome Dr. Stuart Hoover.

Welcome to the show, Dr. Stuart Hoover. How are you doing?

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I am doing wonderful.

We’re so glad to have you. For anyone out there reading, will you give them a quick who you are in your own words?

I’m Dr. Stuart Hoover and it’s a pleasure to be on with you. I have been in the foundational health field for 25-plus years. A lot of people may have never heard of that term before, but I’m sure we’ll get in a little deeper on what foundational health means. We’re assessing our clients more from a foundational, functional perspective and helping to educate and empower them on how to begin making lifestyle changes and using supplementation appropriately for what they need to truly address what I like to call a lot of the root dysfunction that we’re dealing with. For the 25 years, I have worked with over 30,000 clients around the globe.

I spend the bulk of my time as the Director of Professional Services with Mother Earth Labs. I teach other practitioners around the globe a lot of what we’re doing and how to truly address this dysfunction and imbalance in the foundation that everybody’s dealing with. As I say, we don’t just leap from being healthy to disease. We go from being going through levels of a loss of foundational health and dysfunction that ultimately leads to disease. Everybody reading this, understand that this is a slow process that we go through and unfortunately, our medical system, which is great at what it does, has evolved into more of a disease-care system. It’s like you’re either normal or diseased. We’re going to help identify what normal is because normal many times is not healthy.

This has been my observation, that the normal that we’re working from isn’t ideal. We’re working from a compromised normal to begin with. You’re speaking my language, especially when you’re talking about getting to the root cause of anything that we’re dealing with. That’s been my mission in my own health and my own exploration in the health world is trying to dig beneath the layers and get down to the bare bones. What is essential, what is foundational? Let me master those first before I worry about anything above that. You say you’re in the foundation of health field. To you, what is foundational health?

When I say foundational health, we do like to break it down to the true foundation. To me, that’s cellular health and function. If you think about our body with trillions of cells that make up all the tissue that ultimately makes up organs and then systems. Anytime we’re dealing with disease or symptoms in organs or systems, you have to understand that the origin was a loss of cellular health and cellular function. When that occurs, then this trickles up and it begins to affect everything. I’ve been in medicine my whole life and I’ve watched this evolve into this managed care. We hear the term managed care and a lot of people think that’s insurance-related. It really is and this is how we’re being managed now.

AIH 62 | Foundational Health Supplements Foundational Health Supplements: We don’t just leap from being healthy to disease. We go through levels of loss of foundational health and dysfunction that ultimately leads to disease.


Even when you go to your doctor and you’re like, “I’m not feeling good. I’ve got low energy. I’m hurt. I’m overweight. I can’t lose weight,” or whatever it is, they run blood tests and everything comes back normal. From their perspective, you’re no worse off than everything else. You brought up an important point, ideal versus what is the standard. People have to understand that even with blood chemistry and these ranges that are created, that is based on our general population, which is not a healthy group of people to start with. The way things are looked at, you are either normal or when you’re outside these ranges, there’s now disease or pathology and that’s when everybody goes to work.

That in-between state is our responsibility. Our job is to help educate and empower people into taking control of their health because the best healthcare system is an educated individual that is empowered to make the right choices for their personal situation. What we have found over the years, especially working with substances like humic and fulvic acids are these are actual nutrients, some molecules that our bodies were designed to function with. Without these molecules in our diet, coming in foods, we begin to lose that cellular integrity. The energy levels begin to drop at the cell level. What happens is now the cell becomes dysfunctional and this makes its way up the ladder and presents itself as different symptoms. We may not be diseased yet, but we’re certainly not functioning ideally. I love that term. You mentioned ideal. That’s a great thing we need to look at. Are we average health or normal or are we in an ideal space?

