Giving your body a break is always a good thing. When it comes to eating, fasting has proven to be a means to heal the body. In this episode, chiropractor and a respected leader in the health and wellness space, Dr. Daniel Pompa, graces the show to share with us all the great benefits of fasting. He takes us across his own victory of overcoming a debilitating battle with chronic fatigue syndrome and his discovery of understanding what fasting can do to us. All about the idea of completely resetting your body on a cellular level, Dr. Pompa then goes in-depth about detoxifying our body for specific situations, overall rebalancing our hormones, and ridding our body of cells that are not working properly. The body has the innate capacity to heal, and by allowing it to recover on its own through fasting will get you back your life. Don’t miss out on the great insights Dr. Pompa has to share, including a peek into his book, Beyond Fasting.

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Allowing Your Body To Heal Through Fasting With Dr. Daniel Pompa

I watched this documentary all about fasting, specifically using prolonged fasts up to ten days in some situations to encourage the body to heal and regenerate. The document I believed it showed a couple of hospitals like clinical facilities in Russia and Germany. They would bring in people who either wanted to have these supervised fasting experiences or even people who were dealing with more serious illness. They would bring them in and they’d run a bunch of initial tests. They start these people on a fasting protocol for up to ten days some people did. It sounds like a drastic extreme thing but as it turns out, it’s very normal and healthy for the body to go through periods of prolonged fasting. It’s a way that the body is able to reset and regenerate and heal and recover.

It’s apparent, but we don’t always think about it in our everyday culture, which is breakfast specifically meaning to break fast. The implication being that every day, there’s a fast. This is where the idea of intermittent fasting comes from. It’s a very popular term in the health and wellness space. I remember when I first heard about intermittent fasting, I thought it was the greatest idea ever, not because of the purported benefits but because it made life easier at the time. I was struggling financially and teaching yoga and working 2 or 3 jobs at a time.

I was trying to be healthy and I was reading stuff, “You’ve got to eat three good meals a day and you’ll get all your nutrition.” I was waking up at 6:00 in the morning, eating breakfast and doing this, doing that and all of this crazy stuff to try and be healthy. I heard about fasting. They were saying you could not eat generally between 12 and 16 hours a day. This was a common blend benchmark but as extreme as eating one giant meal a day. The goal with intermittent fasting isn’t to cut down on calories. You can eat the same number of calories you would eat in a full day, but you’re condensing it into a window. They call it the feeding window of 6 to 8 hours.

This intermittent fasting is supposed to help give the body, give the digestive system a break and during that break, as you’ll find out with our guest, lots of amazing things happen. The cells heal and regenerate old cells that aren’t functioning properly and are able to be cleaned out. For me, when I started doing this, one, it was helping me to save money. Two, I was feeling better. Three, it made life a little bit more effortless instead of worrying about, “What am I going to eat for breakfast? What am I going to eat for lunch? What am I going to eat for dinner?” You go, “I don’t feel I need to eat. I can wait until dinner if I wanted to.” Initially, it’s hard because our body is habitual and it wants to eat if it’s used to eating. As soon as we break that habit and train the body into fasting, it becomes easy and oftentimes, enjoyable.

Our guest is Dr. Daniel Pompa. He is a chiropractor. He has taken a deep dive into fasting and promoting fasting as a means to heal the body. I know he’s coming out with a brand-new book, Fasting For A Purpose, you have to check that out. The main thing that he promotes is five-day water fast. The idea being you can completely reset the body on a cellular level in five days. Dr. Daniel Pompa will talk a little bit more in-depth about needing to detox for some specific situations. Overall you can rebalance your hormones, remove cells in your body that aren’t working properly, increase stem cell production, increase human growth hormone in five days. It’s pretty incredible stuff and it’s a resource that’s available to every single person. Obviously, if you have medical concerns, check with your doctors before exploring fasting. My recommendation is to start simple and start easy. If you’re used to eating three meals a day and you don’t take that much of a break, when you start with 8 to 10 hours. Let’s see how that makes your body feel. Don’t jump right into a crazy five-day water fast. This is one of these tools that is available to us all and can have tremendous benefits for our health and well-being. Please give Dr. Daniel Pompa a read and you will certainly enjoy it. Cheers.

