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Making A Recovery With Kasey Lockwood and OJ Catbagan

While it’s often difficult to wrap one’s head around, making a recovery, for the most part, is an internal process. So much of it has to come from you, which... Read More

Missy Kai Hoffman: Conquering Pain Through Touch And Self-Empowerment

    How we feel greatly depends on how we control our emotions and our environment. Missy Kai Hoffman, the Founder of The Body Intuitive, teaches on how to reconnect... Read More

Yoga Is The Key To Unlocking Trauma with Aine O’Regan

  Aine O’Regan is a Yoga instructor who shares what she has learned from her teachers and from the curve balls that life throws. When her mother lost her battle... Read More

Stroke Recovery With Yoga, Meditation, And Breath with Dana Rivera

  It is very likely to be in the state of anger, anxiety, and depression after suffering from a stroke. Stroke has a physical and emotional impact on each patient,... Read More

From Supermodel To Stroke Awareness Advocate with Claudia Mason

  After a life-threatening health crisis that Claudia overcame, she fully understands that at any moment you can flip the script of your life. Either you choose to be a... Read More