Where that resonates for me is through my own experience of realizing the concept of we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know how good we can feel because we’ve never felt it. There’s no baseline for that. If you’ve never felt something beyond where you are, you don’t understand that it’s even possible. You mentioned towards the end there, you were starting to talk about humic and fulvic acid. Where this conversation spurred from me is getting into this in talking about the cells. In my research and you can tell me if this is still accurate, what we’re talking about is these nutrients that we’re supposed to be getting through the soil in the food that we eat, but we’re no longer getting that overall.

When you think about humic and fulvic, these molecules, which we like to call nature’s miracle molecules, are created in the soil when vegetation is broken down by microbes that are in the soil. That makes a very rich substance called humate in the soil. These molecules draw nutrients and trace minerals from the soil up into the plant. When we consume the plant, these plants are now very nutrient-dense. They’re loaded with these vital trace minerals and elements that our bodies require. When you look at the food source, almost everything we’re consuming is engineered. A lot of it is because of farming practices. We’re over-cultivating the soils. We’re not resting soils. We’re speed-growing things.

We’re using a lot of chemicals and herbicides that stunt the activity of these microbes in the soil. We’re no longer getting these molecules produced in the soil to help build rich nutrient-dense plants. When you look at the amount of nutrients in simple foods like apples or lettuce or broccoli or cabbage, it’s well over half of what it was decades ago. What we’re doing is we’re manufacturing food that looks good, but it has little to no nutritional value to it. Without these humic and fulvic molecules that are truly supporting cellular health and bringing these abundant trace minerals into our bodies, our bodies can’t function properly.

That was very well-said. It’s in farming practices. The Gift is the name of the product that Mother Earth Labs makes. When I share it with people, I tell people, “In an ideal world, this doesn’t need to exist, but since we’re not farming in a way that’s creating these nutrient-rich soils and we’re not getting the nutrition we’re supposed to be getting from the food, we need to bring in these foundational elements somehow.” Because we’re biologically wired to need these life-giving molecules that are coming from the soil. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to think about it. We wouldn’t have to pick it apart and analyze it.

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As we became sick as a culture, we had to start thinking about, “What’s going wrong here?” Fortunately enough, people in your line of work have said, “This is where the foundational elements are. If we can’t get those in the food supply because that’s hard, it’s necessary for us all as individuals to take our own wellbeing into our own hands and say, ‘If I can’t get this from the food we’re eating because the way farming practices are, at least there’s something available where I can supplement and bring these essential nutrition elements into my life.’” The way I like to think about it simply is thinking about the cell. Most people don’t understand cellular health or cellular energy dynamics. I’m probably one of those people that doesn’t understand it that well, but when you think about it, it’s like an engine. Imagine an eight-cylinder engine trying to run on four cylinders. It still runs, it will still get you somewhere, but it’s not running the way you want it to run. It’s not revving your body the way you would want it to. That’s the same when we’re missing ingredients, we’re not able to build healthy cells that support us.

You mentioned something important about our reality. You’re right, people don’t know how it feels to run on eight cylinders because most people are running on four or six and that becomes the new norm. That engine is built to run that machine. A machine is a machine and you can’t dial back the engine or it’s not going to run efficiently. It’s a great analogy. It’s interesting over the years when I would sit down with patients in the clinic and I’ll go down the list of things that they’re concerned with and I’d come down to, “How do you feel? How do you get through the day?” “I’ll get through the day okay.” That’s their perception.

Four weeks later, I sit down with them and go, “How are you doing? How are you getting through the day?” “I didn’t even know what it felt like to have good energy to where I woke up in the morning at 7:00, I didn’t have to take a nap that day. I didn’t crash after I ate lunch. I went all day long until 9:00 or 10:00 with good, solid energy and I slept for a good seven to eight hours at night.” How many people do that now? That’s so foreign. That’s the difference when you’re supporting the body the right way. You also mentioned supplementing. The supplement business is a massive business. Years ago, as I was talking earlier, I used to be one of those guys that had 300 products in my clinic and we were using all these different things. I determined to manage conditions and symptoms and we weren’t getting truly to foundational health.