Welcome to the show, Dr. Daniel Pompa. How are you doing?

I’m doing great.

Will you let everyone know a little bit about who you are and what you do so they get a scope for you?

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I was speaking in Africa once and I got off stage. One of the leaders in Zimbabwe ran up to me. I was scared to death because there was a translator and who knows what I said. He said to me, “Dr. Pompa, your authority never will come or hasn’t come from all your education and all your learning. It comes from the authority that God gives you and the victory that you had, that He gave you.” My authority comes from the victory I had with my own battle. From that day, I never understood what he meant until later. My authority comes from the victory that I had my own illness. That was 1999, 2000. I was very sick for 4 or 5 years. I was functioning at a very large chiropractic office, structural correction. I’m seeing 800 people a week. I have two young kids at the time. Everything was great except all these symptoms started from nowhere, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, couldn’t sleep, allergic to every food. I thought it was overtraining at the time because I was busy in my practice. I was still training a lot and I took time off. I was getting worse. I took more time off, even worse. It was years of trying to figure it out.

One day, I was searching online and I found Mad Hatter’s disease. I was like, “I have all of these symptoms.” If you know what Mad Hatter’s disease is, it was people making felt hot for using Mercury. It was part of the process of attenuating molds. They became known as Mad Hatter’s. All the symptoms they had, I was like, “I’m a Mad Hatter.” I went and got a blood test thinking that was it. It was negative. It was a little over a year later, I was working with a very bright endocrinologist because my thyroid was shot and my adrenals were out of nowhere. I was addressing my adrenals and my thyroid for two years. Some things got better but most, I was getting worse. I read all his books. He was a good guy and he said to me, “I think you have Mercury poisoning.” I’m like, “I thought so too, but I did a blood test.” He said, “Wrong test. If you are a Mad Hatter, they were getting poisoned every day. It would show up in your blood, but you have chronic toxicity. Do a challenge test. Rechallenge it out of your deeper tissue using water-soluble key elements.” I did and there it was.

I asked the logical question like, “What do you think I got that it happened all of a sudden?” He said, “Do you have any dental work done right before this happened?” I looked back and I did. The fatigue started days after because I was cycling and I was journaling with how I felt on my workouts. Sure enough, it did but I never associated it. It went from fatigue, all those other horrific symptoms. Once I figured that out, I spent my time trying to figure out how to get out of my body. More specifically, I learned you have to get it out of the brain. That’s what was traumatizing. My hormone system, the thyroid, the adrenals, it accumulates in the hypothalamus-pituitary. That’s the central brain that controls all your hormones. Everything I teach and I’m blessed to teach hundreds of doctors around the world on my cellular detox protocols. It all came out of that, from pain to purpose has been my mantra ever since.

What did you discover about detoxing the body on a cellular level? What were the key elements of the equation?

I was dyslexic growing up. That creates its own wounds. When you’re dyslexic, you’re considered a crap pretty much. You ride the short bus. I couldn’t read until seventh grade, but I figured it out. It’s one of those things you realize that the thing that you thought was your curse ends up to be your Superman and your superpower. It was because I had the ability to read literature and literally remember things from ten years ago. I have this category type of brain. I started researching and one of the first things that stood out was any detox, there were so many contradictions and opinions. I dug into the science. One thing that stood out was detox has to be at the cellular level. If you don’t upregulate what the cell needs to do day in, day out, get rid of toxins, that is broken in people who are sick. People are doing colon cleanses, liver cleanses, saunas and all that. I don’t have any of that because sometimes it helps open up downstream pathways. If you don’t upregulate those cellular detox pathways, you’re never going to get well. I studied the cell. I studied the pathways. I spent years, focusing on that and it’s all part of what I teach.

