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Experiencing Loss, Addiction, And Bouncing Back Together with Kayla Des Rochers and Dave Des Rochers

  When experiencing loss, it may seem like the entire world has fallen apart, so much so that recovering is a difficult process to get through. Kayla DesRochers is someone... Read More

A Pro Snowboarder Shares Her Success, Trauma, Addiction And Chronic Pain with Jenn Reno

  Jenn Reno had a five-year career as a professional snowboarder and member of the US Pro Snowboard Team. She grew up on a self-sustaining farm in Montana and was... Read More

Overcoming Addiction And Beginning A New Life with Megan Winberg

  Megan Winberg is a yoga instructor, but her journey didn’t begin here. Early in her life, Megan became addicted to drugs, including heroin and meth. She shares her story... Read More