When we began to shift our focus more on supplying the cells with these essential needed molecules, we didn’t have to push all these other products out there. You could put people on humic and phobic and great things happen. I know Ty was sharing a wonderful story earlier about how it helps digestive issues that he was having very quickly. That’s how the body is designed to work when we give it the right things. You’ve got to think about supplementation as what we’re not getting. Supplements aren’t a replacement for food and nutrition. You have to be very select and understand that there are certain vital things that are missing and those are the things we have to supplement with first. When you do that, there isn’t the need to be throwing all these other things in the mix.

I used to work for a supplement company, so this resonates with me. Having been in the health industry for a while, by some nature you always end up buying supplements because you hear, “There’s this miracle supplement that’s going to boost brain function.” To me, it never felt quite right. It’s not to say you can’t get a benefit from a supplement but to me, it never felt quite right that any person should be taking fifteen supplements a day or spending all that money. I had the good fortune in my life of not being able to afford all the supplements that everyone was crazy about. Through the process of not being able to afford it, I was always looking for ways to maximize efficiency. I was always looking for what’s the least I can do to put my body in the best place? Part of that discovery was boring down and getting on the cell level of what I need and what everybody needs to feel good, to function and to be happy. I know you mentioned the story of having 300 supplements. You mentioned that you ended up with six.

We were able to whittle that down over the years to about six products. It didn’t matter what people were coming in the clinic with because when we were truly focusing on foundational improvement, we were able to move the body into a position of healing and restoration. The symptoms began to clear and chemistries would begin to change. Pain would begin to reduce and circulation would improve. We were riding the body, putting it in a better functional state instead of trying to manage cholesterol levels with four or five different products for blood pressure or pain or whatever. The body’s pretty intelligent and one thing that we all have to understand is the body innately wants to be well. When we can support it appropriately, that’s the position we’re going to put it in. That’s the direction that’s going to express them.

AIH 62 | Foundational Health Supplements Foundational Health Supplements: One thing that we all have to understand is the body innately wants to be in a better functional state.


What were the six foundational supplements you started using in your practice?

The Gift was always a great product. It’s a foundational product because the humic and fulvic molecules, you mentioned earlier thinking of the cells as little engines and they are. They’re all like little engines and they have to be powered. That’s a lot of what humic and fulvic does, especially folic acid. It powers the cell membrane and it increases the charge. It’s almost like we’re bringing battery chargers into the body. We’re also bringing in the full complement of trace minerals. A lot of people hear about trace minerals and deficiency. Everybody’s deficient in trace minerals so we’re bringing in the appropriate balance of trace minerals in and we’re also helping to support detox pathways where a body can get rid of metabolic waste more efficiently. It can bind in all heavy metals and other toxins and so that this was such a great place to begin.

We also have a very comprehensive bailey all in one product called Ph Balancer, which starts with The Gift but we’ve included 310 other all-natural ingredients like methylated B vitamins. We hear a lot about methylation issues now, which is vital to our health. We built that product to take the place of a multivitamin, multimineral and digestive support and all this. That was our anchor all in one product. We also have a very good gut restoration product and it’s called GI UltraMAX. To me next to cellular health, the other area that has to be focused on is improving gut health. Our immune system is greatly influenced by the health of the gut. We’re not digesting foods and processing foods properly. That creates immense dysfunction in the body, so we developed a very foundational product that helps to improve and restore gut health.

We hear about leaky gut syndrome, which probably upwards of 80% of our population deals with some level of that. It was designed to repair and bring back this healthy barrier in the gut and help support the thousands of beneficial microbes that we have in the gut that we’re finding pretty much play a role in every function in our body. Also, our proteins, we have two very good protein products, our whey and our veggie-based protein product that we use. A lot of people are not getting ample protein or they may be using proteins that aren’t breaking down. It’s not efficiently in the body. We have very unique support from enzymes that help to digest that protein literally within ten minutes of consumption. I’m also a big supporter of iodine. We’ve got a phenomenal iodine product. Another major deficiency that we’re dealing with is iodine.