In regards to CTE and brain injury, concussion and stroke, how would this help us or people like myself who suffered a brain injury? They say that there’s a black matter.

I love this topic. I was telling you a story about Torah Bright. She’s a double gold medalist and she had been around the world trying to get help. She took her out of the sport, her brain injury. You have to understand something unique about brain injuries. It leads to inflammation in the brain, like a stroke that becomes chronic in nature. You have to understand too there’s research showing that when you get ahead trauma or have a stroke, any trauma in the brain, it allows heavy metals to go deeper into the brain.

A missing component of all of what you said is getting these neurotoxins. That means they’re toxins that attack your nervous system, specifically your brain. You have to get them out of the brain. That’s what got my life back. What normalized my hormones, all of it my anxiety, my sleep, you name it, my inability to adapt to stress. It wasn’t dealing with the adrenals and the thyroid, it was what was here. What I’ve learned about getting these neurotoxins out of the brain, I’ve been able to apply to head trauma people, stroke, any neurodegenerative conditions. It is a missing link in what people do for those things. I launched my book called Beyond Fasting. Since the ‘90s, I’ve been studying fasting, which is just invoked. Fasting is another, believe me I was on an island by myself for a while. It was me and these hygiene society people that were vegans. We’re the only ones interested in fasting.

AIH 77 | Healing Through Fasting

Healing Through Fasting; When you get a head trauma, heavy metals are allowed to go deeper into the brain. That means toxins attack your nerve system.


I was in their circles learning. I ate grass-fed meats. I wasn’t welcomed in but needless to say, I love that information because it harnesses the innate intelligence fasting does. It’s the oldest therapy known to man. When you study it all, fasting is the oldest. Here’s the thing, every religion disagrees about everything, even prayer, except one thing, fasting. That’s the power of fasting physically, mentally and spiritually. It fixes the brain. It fixes the nervous system. I can tell you why that is. When you take the Cellular Detox, specifically there’s a phase of my Cellular Detox called the Brain Phase. When you take that and you teach somebody to do that, you teach them all of my fasting strategies, the magic is there. I’ll share one little thing to open up questions. What happens during a fast is your body goes through something called autophagy. In 2016, Nobel Prize winner won it based on this.

Your body during a fasting state gets rid of the bad cells in your brain, in your body and every cell of the body. It will take away the bad. Here’s what it does, it spares the good. The body is smart. It knows what cells are misbehaving or living too long creating inflammation and need to be out because they’re triggering other cells, duplicating themselves in your brain. It stops the healing process. Autophagy goes in and takes those cells away. Here’s the best part, it doesn’t grab a bad cell and destroy it. It upregulates a stem cell. It basically replaces that brain cell with a stem cell or that immune cell with a stem cell. You’re recreating yourself during fasting. You’re getting rid of toxins in the fasting strategies. That’s how you fix a brain.

Correct me if I’m hearing this wrong, but what you’re saying is you can get the benefits of stem cells without having to pay $10,000 to $15,000 to get stem cells.

The answer is yes. There’s a limitation to a massive injury where it’s hardly any blood supply and you can’t get a stem cell in there. I’ve had stem cell injections. My disc was gone and I had stem cells and it changed my life. I’m not against stem cells, but for the average person who can’t afford stem cells, fasting is the way. It’s not my opinion. After a certain amount of days of fasting, the stem cells raised to very high levels. It’s pretty incredible. As a matter of fact, Valter Longo, I work closely with their group. One of his studies shows that they did a five-day fast for five consecutive months. They regenerated beta cells in Type 1 diabetic rats. It regenerated because of the autophagy in the upregulation of stem cells. Here’s another one, years ago, when I studied fasting in the ‘90s, one of the criticisms was fasting lowers your immune system. They said that because in blood tests, you see this massive drop in white blood cells. All we could clinically say to that is we see an autoimmune downregulate. That means bad immune where your immune system is attacking itself, that’s common with many people and you don’t even know it. Your body is driving its inflammation.

