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Journey To Independence: How An Occupational Therapist Supports Patients Through Holistic Care with Avrielle Rykman Peltz

  One of the biggest responsibilities of an occupational therapist or OT is to identify a person’s limiting factors with regards to the activities of daily living. Avrielle Rykman Peltz,... Read More

How A Mom Overcame Brain Cancer And Stroke with Tina Hollands

  Many people who suffered and survived from a dreaded disease tend to turn out more appreciative of life and helpful towards others. Tina Hollands, a physical therapy assistant, shares... Read More

Stroke Recovery With Yoga, Meditation, And Breath with Dana Rivera

  It is very likely to be in the state of anger, anxiety, and depression after suffering from a stroke. Stroke has a physical and emotional impact on each patient,... Read More

Providing Love, Support, And Healing For A Loved One After Stroke with Vicki Boudia

  When someone suffers a life-changing injury, a lot of times all of the focus is put on the person who’s going through the traumatic experience. As loved ones, we... Read More

Supporting A Loved One During A Health Crisis with Jessica Berman

  Jessica Berman is the wife of Brad Berman, a man who had a stroke and who was featured on the podcast in a previous episode. When a person endures... Read More