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Emotional Healing Through Breathwork Techniques With Jon Paul Crimi

    We do it every day, involuntarily, freely. Breathing is one of the simplest things we can do to dramatically influence our health. In this episode, we talk to... Read More

Missy Kai Hoffman: Conquering Pain Through Touch And Self-Empowerment

    How we feel greatly depends on how we control our emotions and our environment. Missy Kai Hoffman, the Founder of The Body Intuitive, teaches on how to reconnect... Read More

Brain Optimization: Finding Healing From The Inside Out with Jeff Vanneman and Selene Kepila

    We all have elements of tragedy in our life, but Jeff Vanneman’s life changed ten years ago when his journey was abruptly redirected with the premature passing of... Read More

Experiencing Loss, Addiction, And Bouncing Back Together with Kayla Des Rochers and Dave Des Rochers

  When experiencing loss, it may seem like the entire world has fallen apart, so much so that recovering is a difficult process to get through. Kayla DesRochers is someone... Read More

Emotional Resolution: Mastering Your Emotional Well-being with Cedric Bertelli

    Life is more pleasing when you are at ease with your emotions. Host Sean Entin and guest Cedric Bertelli, the Founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute,... Read More