We see a downregulation, but we also see an upregulation of the good immune system. A month after a fast, we see someone who has low immunity have high immunity autoimmune not. We didn’t understand what was going on, but Valter in a study showed that what’s happening is the autophagy during a fast is eating away the immune cells that have lived in there for too long, that are driving autoimmune, inflammation and hypersensitivities. It gets rid of those cells and then the stem cells are creating younger naive brand-new immune cells. That’s why we see this change in the drop of autoimmune and the rise of good immunity because you’re creating a new set of immune cells. My passion is around this topic because very few people in their practice are utilizing the art of fasting and the science of fasting and they’re not doing a detox correctly. They are not getting it out where it matters, the nerve tissue.

Everything you said makes sense, but for someone like myself who was in the hospital for six months and in a coma, how do you break it down to people who have a brain injury or post-acute care coming home? They’re already going to their MDs. They’re regulated with drugs. They’re in a series of things and now you’re telling them, “Fast or stop eating.” Is there a way to break it down to a sixth-grade level so it’s easy for them to take on?

It depends on where the confusion would lie. Typically, we start people with what we call partial fast. We drop the calories depending on body size under 1,000, between 500 and 1,000 calories that’s per day for five days. Instead of doing pure water, we start them there and you have to get the protein under twenty grams because too many calories and too much protein knocks you out of that autophagy state. We want to keep them within those rules. Typically, we start people there. That’s not very hard to do. As a matter of fact, Longo, who I spoke to, the Italian scientist put together something called ProLon. It is a box for five days of food. Here’s what you eat. Day one is about 1,000 calories. Day two is about 800. Day three, and that’s all I eat for five days. He made it easy. When I coach people back to health, sometimes they’re sick. We have to design a partial fast around them. There’s even a powdered product that we can use. The bottom line is anybody can do it. My team can share a link with the people to order a ProLon kit. If you want to do your first fast, that’s probably the safest way to go. If you’re doing fasting, especially water fasting, you better check with your doctor because medications like insulin, thyroid medication, you need a lot less when you’re fasting. That’s why you would need to work with your doctor.

My book is called Beyond Fasting. I coached doctors all over the world and we’ve utilized this protocol to lead somebody up to a fast. In my book, it’s a seven-week program. Week one, you do this, anyone can follow it. Week 2, week 3, week 4, week 6 is of fast and then week 7, we teach you how to break the fast. We don’t have enough time on this show for me to go through that whole process, but I’ll make it very simple. The goal before a fast is we get someone fat-adapted, which means we get their cells to use fat as energy instead of sugar. That’s a transition. I have strategies beyond reducing your carbs and going into something called ketosis that we can talk about because that’s part of the healing for the brain. When you fast, you get these really high levels of something called ketones. Ketones are very popular because of ketosis diets, ketone diets or ketosis. Everybody’s doing it. I am a fan of moving in and out of the state, not just keeping someone they’re emulating.

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Every ancient culture went in and out of ketogenic states. They either had little food that their body starts to have. You use only your fat and the ketones rise as you burn fat. That’s what happens. When your body transitions into using fats instead of all the sugar or carbs that you’re eating, it starts to make ketones. The reason is your brain can only use sugar or ketones. When you get your glucose way down, your brain is going, “I don’t have enough energy.” It then burns the fat and makes ketones. Here’s the point, ketones when you look at studies, it’s how you fix the brain all the way back in the early 1900s. They put people on these ketosis diets to basically heal the brain. Epilepsy, yes, but every neurodegenerative condition, ketosis work. We know that ketones have an effect on the brain of healing. The brain loves them. I know when I’m in one of these ketogenic states. I go in and out of a ketosis diet because when my ketones go up and my brain adapts, my brain starts working at a higher level. I have to share this with your audience. I’m on day four of a five-day water fast. I haven’t eaten food for four days, I just drink water.

How often did you do a fast like that?

