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Allowing Your Body To Heal Through Fasting With Dr. Daniel Pompa

Giving your body a break is always a good thing. When it comes to eating, fasting has proven to be a means to heal the body. In this episode, chiropractor... Read More

An Army’s Journey: Integrating Skills And Acquiring Life Lessons with Lamarr Payne And Thai Starkovich

  Besides deployment and being on the battlefield, one of the hardest moments in an army’s life is coming home and transitioning from being with the military to being with... Read More

A Pro Snowboarder Shares Her Success, Trauma, Addiction And Chronic Pain with Jenn Reno

  Jenn Reno had a five-year career as a professional snowboarder and member of the US Pro Snowboard Team. She grew up on a self-sustaining farm in Montana and was... Read More

A Routine Choke Hold Lead To A Damaged Carotid Artery And A Stroke with Matthew Jacob

  Matt Jacob has an eerily similar story to Sean Entin. He was a practitioner of MMA and ended up having a stroke as a result of damage to the... Read More

The Courage To Get Back To Life After Stroke with Russell Strom

  Russell Strom shares his perspective on life after stroke and the interesting ways he was able to heal from the injury. He hacked his brain by singing and yawning... Read More