Adventures in Health

Welcome to Adventures in Health where we highlight the journeys of amazing human beings who have beaten the odds and made inspiring comebacks! Founded by stroke-hacker Sean Entin and bio-hacker Taylor Smith, this website features an array of inspiring stories, cutting edge breakthroughs, and real-life tips you can use to “hack” your way to health and happiness. Be sure to check out the weekly podcast, where special guests share their true stories of surviving physical and mental trauma and the roadmap they used to regain their health. No two journeys are alike, but all are raw, real, and revealing. Common themes like fear, pain, perseverance, loneliness, and hope pop up like road signs along the way as we explore what it means to move from merely surviving to thriving. Take time to explore the site and check out some of the resources that can help you on your adventure. Whether you are on the road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury, stroke, aneurism, depression, or another debilitating condition, step into the light and find hope and help in a community of support and knowledge.

Recent Blogs

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  People who are dream-oriented and goal-oriented are not satisfied until they’ve reached the peak of the mountain. Eben Britton