I do four fast a year, but I typically do two water and two partials. By the way, my wife and I, we measure our telomeres, which is the only biological clock that we have to look at your cellular age versus our actual age. I’m 54 but my cellular age is far younger. My wife is in her twenties, but I’m not there yet. I’m about eleven years younger than my actual age. I’m getting there, but I was much sicker than her. I started by the way with my cellular age far older than my actual age. No doubt, fasting has played a major role in decreasing that because of autophagy renewing the body.

I want to finish my point on ketosis. A lot of people were doing ketosis and ketone diets. You get your ketones up, but when you look at the studies, what it takes to fix the brain is much higher levels. That’s like they would put these kids on pure fat diets to get the ketones high enough to fix the brain. I’ve got an easier way, first is fasting raise ketones. My ketones to be in ketosis, you have to be above 0.5 millimoles of ketones in your blood. They were measuring beta-hydroxybutyrate. That’s a ketone. Most people, if you measured yours, you’d be 0.1, 0.2, lower 0.0, anywhere in that range below 0.5. Mine was 6.8 millimoles. My glucose was 60. I probably wiped out. My glucose is probably in the 50s and my ketones are probably in the sevens. The point is that high ketones, the brain rapidly heals and so as the gut, by the way. Anyway, ketones, autophagy and stem cells, that’s why you fast. That’s how you fix your brain.

Is fasting enough to pull heavy metals like mercury out of the body? Do you need other components as well?

When you deal with things like heavy metals, they’re nasty and hard to get rid of. Fasting is not enough. One of the things that I talk about in my book is we have the fasting trio for people who are fasting so hard and they’re not fasting normally. It’s usually toxins release and it’s a lot of the toxins that the body is not getting rid of heavy metals. We give a product that stays in the gut. It’s a gut binder. A lot of the toxins get dumped in the gut via bile from the liver. It’s not important but they get dumped in the gut. They get reabsorbed back into the body and recirculate. We put that binder in there to stop that autointoxication. We have another product called CytoDetox. It’s just a particle. It floats around and collects toxins and makes it short and moves it out of the body. There’s another one. It’s a molecular hydrogen called Fastonic. When you’re fasting, you’re releasing a lot of toxins. Your hydroxy free radicals rise and it makes you feel bad. This quenches those free radicals. We call it the fasting trio because it’s three products that toxic people need to take typically, to answer your question because they don’t get rid of. Their detox pathways are horribly already compromised and they don’t get rid of the toxins.

You would need to take something like that during a fast or could you take that at any point?

You can take that at any point, but for people who’ve struggled to fast, we’d give it during the fast.

AIH 77 | Healing Through Fasting

Beyond Fasting

That way you’re basically able to get rid of the toxins for good essentially.

I talk about that in my book and how to dose that and all.

Do you have ideas personally on why heavy metals are becoming more of an issue? Why naturally our bodies don’t seem to be able to take care of them as they maybe once were able to?

We’re being inundated with places where heavy metals are hiding. Ironically, Mercury is called the god of deception. When you look at the number of vaccinations the kids are getting, a flu shot has 25 micrograms. I don’t want that in me. That’s overwhelming. The immune system is overwhelming. If you imagine we all have a bucket that holds our toxins and stressors, that bucket starts filling in utero me and mom’s belly. There’s called the Drash study. The number of fillings in your mouth is silver fillings. They contain 50% mercury. The silver dark fillings should count them. The number of fillings in your mouth is proportional to how much they find in babies’ brains on autopsies. You’re getting your first massive mercury exposure in utero.

The number one cause of lead is mom. The biggest exposure we have is our mothers because, during the pregnancy, it’s normal to lose bone but out comes the lead where it’s mostly stored in the bone to protect our nervous system. It comes out during pregnancy in the uterus. Mom’s silver fillings that contained 50% mercury, mom’s lead that she got probably from her mother and accumulated over her life, it starts there, then we start back. Breast implants. We’re having all these women with autoimmune and we find that there are heavy metals in these things that leach the life of these things. There are other things, they have other molds that they create. The sources are all around us. Of course, there are water sources like it happened in Flint, which I was one of the doctors who went out there to educate people. Look what we’re up against.

