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Improving Your Ability To Handle Stress With Dr. Amir Rashidian

    Stress is just a force and, just like anything, produces pressure. However, we can handle its effects. Today, Dr. Amir Rashidian, the Founder of the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center,... Read More

Inner Space Techniques: Diving Into The Depths Of Ourselves With Bryce Kennedy

    We can only see so far ourselves that sometimes we are not aware of the things that are directly confrontring us. That is why there is value in... Read More

The Pain And Brain Connection: How Your Body Can Heal Itself With Dr. Grove Higgins And Pat Marques

    Pain and the brain are directly connected to each other. In this episode, two experts share insights on how our discomfort caused by pain all resides in our... Read More

Healing From Stroke: The Process Of Nurturing And Embracing Imperfections With Dave Aquilante

    Stroke is a devastating life event and the healing process can be overwhelming. Stroke survivor Dave Aquilante is living proof that you can heal your brain. He suffered... Read More

Traci Patterson On Healing With Hypnosis

    The brain is ultimately in control of your entire body, and you can tap this power through hypnosis. In this episode, find out how hypnosis can help heal... Read More