These were our anchor products that we were using in different combinations. I could take three or four of those products and recommend to somebody and say, “Use these for three months and begin to make moderate changes in your diet, eliminating a lot of the inflammatory and high-glycemic foods.” People begin to see quite a shift in their health because again, we’re going at this from providing the essential things we’re not getting in our diet with the humic and fulvic, focusing on restoration and improvement of the gut and supporting these vital trace minerals. These combinations seem to provide a very solid foundational program for people.

I totally agree with you because it’s understanding that our body has this intelligence to it. It knows how to heal. If you get a cut on your arm, you don’t have to think about it healing, it heals itself. Our body knows how to take care of itself. It’s incredibly smart. Oftentimes, the only thing lacking is the resources. I always equate it to trying to build a building or trying to build a skyscraper. If you’re trying to build a skyscraper out of wood, it’s not going to work out that well. You need the proper foundational materials to build that skyscraper and the body is the same way. If you don’t have the right raw materials, you’re never going to get what you want to happen in the body. Remind me who the founder of Mother Earth Labs was.

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It’s CareyLyn Carter. It’s a very interesting story. She’s a biochemist and worked for Merck for years and was in the metabolic disease space. She developed a very serious health issue that could have been life-ending for her if she hadn’t changed direction. She was forced out of the conventional medical space because there wasn’t a lot offered to help her. She was very fortunate to have met an individual that turned her attention towards humic and fulvic substances. Being a biochemist, she quickly went to work and began researching and studying. We don’t say that humic and fulvic cured her, but they’ve certainly played a vital role in helping to move her forward and certainly opening her up to understanding that what she was trained in as far as disease management and drug management wasn’t healing people.

She’s dedicated her life for the past sixteen years to developing these wonderful products. We work very closely together on our product development and is constantly looking for the absolute best ingredients on the planet. We pride ourselves on sourcing the absolute best, cleanest and purest ingredients that we include in our formula. I can tell you, we work with a lot of health practitioners that are very knowledgeable about the nutraceutical industry and I’ve yet to run up against one that’s like these products. They’re the absolute best I’ve ever seen because functional food is the way I like to position these. They’re filling the voids and plugging the gaps of what we’re not getting in our nutrition.

In your practice, what stories have you seen in people that you’ve worked with?

Anytime somebody would come in our practice, the first words out of our mouth are, “We don’t cure anything here. We’re here to help educate and empower you. If you take this information and put it to work, great things can happen. We’ve got folks that we work with terminal cancers that came through our clinic that were given three to six months, “Go home, get your affairs in order,” that we still communicate with fifteen years later. They are doing great. We had great success in working with a lot of the metabolic issues, especially blood sugar disorders and inflammation disorders. We have to be very careful that we don’t claim that we’ve cured anything. The body can cure anything. It was designed to be cancer-free, to not develop diabetes, to not develop arthritis. It simply comes back to again addressing these foundational imbalances and deficiencies and then riding the body and putting it in a position to heal itself. That’s the best doctor and best healthcare system out there.

It requires us to be advocates for our own wellbeing. I always tell people, nobody can understand what’s going on inside of your body better than you can. I can tell people, “Here are some great resources out there but at the end of the day, a big part of this healing on top of having these foundational real s resources is having this relationship with yourself and this desire to want to work at what you need to work on because nobody else is going to know that.”

An important piece to talk about is work. We’ve almost been so dummied down when it comes to health. We know way more about taking care of our car than our body. It’s interesting, we buy a vehicle and we’re given an owner’s manual or giving a service schedule. We take that car in and get the oil changed and the tires rotated and all these things because that’s what we’re instructed to do. We don’t file an insurance claim for that when we do it. We just do it. We’ve invested in it. We have to understand that our body is very similar and we have to do this preventative maintenance. We have to do some work. We have to become knowledgeable about things we’re putting in our body.