The next place where my brain goes is we’re being exposed to more, but are we also at a place in the world where the nutrition we were supposed to be getting that would normally help our detox pathways isn’t present anymore? Do we have to start looking towards these alternative supplemental options?

It plays a role. Even the leaky gut and the leaky brain play a role. Stephanie Seneff, the senior scientist at MIT, in the 2012 study showed that glyphosate, which is being sprayed on all of our food, which is taking minerals out of the food, however what it does is it opens up our blood-brain barrier. That’s a barrier that protects our brain from toxins. It opens up our gut barrier and creates a leaky gut. We’re all being exposed to this. Those of us like myself who eat all organic, we’re still being exposed in different ways. The point is it opens up the barriers that protect us from heavy metals.

For anyone reading who’s not familiar with glyphosate, it’s the chemical Roundup.

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It is an active ingredient in Roundup, which is everywhere. I’ve been warning people about it for years. You watch television and you see there are millions, almost billion dollars of lawsuits because this chemical causes cancer and other problems. We’re all exposed to it. It’s very dangerous. I believe it’s causing all the gluten sensitivities that people have. It’s creating a whole host of problems.

Do you think that fasting is a way to heal the gut once it’s in that state?

One of the things in fasting is we’re genetically designed to fast. The problem is we have such abundance, we don’t fast. That’s a mistake because during times of fasting, our gut microbiome resets. You could talk to me or one of the 100 doctors that I’ve trained. We would all say, “We don’t get people’s guts well by giving them bacteria. We get their guts well by these fasting strategies that we use, that resets the microbiome. It gives the gut a break. It’s allowed the barriers to heal again. A lot happens in that fast that heals the gut.” We’re designed to fast. When we fast, we also reset our DNA, that chemicals and stressors, even emotional stressors, they turn on bad genes. After pregnancy, people are emotionally stressed and they release toxins. They end up with an autoimmune condition. That gene got triggered. We used to think, “You have diabetes because your mom or dad had it or a thyroid condition.” We know it’s epigenetics. We know that those genes get triggered. We have to say what’s triggering them: stressors, physical, chemical, or emotional. The fact is that we have the ability to turn off the gene if we get off the stressors. Fasting also is shown to turn off the genes. That’s why the detox with the fasting, there’s the magic.

In terms of what you do after a fast, let’s say you fasted for five days, what’s the ideal way to take advantage of your body coming back from that or any fasting?

Clinically, we did these five-day fast because we found that it takes about three days for people to adapt it to start using their ketones in their brains and all of that. We write it out day four, they felt amazing. They breakthrough. We figured we knew the body was healing, we’d ride it one more day. That’s how I determined to do a five-day fast. Longo and his groups have shown that five days, in fact, there’s science around it. Day four, you’re getting maxed out autophagy. In my book, I talked about how to measure yourself with a $65 instrument to know if you’re in maxed out autophagy. Day four, we get max autophagy. Day five, we have this massive stem cell rise. That’s why we do a five-day fast. We teach people to do multiple types of fasts as I do myself.

What’s best to do right after a fast to make sure we’re taking advantage of the state?

What we do is after the fast, we want to feed those stem cells that are maxed out on day five. We want to be in a very healthy diet. Day one after a fast, you don’t start eating like you did because your enzymes are low, your microbiome has to come back up. We break a fast very lightly, maybe 500 to 800 calories. We don’t eat meat on the first day of that. Day two, we still don’t eat meat but maybe eggs would be about it and still with very soft foods. Day three, you can start eating normally again. The point though is you have to focus on quality food after the fast because you have all these young stem cells and we want to feed them.

A question for you, post-traumatic event, when can people start this fasting? The hospital starts doing this and you’re going to be looked at like you’re from Mars or something, but when they come back home, how would you recommend?

AIH 77 | Healing Through Fasting

Healing Through Fasting: When your body transitions into using fats that have all the sugar or carbs that you’re eating, it starts to make ketones.


