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Making A Recovery With Kasey Lockwood and OJ Catbagan

While it’s often difficult to wrap one’s head around, making a recovery, for the most part, is an internal process. So much of it has to come from you, which... Read More

Missy Kai Hoffman: Conquering Pain Through Touch And Self-Empowerment

    How we feel greatly depends on how we control our emotions and our environment. Missy Kai Hoffman, the Founder of The Body Intuitive, teaches on how to reconnect... Read More

Light, Vision, And Consciousness with Dr. Jacob Liberman

  An internationally respected public speaker, Dr. Jacob Liberman shares his scientific and spiritual discoveries about light as the divine spark that guides our life’s journey, entwining us with the... Read More

Providing Love, Support, And Healing For A Loved One After Stroke with Vicki Boudia

  When someone suffers a life-changing injury, a lot of times all of the focus is put on the person who’s going through the traumatic experience. As loved ones, we... Read More

Inside The Mind Of An Army Sniper with Thai Starkovich

  Former Army Sniper, Thai Starkovich, gives us a glimpse at the inner workings of his mind. His story helps us to understand the internal wounds our veterans face beyond... Read More