AIH 62 | Foundational Health Supplements Foundational Health Supplements: We always have to go back to the foundation, go back to the core principles; that’s how we rewrite our direction.


We need to be cognizant of simple things like the importance of hydration. That means good, clean water. That doesn’t mean hydrating with two liters of Diet Coke a day. That means getting ample sleep and having moderate movement each day. This isn’t complicated, but we’ve become the society that is being told, “You’re not diseased yet. You’re almost there. Let’s wait.” We believe that we’re headed in that direction and then we want to take the path of least resistance. That’s how medicine’s evolved. I used a good example where I have patients come in and I do an intake and I’m like, “How is your blood pressure?” “It’s good.” “How’s your blood sugar?” “It’s great. “How’s your cholesterol?” “It’s good.” I’m going, “You’re on six medications for this.” They go, “Yeah, but my doctor says all my numbers are good.” I’m like, “The next time you go to your doctor, I want you to ask him if you have the deficiency of any of these medications that are causing the problem.”

That would be like you coming to me and saying, “I’m having chronic headaches.” I’m like, “Maybe you have an aspirin deficiency.” We don’t make aspirin. We don’t make statin drugs in our body. There’s not one condition or disease that is a byproduct of the deficiency of a prescription drug. We have to understand that you need to be managed and there’s also a price to pay for that. You look at side effects and things that are going on or you can be healthy. In order to be healthy, you do have to understand and take some responsibility for the body and begin taking care of it. Apply a little bit of what we do with our car to the body and great things can happen.

Why do you think as a culture, as a society we’ve lost this connection to wanting to care for ourselves and be our own best advocate?

Being in healthcare my whole life, I’ve watched the shift and I don’t blame the medical system or pharmaceutical system. I blame us because one, we’ve bought into convenience. I blame the food industry more than anything because you start looking back over time when TV dinners came out and everything started becoming ultra-convenient. We didn’t have to pull food out of the garden and spend time cooking and sitting down for an hour meal conversing and eating good food. It’s almost like now, eating is almost an inconvenience. You drive down the road and you’re at the stop sign and you see people wolfing down a hamburger or fast food in the car. It’s almost like we’ve so de-prioritized these simple components of what it takes to be healthy, of fueling the engine.

Think about that, what if we stopped eating today? It’s like, “I’m not going to eat anymore. I’m done.” Things are going to go pretty bad here in the next week. We have to put food in. The problem is we’re putting the wrong things in. A lot of that shift came about with all the convenience and everybody began to shift their time in priorities away from putting good things in the body and taking time. We’ve become a society of quick fixes and symptom management. I go back to patients that would come in that are on six, eight, ten medications and they think they’re well. That’s what I call being allegedly well. You’re being medically managed and we almost equate an absence of a symptom with health. It’s like, “I got hurt yesterday, so I took these two pain medications throughout the day and I don’t hurt as bad, so I’m fixed.” A big part of it is this absence of symptom. We have this false sense of being healthy and that’s not healthy.

I like that you say that an absence of symptoms does not indicate health and you touched on something that’s very near and dear to my heart, which is talking about how people are eating. I have a culinary background. I was a chef for eight years. I have this innate passion for food and especially high-quality ingredients and even going to the step of trying to find local farms that are growing in a way that’s actually like giving back to the soil and creating what we’re talking about in this Gift supplement, but creating it naturally in the food. The way I always like to think about it in my own being is if you think about what you eat is becoming who you are, it shifts the perspective and it shifts the lens. I’m saying, “If I’m eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers 24/7, your body’s trying to build itself from that ingredient deck. There are literally not the resources there to be healthy. It’s not possible.” In my mind, to begin shifting your health and your wellbeing, you have to start changing what you’re putting in the system. You can never think your body’s going to magically heal itself if you’re not taking the time to put in what your body needs.