My son broke his back. He should have been dead. He jumped off a 60-foot cliff hit after dropping 50 feet on an Owl Cliff. He didn’t know he was there. Imagine he was almost a terminal velocity. He should have been dead or paralyzed. Believe it or not, he was neither, but they told him he wouldn’t walk for three months. He was walking in two weeks and we chose not to do the surgery. It’s a long story, but he fasted. When we got in the hospital, they were trying to feed him. We were like, “No, zero food.” If there are traumatic events, the body fast. If you take an animal and give him a head trauma, I promise you, he won’t eat intuitively and instinctively, they fast. Daniel was intuitively and instinctively fasting. He didn’t have an appetite. He didn’t want to eat, but they force you in the hospital. We denied all food and then after five days, we started feeding because we knew the stem cells were high. It was part of his massive recovery, the fast down-regulated the inflammation that normally goes right into the spinal cord and causes paralysis. We were able to avoid that. It even creates inflammation in the whole nervous system. Let’s say you don’t have that opportunity. I would be doing a fast shortly after the trauma as you could and then five days and start feeding. It could be partial, it could be full, but fasting will save your life.

That’s a beautiful anecdote from your own life and seeing an injury that they thought was going to be life-ending to be back to walking in two weeks. If that’s not a case for one fasting, but also the body’s innate capacity to heal, I don’t know what this is.

It’s amazing. My son did the detox. You should have seen our regiment. People followed me on fast on Facebook. I was showing what he did, what we’re doing every day. I was trusting in God’s healing as well. I have to say, he should have been dead. That was a miracle right there that when he hit, I can’t even explain it honestly. The nutrition I was giving him, the detox, the fasting, all of it played a role in the healing.

I’ve got one more question for you. What’s your inspiration?

It depends on what we are talking about. What my inspiration in this has been I have to say a story because when I was sick, I didn’t go through it so gracefully. I was like most people. I was devastated and discouraged and lack of hope at times. My wife was in her prayers because she was like, “What happened to my husband? He was so healthy and now he’s not.” We had two babies at the time. It was bad. She held onto a word that God gave her that, “Not only am I going to get your husband well, but he’s going to take a message through the world about everything.” That time, I didn’t want to hear it. I couldn’t even get myself well. I didn’t accept it and I would be angry at her for saying those words, but here I am. Those words are true. That’s what inspires me.

Thank you for saying that because like myself, we’ve come back from death and now we’re walking the planet. Like your son, myself, and you, we’re traumatic survivors. We’re here to give a message. The reason for a podcast and for what you do is about to give people the knowledge so they can heal themselves with insight from within. I want to thank you.

I didn’t feel I have a choice. It is the only thing that makes me happy is serving in this capacity.

Thank you so much and I love chiropractic work as you know. Keep up the good work and we’ll definitely shake hands and do a hug soon.

I want you both to come to the seminar. It will change your life. There are speakers there, besides myself that are amazing.

I would love to. Thank you.

Thank you so much. If you’re out there reading, check out Dr. Daniel Pompa’s book. It will seriously change your life and start exploring fasting and cellular detox and all of these amazing tools that allow our body to have the space to do what it does and take care of itself and heal.

Thanks a lot.

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About Dr. Daniel Pompa

AIH 77 | Healing Through FastingDr. Daniel Pompa is a respected leader in the health and wellness space, educating practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation-driven disease, the therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, cellular healing, and detoxification.

Although trained as a chiropractor, his authority is rooted in his own battle, having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning using his own unique cellular detoxification strategies.

Dr. Pompa’s journey back to health continued to lead him to a voracious passion to research and learning beyond what is often readily understood.

A relentless self-experimenter, Dr. Pompa has a passion for healing others. He’s a true warrior of a ‘ from pain to purpose ’ mindset, and he speaks about removing the cause of toxicity and inflammation, going upstream, and following a multi-therapeutic approach to health and healing.

You can find Dr. Pompa at and on the weekly Cellular Healing TV podcast and Health Hunters radio show.

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