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Healing From Stroke: The Process Of Nurturing And Embracing Imperfections With Dave Aquilante

    Stroke is a devastating life event and the healing process can be overwhelming. Stroke survivor Dave Aquilante is living proof that you can heal your brain. He suffered... Read More

Recovering Post-Stroke Through Fitness with Angie Burke

  Life will knock us down at some point, but it will always be our choice to get back up and redeem ourselves. Bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast Angie Burke walks... Read More

How A Mom Overcame Brain Cancer And Stroke with Tina Hollands

  Many people who suffered and survived from a dreaded disease tend to turn out more appreciative of life and helpful towards others. Tina Hollands, a physical therapy assistant, shares... Read More

Stroke Recovery With Yoga, Meditation, And Breath with Dana Rivera

  It is very likely to be in the state of anger, anxiety, and depression after suffering from a stroke. Stroke has a physical and emotional impact on each patient,... Read More