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We have to fuel the body. I always switch it down with people and say, “This isn’t about taking a bunch of supplements,” because that’s part of what we’ve created is that path of least resistance. Most people would rather have a cupboard full of products that they are taking all day instead of actually taking time to find healthy foods and eat healthy food. We can’t get away from that. We have to have good protein to build tissue. We have to have good and healthy carbohydrates to produce energy. We have to have good fats to build healthy cell membranes and insulate our organs and also provide a good source of energy in the body. These simple things that people are so lacking in knowledge, those are always the best place to begin because that’s part of this foundation that we can’t supplement our way out of this.

I told you, we were supporting that for years and thought we were doing good things until we became more educated on what we’re doing. It starts with good food. We have to source the best food we can, but also understand that even sourcing the best food, you’re still lacking a lot of these trace elements in these molecules, humic and fulvic acid we’re talking about. If this makes sense that we start with good foods, then we fill the gap with, “What’s truly missing?” When we do that, what I’m finding is you can do away with a lot of the other stuff on the patient. An interesting thing about fulvic acid especially is it’s nature’s best transporter. What I mean by that is even when you’re eating healthier foods, it’s helping to make those nutrients more bioavailable to the cell.

It’s like transporters ensuring that we’re getting things into the cell. Even people that are taking products out there that they feel they have to use, I tell people to add humic and fulvic into the mix and you’re going to ensure better bioavailability of those products. We’ve witnessed this through testing thousands and thousands of people in chemistry shifts where they’d come in and they’re taking products and they were loyal and wanting to stay with them. I’m like, “All I’m going to do is plug in humic and fulvic and we’re going to retest and see how you’re doing.” All of a sudden, the levels begin to shift and change because what we did is supported better cell function. Remember, it all comes down to how those cells accepting nutrients and processing. That’s so much of what humic and fulvic does.

That’s the beauty and simplicity in this is what I love because most people are getting tired of taking handfuls of products and going to the next best thing. I know that health professionals like myself that are truly into getting to the root are the same way. They’re like, “I’m tired of managing all these products and compliance is a problem. I want to simplify things but yet make it as effective as possible.” It’s almost like earlier in our conversation, you were saying it’s a more bang for the buck deal. What can I do the least stuff and have the biggest impact? We have a saying around Mother Earth Labs that less is more and we truly do see that with these products, which is remarkable.

You’re knocking on the right door because I believe that less is more. Also, having worked for a supplement company at one point in my life, I honestly got triggered by this whole culture around taking a million supplements. To me, it never felt quite right. I make a joke sometimes that I’m like the lazy guy who is trying to be healthy and not that I’m lazy, but I don’t want to have to think about managing my health every moment of every day. I want to create an environment where I can focus on what I’m passionate about know which is sharing health, but also other aspects of my life. I don’t want to have to worry about, “Did I take my eighteen supplements? Because if I don’t, then I’m not going to be healthy.” To me, it’s creating this weird culture and this weird environment of people are creating stress and problems for their self because they’re trying too hard to be healthy.

We’re becoming obsessive about the wrong things. There’s a term I coined years ago with people that are taking all of these products and they’d come in. I’d say, “You’re in what I call nutraceutical-induced toxic state.” It’s like we’re putting all this stuff and sometimes it’s pretty good stuff, but we’re putting it all in the terrain. I call it in the body, the fluid environment, the body and because the cell membrane is functioning so badly, we can’t absorb those nutrients. What happens? They build up and they end up stressing our liver and our kidneys and our lymphatic system. It’s what I coined, nutraceutical-induces toxicity. We think we’re doing good things but we’re also creating a lot more stress on the body because your body has to process everything. If we’re already lacking resources and we’re in this foundational dysfunction, even putting a lot of supplements in the body causes a lot of undue stress. What are we doing? We’re almost digging a deeper hole to get out.

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I love that you said that because it’s not talked about that much, which is there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. People are taking all these high-quality supplements thinking, “If I keep taking more and more, my body is going to be better.” The way I always like to think about it is we all understand computers. If you have a computer, it has certain processing power and if you try and make it do too much, it’s going to freeze and shut down. You’re going to get that spinny rainbow ball of death. The same thing happens in the body. No matter what you’re putting in, if it has to process too much junk, it’s not going to be able to do it. At a certain point, it’s going to be overwhelmed.

That’s why I love what you are doing as a company. This mission is, “Let’s do the foundational things right.” I share with our community a whole series of videos on foundational health and one of them is this humic and fulvic but let’s do the foundational things right. From there, if you feel inspired to take this crazy herb or this crazy supplement, go do that, but do it from a place of you have this baseline, this homeostasis. To me, it’s either you’re curious to do it, you don’t feel like you need to do it or you’re doing it because it intuitively feels like, “That herb or that supplement might actually be beneficial for my body.” Instead of going, “There’s a company that sells twenty supplements, I’m going to take all of them.”

That’s what happens. We started getting all this overlap with people don’t realize. I would always sit down with patients and I’m going, “You’re getting a thousand times more Vitamin A than you need and these things can become more toxic in the body.” They’re not looking at the individual components, they’re just going, “This is good for this. This is good for this,” and they’re taking it. You almost have to become a chemist to start understanding all of these ratios and numbers, so it makes more sense to cover the foundation first. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing in life, whether we’re in sports or education or whatever. It’s funny when we get off-track, what do we do? We always have to go back to the foundation, go back to the core principles and that’s how we rewrite our direction again.

That certainly rings so true in health. Being in this field for so long, I’m almost seeing this other paradigm-shifting now where we’ve gone away from a lot of the drug therapies where people are getting it and going, “Maybe that’s not the best approach, but I want to do more natural things to where they’ve gone on overload and understanding. All I’m doing is replacing taking a drug with six or eight different products. It’s still probably are truly bringing about healing to understanding that maybe I’ve got to look at the big picture here and I’ve got to start looking at nutrition, hydration and stress reduction, sleep and exercise. When I supplement, I want to supplement with what’s absolutely necessary.” Begin there first. Watch what happens over the course of two or three months and the body will begin to tell you exactly where you’re at.

You nailed it in saying we want to create this foundation and from that, we can do whatever we want, but it’s finding that place of balance and that place of ease. We are coming up on the end of our time, but I’ve got one more question for you. This is one question we ask everyone who comes on the show. What’s your inspiration?

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My inspiration came about with understanding quality over quantity early on in life. Nobody knows what tomorrow is going to bring, but my inspiration is trying to do a little bit better now than I did yesterday and that continues to be a day to day educational process. Anytime I can share that message and hopefully help people begin to adopt that philosophy and see them, maybe you need to take control back of their health and their destiny, that’s a great thing. That’s a big motivator for me.

For everyone out there reading, how can they come find Mother Earth Labs and all their products?

It’s simply MotherEarthLabs.com. It’s very easy to get to. We are going through a completely new branding of our site we’re rolling out. That’s going to be a lot more consumer-friendly and wrapping a lot of the messaging on what we’re talking about. We certainly encourage people to go there and learn about our products and hopefully give them a shot.

You do such an awesome job of providing a wealth of information with all your products. I’ve read through a few pages several times because it’s such dense information. When you read it, you see it starts to sink in that this is why this works and you guys do an awesome job of explaining that. Thank you very much, Dr. Stuart, for coming on. We’ll talk to you soon.

I appreciate you having me on. Thanks so much and all the blessings and health. Thank you.

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AIH 62 | Foundational Health SupplementsDr. Hoover has practiced Foundational Health for over 20 years and has worked with thousands of clients around the globe helping them improve their overall Health and Wellness. He is the founder of the Essential2Health and serves is the Director of Professional Services with Mother Earth Labs, Inc.

Dr. Hoover devotes the majority of his time today educating and supporting, both the public and practitioners, about Foundational Health the health benefits of Humic and Fulvic based products. Over his career, he has provided consultation and nutritional advice to several large nutrition and supplement companies along with co-hosting many national radio shows regarding nutrition and foundational health.

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